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God didn't really do these bad things from the bible as is said that he did

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Started: 5/28/2018 Category: Religion
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here are some tripped out stories that are supposedly from "God". the thing to note, is that a lot of the bible isn't justifiable but isn't from God to begin with, perhaps. such as how to treat women as property, how to properly beat your slaves, or to stone virgins. but the bible says these following things came from God.

1. God killed everyone on the planet in a flood per noah. notice all the flaws in the story that are way too far fetched to take seriously.

2. God commanded a dude be stoned for gathering sticks on the sabbath.

3. God caused the first born of every person who didn't smear blood on their door to be killed.

4. God told someone to kill their innocent kid to prove his allegiance to God.

5. a laundry list of bad things God has done (put in a humorous way)

the thing to note is, such as we can tell that the story of noah is blatantly false (when a miracle occurs, the science should corroborate it, not contradict it, as occurs with the noah story), plus we have at least arguably other inconsistencies in the bible.... why should we take this stuff as true given all that?
i think trying to say this stuff is figurative or something is just a scapegoat. the bible and the people who read it have taken this stuff liberally. but that doesnt mean it has to be true. the only way a person would think it's true is because the bible says it is. i've yet to hear decent justifications for any of these sorts of stories. yet, we see some of the stories are objectively false. religous people don't get a "get out of logic free" card to think as they please just because they take the bible as it says, or have beliefs that are religious in nature.
if their logic is "well the bible is true so this must be true", that doesnt fly with me and is illogical. i can't say just because the bible isn't always reliable that this story isn't true, but i can say on its face these sorts of strories dont make sense to sane people. it's clear there's a defect in the minds of people who try to justify this stuff, and that they have a hard time dealing with reality.


First let me correct some of your errors, the Bible was written by men but inspired by God so It did come from God. God does not expect mankind to live perfectly and nowhere in the Bible are the rules, laws and punishments laid out for us to create a perfect society. The reason the Bible talks about how to treat a slave is not because the Bible encourages slavery but because the world is evil and slavery will always always exist, the Bible just outlines the proper way for slaves to be treated. Anyone who says slavery does not exist or is illegal has never considered the correctional systems in place in America and other countries today. Almost all governments will throw you in jail and make you work for little to no reward if you stop paying taxes or commit any number of crimes. The Bible teaches how to treat slaves not how to beat them. The Bible does not tell us to stone virgins but it did teach the Jews to stone people for what you may consider minor offences. You seem to misinterpret the Bible a lot and jump to extreme conclusions so I will need you to give me chapter and verse for any more examples. What makes you say the story of Noah is false? The problem you seem to have with God and the reason you find him evil is his extreme punishments and ease with which he ends human lives. It all boils down to the question why is killing wrong. Death and murder are difficult concepts for us to accept because we are the center of our own universe and full of pride. You may not think it is morally justified for God to kill a human, simply because you have humanized God and consider him an equal to us with some sort of magical power. God has created this universe and has every right to destroy it if he so desires meaning that killing is only wrong if God says it is. The Bible teaches its alright to kill animals, man has dominion over the beasts of the field and we are encouraged to hunt for food and clothing. The reason we can not kill each other is simple, man was created in the image of God. An artist who creates a statue of himself is the only person who can deface or destroy that statue. Anyone who damages an image of God would be insulting God. One of the things making us different from animals is that we are made in the likeness of God and only he has the right the end our lives early but keep in mind we all die eventually and the world will always be full of death. The stories from the Bible that make you think God is cruel only show how much greater than us he is. Pride is a sin and only a proud person can believe God doesn't have the right to do what he wills. God has every right to kill or punish people and he would not be cruel or unjust. God is holy and his judgments harsh because sin does anger him, its not a sin for an artist to destroy his art or a creator to destroy his creation. I believe everything in the Bible literally and the only issues are when its poorly translated or taken out of context. Meaning you sometimes need to read deeper to see what the author is trying to say. Please show me anything in the Bible that isn't true and the evidence for it.
Debate Round No. 1


the story of noah is impossible because there is no evidence for it. when a miracle occurs, there is evidence for it.... it's corroborated by science. wasn't there breeding issues with two of every animal? inbreeding etc? did kangaroos jump from australia and swim to get to the mainland? are all humans inbred given it was just a story of a family being saved? how did freshwater fish survive given all the salt water that was mixed with the fresh water? where is the evidence of a mass flooding in the geology? how is there all kinds of races of people that takes hundreds of thousands of years to differentiate, when the flood happened suppoedly within the last ten thousand years? how'd they get the millions of species onto a relatively small boat?
this is just the tip of the iceberg.

it's full of holes. the apostles took the story as true, and jesus seemed to too.... so we can't just write it off as not literal. either it happened, or it didn't. if our interest is in dedication to truth, and not just defending a religious ideology.... we should be willing to accept that the bible can have errors in it if that's what the evidence indicates.


I believe that God created the world perfect and our DNA is becoming more damaged with each new generation making problems with inbreeding more and more serious. Noah and his sons and their wives repopulated the earth and inbreeding was not a problem because their DNA had not been damaged by Sun, so yes we are all inbreed. Prior to Noah's ark there was a barrier of water above the earth that prevented direct sunlight. The flood is believed to have been caused by this barrier of water coming down at once. Keep in mind the Bible does not say how deep this flood was but there is scientific evidence pointing towards a global flood. The Bible never says that millions of species were on the Ark and it does not say they were adults, it was probably full of young creatures. The Ark had the same storage capacity as about 450 standard semi-trailers. A standard livestock trailer holds about 250 sheep, so the Ark had the capacity to hold at least 120,000 sheep. After the flood there were land bridges and the different animals populated the different countries, even the kangaroos. The fresh water did not mix with the salt water, even in a flood the fresh water remains fresh until the flood water meets the ocean and then it will become salt water. The creatures in the oceans wouldn't be affected because the fresh water would not make a huge impact on a body of water the size of the ocean and the fresh water creatures if washed into the ocean would die but if enough were able the stay in their original lakes to repopulate then their species would not be in danger.

To answer your previous question,"how is there all kinds of races of people that takes hundreds of thousands of years to differentiate, when the flood happened suppoedly within the last ten thousand years?" People are not that different and all the changes we see in races are possible to have happened within less than 10,000 years.

The Punnet square above shows the range of skin color coded into the genetic potential of two middle-skinned people. In fact, there is only 0.2% difference between any two people, no matter their ethnicity and so-called "racial" differences [skin color, eye shape, etc] only account for 0.012 of human biological variation. In fact, twins of differing ethnicity are sometimes born to a couple. This supports the Biblical view that God made us all of one blood. Text taken from the following source.

What evidence did you think you would find after a global flood that you can not find?
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by canis 3 years ago
No ..Superman did not do the bad things as written in the books..
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