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God doesn't exist

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Started: 1/16/2013 Category: Religion
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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God doesn't exist, because there are no valid reasons that justify the existence of an all-powerful deity.


If you were to take a watch and take apart every single piece, and set it on a table and then you lifted one end of the table and all the pieces slid off, what are the chances all the pieces would fall together into place and land as the complete watch on the ground? Crazy, right? Well, the big bang theory suggests that something hundreds of times more complex just happened and came together and turned into the universe". Seriously?

Also, if this did manage to happen, what about all the other coincidences? Why are humans able to think? Why is the atmosphere perfectly made so that we don"t breathe the deadly ozone layer, but it protects us from the sun"s harmful rays? How do babies know how to pick up languages just by being around them? Obviously, it all suggests a very smart creator! Who could really think this was ALL chance??!

About evolution: People try to tell you that we humans came from tiny little alien-like lizard things or something". Come on. There is no proof for macro evolution. Evolution is an over-hyped, under-supported lie. There are only shreds of evidence and if you look closely, the shreds don"t even fit together. (before you come back with an argument about evolution, I ask that you learn some about it if you don"t already know about it.)

There is so much reason for you to think that there is a God! Look around you!!! Chance? Really? No! Someone created all this!
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, that's true. The big bang theory is very difficult to argue about, without some serious education in high level physics. But from what I know, one little speck in the whole vast universe that happens to have life on it. I know there are other planets capable of supporting life, but still, what do you think the ratio for lifeless planets to planets with life? People and things evolve the way we do because our environment says our designation is either "kill or be killed". Oh and, the ozone thing? Just thought I should point out that we actually have a pretty large hole in the ozone...

And when you have incomprehensibly large number of watch pieces, and you lifted the table repeatedly for an incomprehensibly long amount of time, it's likely that at least ONCE you will see a watch on the floor.

I look outside, and you're right! Someone did create all of this! But that was humans. Humans created this.

If there is a God, I'd like to meet him. Ask him where he's been while women were getting tortured and gang-raped... Ask him about his strange refusal to save those innocent children that were massacred. Ask about all the pollution, 9/11, the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami, the Sendai tsunami, and an endless amount of deadly hurricanes. I'd like to ask him where he's been, while people who believed in him were suffering.


Yes, there is a "hole" in the ozone layer. Right over antarctica. Very few people live there because of the cold. Those that do have to be bundled up with many layers of clothing AND the sun doesn't shine on antarcitca for nearly as long as any other place. A creator made all of this possible. He planned everything!

What in the world are you talking about? Specs with life??! Okay, first, where did all the specs come from anyway? And, when I gave the example of the watch, that is easy compared to what scientists try to suggest! The watch would LITERALLY be thousands of times more likely to happen!!!

Do we have proof that the world is billions and billions of years old? Nope. Scientists assume it so that their theory works.

God's people do suffer, but at least they do not suffer through an afterlife of endless pain and suffering....

We both know that you can't meet God, but if you ask Him, out of a humble heart, I think He might show you that he is real in a very obvious way. You can't be challenging Him though, or He may not pay you any attention.
Debate Round No. 2


One hole in the ozone means that it is possible... you think it can't happen again? You think that this is an isolated incident? Oh, and by the way, I'd look up the definition of "specs" if I were you. And yes, the creation of the universe would have been an EXTREME co-incidence, but who knows how long it took for that to happen. The chance of the watch forming perfectly gets a little higher every time you lift the table.

Okay, don't ask questions that you can't answer either. What proof do you have that God exists? Scientists didn't rationalise the existence of everything that exists today based on some out-there theory of the big bang... they looked at the world and put made everything fit. But I'll give you a small answer to the question you asked: what about fossils? And erosion? What about cave paintings? God just put them there because he wants to screw with us?

Your fourth argument is the one that makes me the angriest. Do you think they made that decision? Do you think they wanted to die? Who are you to say that? Who are you to say that 1.5 million children tortured to death in the holocaust is a positive thing? Lucky them. I think, to be honest, that they would want to stay here on planet earth for a while before dying, don't you? And what if you're wrong? What if this is all we have? Why aren't you kicking back in heaven if it is so much better than here?

So great. Those children didn't care if he was real or not... I think they just wanted a future.


I can't give you solid proof about God existing. You know that. I'm trying to show you that He most likely doeexist

Now, about the ozone:

IT IS NOT A PROBLEM! There has been a "hole" ever since the world began and the fluctuation down in Antarctica is natural! The only reason anyone is upset about it is because many environmentalists blew the matter WAY out o proportion. Also, because of this, the U.S. has banned CFCs which are incredible chemicals! They are used in firefighters' equipment. Banning these to save the ozone layer is actually killing more people because firefighters have to use less effective equipment. Also, why ban CFCs over the U.S. if the hole is over Antarctica? CFCs are also used in sterilizing doctor's equipment. It works faster and better than other chemicals. CFCs are used in refrigerants. It makes food last much, much longer. I repeat, environmentalists have blow this way out of proportion.

About people suffering on earth, my belief is that is an evil on earth. Satan to be exact. He wl do anything he can to ruin people's lives and make them suffer. God gives people a chance to believe into Him before they die. If they do, He takes care of them.

About fossils, there are literally two "missing links." These were found in areas surrounded by other types of animals and the bones may have been mixes of other animals. OR, the "missing links" were animals of their own that have gone extinct.

Also, if you're angry about the holocaust, you should cool down. I'm a Jew ad know exactly how you might feel.

btw, if you're wondering, I'm a Christian.
Debate Round No. 3


samarhello forfeited this round.


You still here, or do you give up?

Or is it just that you can't defend your stand but want to believe that God doesn't?
Debate Round No. 4


Uh, no. It's because I got tired of arguing pointlessly with someone who isn't going to change their opinion. But I will anyway, just to end this.

You think that the hole in the ozone is not a problem? It's not an isolated event. If it happens over Antarctica, it can happen anywhere else. And God isn't exactly that helpful, because it seems that Satan is winning the battle here, let's be honest. So, you're saying that if a guy who kidnaps and tortures a child prays for forgiveness for awhile, he should get to go to heaven? What kind of system is that?

At least Satan is making sure people are good...

You seem to believe that a Tyrannosaurus Rex is basically a bunch of fish bones mixed together. Profound.


#1. A T-Rex is not considered a "missing link."

#2. You may not like it, but I believe if someone has done terrible stuff and is truly sorry and feels dis what they did and is truly asking for forgiveness AND takes care of getting forgiveness from all parties involved, then yes. He could go to heave if he also asked the Lord to save him.

#3. Study up on ozone. It is extremely isolated.

#4. This is particular to my belief, but about Satan: Satan was an angel that started getting high that he should be in God's place. as cast down onto earth before it was completed. He then took rule of earth. Earth is Satan's kingdom. God has power enough to do things like protect His people, but overall, until you leave earth you're in the realm of Satan.
That may make it look like he is winning the battle, but God is working behind the scenes.

Now, sorry if I angered you. I didn't mean to. I sincerely hope what I have said helped you some. Good debating with you. :)
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Debating_Horse 1 month ago
There is no proof to support the existence of a god.
Posted by likespeace 5 years ago
Pro opened with a non-sequitor. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, unless there's reason to believe there should be evidence, and a reasonable attempt was made to seek it. Evidence of absence counts against some, but not all, formulations of God(s).

Pro pursued the Problem of Evil in the second and third rorunds. However, he was unable to convert this into evidence that God(s) do not exist. His conclusion was, "God isn't exactly that helpful, because it seems that Satan is winning the battle here, let's be honest."

If that is his honest statement, Con has clearly won.
Posted by samarhello 5 years ago
It's true... this debate will likely end the same way as it started...
Posted by likespeace 5 years ago
I was just about to take this one as I think the premise is indefensible. Good luck to both of you!
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Reasons for voting decision: RFD in comments. I will award conduct to Con since Pro forfeited a round of the debate. I will give sources to Pro for producing the only source in the debate and it supported their point.