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God had the right to flood the world

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Started: 4/25/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Many people, a majority being atheists and self-described liberals, use the flood of Genesis to attack Christianity. They claim that Judeo-Christian GOD is a bloodthirsty mass murderer who punished the many for the sins of the few.

It seems obvious that many of these people don't read the Bible or can't take the time to understand the situation that existed in the days of Noah.

God not only was just in wiping all flesh from the planet (Humans and land animals) but Genesis 6 clearly states that had he not done so; the world would have been lost to total evil and absolute wickedness because 200 fallen angels from heaven had taken daughters of ordinary men and fostered children of incredible strength and incredible evil. They had also torn creation asunder through perverting animals and producing hybrid creatures and abominations.

Noah was far from a perfect man, he was still a sinner as was his family but he walked with GOD and kept himself and his sons pure so the line from Adam was preserved while the rest of the vile world was annihilated. yes...GOD was correct in his action.


Who is the creator of everything?
Who makes the rules of the world, aka commandments and punishments?
Who is the one who created the idea of sin?
Who is responsible for knowing what is going to happen in the future?
Who created the people?
God. God is the creator and God made the rules. Logically, a broken rule is ultimately the responsibility of the one who made the rule. Therefore, if God never made rules, or sin, there would be no reason to flood the world. Hell, if he didn't make the world nothing could go wrong. God, who is in control, who sets up your destiny, is ultimately responsible for everything. He had no reason to flood the world accept for the reasons he made up. God made the error in the first place. And flooding the world was completely pointless. No evidence was left behind. In fact there is a mountain of evidence that would show why it is not true. If God can do so many things, why didn't he snap his fingers and made everyone disappear?
And please, do not say that atheists do not read the bible. 80% of atheists read the entire bible, contributing the bible to the reason they are atheists, while less than 20% of Christians have read the entire bible. That means over 80% of Christians have admitted to not reading the bible. So do not try to generalize something that is completely opposite of what you are claiming.
Debate Round No. 1


first; allow me to post a link to a document of biblical history not scripture. The Book of Enoch which is referenced in the Bible.

Genesis 6 records that the "Sons of God" (200 angels recorded by Enoch) came upon the daughters of men and "knew them" and from these angels came mighty men of absolute evil. These angels also taught man wicked crafts which man was not to have knowledge of. Thus the world became wicked absolute, all flesh both man and land animal was corrupted from their original creation.

These rebel angels are spoken of as those bound in chains in their own solitary place until the final judgment. I offer this series of sermons from one Jason Cooley, Baptist preacher, who explains all of this in detail.

And while atheist may "read the bible" they show themselves to be weak in "understanding" it. And also as to the definition of Christian...there are more "false" Christians following the "religions" of men and not the true GOD who is Christ. And yes, many Christians also do not read the Bible for if they did we would have very few using GOD to excuse sin and deviancy like homosexual marriage and condoning adulterous relationships in the church body these days. Yet God warned us that in the later days the church would be filled with apostasy and blasphemy.

why didn't he snap his fingers and made everyone disappear? Because God is righteous and a righteous judge issues punishments, not reprieves and just making everyone go "poof" would have been an escape for the guilty.

God made the error in the first place: so you wanted all people to be made from the single cookie cutter with no personality, no differences, no ability to be unique? God would have been quickly frustrated by people who were not different from each other since GOD is a personal being who through the scriptures is very one on one with the people he interacts with.

He had no reason to flood the world accept for the reasons he made up: He did not make up the 200 rebel angels who came upon the daughters of men; this is why they are in their own special prepared hell of punishment and why Christ went to minister to them during the 3 days between his death and resurrection; to tell those 200 rebels that they failed to pervert the seed of Eve and prevent his coming. The flood and the ark were symbols foretelling the coming of the savior and the "ark" of his truth; that those who believe in him shall have eternal life and escape the final judgment on the Earth of fire.

Logically, a broken rule is ultimately the responsibility of the one who made the rule: You speak of "mans" logic and "mans" logic is foolish. A broken rule is the fault of the breaker and Adam and Eve brought sin and death to the whole human race by breaking God's commandments and since they were given God's image and nature, they fully knew what would happen to them yet they chose satan over God.


God was the creator of universe and created the said angels.
Cookie cutter image is not what I was going for. Making a bunch of unique characters with their own harmless characteristics is not that difficult. I may not be a god (it is possible that I am, though), but an artist, writer, and a video gamer that plays a game that lets you create a character with its own looks and personality will tell you that there is a wide variety of choice to make your characters in your own image JUST LIKE GOD CREATED US IN HIS IMAGE. God ultimately screwed up. Obviously the people at the time were not created in his image. God create the rules, and cause the demise. And you know what, I would rather be burning forever in hell than be anywhere near a being that can justify for even a second that setting someone on fire to burn for all eternity is a reasonable punishment.
God, overall, messed up and took a way out that is unjust. Killing people instead of fixing people. Stopping angels from doing blah blah blah crap would have been good. Oh no, but it's more important to not interfere with free will. Life is so sacred, but letting life end is okay because interfering with free will is so much more important. Even if your god does exist, he has no business interfering with affairs on earth. And if does, then he should fix problems. Notice how the bible describes God as nothing but a whiny bitch that makes life a living hell if he doesn't get his way. Probably fits the description of some of the readers' exes and mother in laws. And at the end of the day, this whiny bitch wants us to worship him because he is so perfect and knows all. He knew things were going to go wrong, but he let it happen so he can ruin everything and start over because he is so perfect that he screws up his lovely creation. Twice.
Note that my opponent has used the bible as a source. The bible is the one making the claim and therefore cannot be considered a source. Morally speaking, this God has stepped out of line. Even if the bible is correct, and the flood is justified, then 9/11 was just because they killed many because they screwed up AND they did it because they thought it's what God, or Allah, wanted. Who knows, maybe God told them himself to do it. Of course, if I truly claim that, you're going to think I'm crazy, and then you are going to go to church and say how God is communicating with you. I am slightly sorry that I said everything I said. Not because I'm afraid to offend a reader or my opponent, only because it trailed off a little. It just bothers me that someone can justify and be happy with mass killings. And if you aren't happy with it, then you aren't happy with your god's decision.
Do not attempt to say who is a true Christian, and do not say people do not understand the bible. You cannot be the one who judges that. For starters, it is not your position to judge according to your religion. Secondly, it's offensive. Most people who contribute the bible for their reasons to disbelieve it were actually people who either held high positions with their church, or were studying to do so. They were not looking for a reason not to believe. Refer to Reverend Justin Vullmar, a former minister who signed for the hearing impaired who wanted to attend church. Also refer to Matt Dillahunty of Austin, Texas, who was studying to be a minister and through the bible stopped believing.
If people are misunderstanding the bible, then your god is either stupid or doesn't care that we are getting a very broad message that we better interpret correctly or we're screwed. Any god that wants to relay a very important message that is for many people to know and supposed to last for many thousands of years would not rely on text to do so because people would misinterpret and translate the message incorrectly and completely distort his entire message. Instead, he would find an efficient method that could not get distorted.
Also, you want to talk about how people aren't understanding the message, for all you know, you could be doing the same damn thing. You realize that Christianity is a big religion based on other religions that started before it?
Notice how multiple religions have holidays falling around the winter and spring seasons. Christianity is the youngest of the religions, major religions that is. Notice how many things were taken the Pagans Religion, which existed long before Christianity. Christmas was the celebration of the winter solstice. Easter was the celebration of new life in the spring. Of course, they weren't called them, but Christianity took the holidays and Christened them up to fit it's own agenda. That agenda being scare people in to doing what you want them to do. Control them. With great comes control. If you look in to history, you will see how true this is, and you will see how well these facts have been distorted to make sure no one finds out about them so that we don't find out the truth. Well, I don't know the truth, but I do know that the truth can't be found in an ancient book written by ancient people. The bible is definitely not a source of fact. It is nothing me than an over exaggerated fantasy story.
Debate Round No. 2
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