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God is a fallacy, Nature is the true higher being

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Started: 8/3/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Spirituality is an idea created when mankind didnt understand complex forces of nature. However, Though in its infancy, Mankind made a mature move toward spirituality by seeing a god of each force of nature: a god of rain, God of sun, God of moon etc.

God was created at a time mankind began to express manipulation and systemic greed. God, Heaven and hell was introduced to scare people into worshing human kings and queens.

I propose god needs to be seen as forces of nature so that we worship the veey ground and animals that feed us and helps us grow.

(Please have reasons to oppose, And please just stick to the question and not make your own, Othrwise create a separate debate and invite me. )


You refer to nature as being are dominate being, Not only is this a religion but matches the term spirituality, Which you even said is an idea created. Spirituality is "a deep sense of spirit that connects to the natural environment. " The natural environment is nature in one of its greatest forms. You also say that God was created at a time of manipulation. Then why can't people prove it false with all the knowledge we gained since they started writing the Bible? They must have been the best "manipulators" out there; ever! You also said that they use the concept of Heaven and Hell to scare people into worshiping kings and queens even though the Bible clearly says, "Worship the LORD your God, And serve him only. " Thank you for your time
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