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God is just a made up part of human imagination to alleviate the burden of one's responsibilities

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Started: 3/11/2020 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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The belief or even the thought of God as an entity has been made up the human mind to alleviate the burden of one's responsibility. The idea of God probably accumulated due to some big powerful warrior or king who had a very good record of killing their party's enemies and was probably kind to his or her (this argument is based on Godesses as well) people. Once this person did good, They probably developed a reputation and was worshipped like a God. This person was probably also used as an excuse for mishaps due to people believing that this person was all powerful. For example if there was a drought then this "God" would most likely be at fault. God was created to help understand things that cannot be comprehended by logic alone. In addition to this, God was also most likely used to support the dependent and weak species that is Homo sapiens.


God created humans, Not the opposite, And we believed in God because we are naturally spiritual.

I doubt your theory that god began with someone being worshipped is true, Because in all religions, Divinity is transcendent, As one God almighty or as multiple gods representing the forces of nature (see greec or egyptian gods).

Yes, God was used to explain things like natural disasters, But people had to cope with being submitted to greater forces, And yes, God is prayed for mending human's afflictions and wounds. But that doesn't mean he was created for these purposes.
Debate Round No. 1


There is no physical proof or any evidence what so ever that the Divine existed. There are no fossils, No footprints. The only evidence that we have of God is the ancient scriptures and paintings provided by ancient civilisations. There is no hard based evidence that God ever existed. This is why I say that God is merely a figment of human imagination.
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Posted by Shamayita 10 months ago
I believe humans created God. Cause this way it still makes sense to me.
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