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God isn't real. there is so much proof

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Started: 3/29/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Lmao how do people still believe that god is real? "A being of power in the sky". yea right. There is so much proof disproving the bible. Evolution has been proved. It has been proved Jesus couldn't have turned water into wine. Then there are the dumbasses who believe in children's stories like "Noah's Ark." 1. A boat that big could not have fit 2 of every type of animal that live today. 2. There was no big flood according to the Egyptians, as well as any other tribe living there when there was a "big flood." finally there is no actual proof of god, just evidence against it.


How come when in my town I didn't get my blazor cus they had ran out and it was a Monday so they don't have anything delivered but my dad prayed and 2 hours later they said they dont know how but they had a delievery for the same size I needed and same type explain that and it that aint luck.
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Posted by epicemmy9 4 years ago
Many people have stated that there is no evidence that god DOESN'T exist. However, to prove something into existence you can't just use the reasoning that there isn't evidence showing it doesn't exist, you actually have to provide proof that it does exist. I can say that Voldemort exists. I don't have any evidence, but does anyone have evidence that he doesn't? Keep in mind that he doesn't need a birth certificate or an ID to exist. Maybe he's just been in hiding this whole time.
Posted by DarwinDawkins 4 years ago
Actually all science indicates evolution took place. To whom mentioned we didn't derive from ape like ancestors because there are apes today, do you have any scientific evidence to back that up? Probably not. And, our common ancestor is very different to the apes of today so it's possible we went down different branches, so to say, based on our environmental differences over the millions of years in different parts of the world.

Now my question, what causes you to believe in god aside from "faith" which is just believing in something without evidence.

-side note; I'm not saying its entirely impossible for a god to exist just no true evidence has been discovered.
Posted by aaisha1133 4 years ago
God is real, all of your points were invalid. A being in the sky? God is not a being first of all. And the Bible, you don't have to believe in the Bible to believe in God. Scientists have not proved evolution, its not true in my opinion because if it was true then why are there apes today? Why haven't they changed into humans. Also if it is true then why haven't there been bones found between human and ape?
Posted by Nomadn 4 years ago
Mate you think your dad praying for your blazer is the reason you got it? Why the hell would your god help you get clothes instead of feeding the hundreds of thousands of children at risk of starving to death?
Posted by Blonde2134 4 years ago
While I don't want to debate this topic as I am in school and don't have time, In my opinion/belief God is real. And since I don't want to research to prove it, I will ask if you have watched the movie "God's not dead". The main character goes against his atheist professor and teaches his class facts about God being real that have been proven throughout time by famous scientist, even ones that didn't believe in God, and by using the bible. This movie is really good and uses real information. Since he uses sturdy facts coming straight from them, It is almost impossible to prove him wrong as he explains many things that are hard to disprove. If you don't believe me then watch the movie yourselves. It is solid proof that God IS real.
Posted by GoOrDin 4 years ago

win this debate without making a hayman.

Do not reference, 'a man in the sky,' - which is not a contingent portion of any known religion.

Do not 'blame God for sins', as that is contrary to every religion, comprehensibly and as a prerequisite to referencing his character that your discussing.

No science indicates that Evolution took place.*
Not one piece of scientific evidence specifically INDICATED anything concerning a progression of change.
the fact that it does not conflict with a concept structured around observations, does not mean that those observations Indicate the idea is truth.

So, Debate without being a bigoted dumbasss, Nedm.

and he Egyptians didn't have to record a flood, in order for it to have happened. you fool. Wow.

don't sponsor capitalist, whoremongering, criminal cartels smoking weed or cigeretters, or from drinking thus crashing our food,cloths,utility,media,security,education economy. Hate for Feggots who try to get other guy's Dongs wet. Womanizers should and will be shot on sight.
Posted by buzzylightyr 4 years ago
Most of the arguments from Nedmold are logically incoherent. First, you argue that there must be no God because the events mentioned in the Bible are unrealistic and unproven. There lies the fallacy, just because something is unproven does not mean that it does not exist. And yes that holds true for the other side of the debate. However, your argument about the events in the Bible being unrealistic is even more logically unsound and highlights your naivete regarding the matter you want to discuss. The first mistake is that you assume the events to mean literally despite the fact that the Bible is written in a symbolic, metaphor-heavy way. For instance, the number "7" is evidently founded as a symbolic number to imply completeness in the Hebrew culture and taking it as a literal 7 is complete nonsense.

Futhermore, you must also acknowledge that multiple times in history has the evidences of God been attempted to destroy for the sake of cynical people like yourself. Consider the Dark Ages where cynicism as led to widespread burning and banning of the scriptures. Constatine himself has been documented to burning copies of historic scriptures as well.

The facts all align to conclude that you're claims are grounded on fallacious presumptions unsupported by both logic and common sense.
Posted by Weltkaiser 4 years ago
I bet you're an atheist vegan anarcho-communist who vapes, and everyone else is blind to you.
Posted by Perussi 4 years ago
As pro.
Posted by Perussi 4 years ago
I'll debate "It is reasonable for a god to exist".
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