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God isnt real

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Started: 8/17/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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God isnt real.

If god is real, Then why are there black people who are polluting our world. Have you seen the smog in the skies, People are blaming it on factories and carbon emission, However it is the air that black people breath out from their lungs. If God was real then why does he allow this to happen.

Furthermore, If God was real then why am i horny and masturbate. God is apparently all good and made us in his image. Therefore, God made me to be horny and commit sin. Thus, God made me to be bad, Which means that he is not a good being. NO good being would make someone to be bad. Ultimtately God isnt real.

We were created from the big bang. I dont relaly understand how it works but believe me im right :)

PS: if we evolved from monkeys, Then why are there still monkeys? ! ? ! ? ! ?

Anyways God isnt real!


Hello, First of all thank you for posting this debate topic, As a devout Scientologist I thoroughly enjoy spreading the wonderful word of Lord into the hearts of all who are willing to accept it.

First of all Black People? Easily explained, The only purpose of black people in life is that the Gods from Uranus created them to be our inferior slaves in heaven. As quoted in the bible Genesis 3:16- "And God said, Let all black people be a tolerable evil". What our lord Tom Cruise means by this is that we must tolerate these stinky black people, Who else will serve us in the afterlife?

Secondly your explanation for your "devious desires" as I'll put are also completely explainable in the words of our Lord. God is in fact a chronic masturbator (which also explains the meaning of rain but that is for another topic. ) I mean why else would it feel so God. You say "Thus, God made me to be bad". He didn't. A common misconception is that masturbation is bad, Its great, In fact so good for your health that the World Health Organisation recommend "jerkin the gherkin" approximately 69 times a day.

Finally we were created from the big bang, The Big Bang rather than being a purely scientific event was actually God getting a bad case of diarrhea and sh*t all of us out. As the lord describes in the Pokemon Go Trainer Guide Book : "Cr*p that was a big one, Better get some more meth to deal with it. "

Once again thank you for this opportunity and God bless, Let the Lord penetrate you, With his thrusting words and wisdom.
God Bless.
Debate Round No. 1


GOD isnt real.

My penis is 23 inches long! This has nothing to do with the debate but i would bed anyone i want. Also, If God was real then his thirsty a** wouldve hit me up by now!

As delineated in the communist Manifesto, The so called divinely inspired word of God, "The lord is gay and we need the Holocaust 2" If God was real, Then why are there still jews in the world. Why havent we gotten rid of the pest that is Jews.

Moreover, You refer to the big bang as god taking a sh*t, But if there was a god, Then who vreated that god. And if that person created god, Wouldnt that make him the God. Exactly, A pardox. Therefore, We need communism and as a result of Despacito 2, Suicide rates drop to 0.

I rest my case, I play pokemon go everyday and i desperately need someone to tear me a new a**hole :P


First of all thank you for sharing your wonderfully enormous penis size. . . Daddy. Hit me up on Grindr <3.

You being a flaming, Flamboyantly fabulous homosexual who hates gays aside, The communist manifesto "the word of the lord" is true, God is Gay, However as the trinity states he is both fully gay and fully straight (also fully trans fluid but we won't get into that now. ) Also for your response about the Jews is similar to the answer for the blacks, However the jews are there to be the slaves for the black people. Also known much like my favorite song (despacito squared) the jews are evil squared. And I believe we have found common ground in that a second Holocaust is more than late, 100% support killing all the Jews and lesbians (praise be to them).

Additionally as stated in The Very Hungry Caterpillar, In order for there to be humans, There must be a creator. Yes that may be a paradox but just like Stephen Hawking who DIED trying to calculate the square root of Despacito trying to solve this question is not advised otherwise you will end up in heaven with papa stalin and daddy hitler.

The fact that you play pokemon go is great! Tom cruise our lord and saviour does as well! Anyone who doesn't must be forced into the gulag and sit in the "naughty corner" as daddy our Lord and Saviour Adolf Hitler pounds you again and again, Spanking you with his hardcore REASONING AND LOGIC.

God Bless, All Rangas should die in a fire
Debate Round No. 2


Mein Kamfp explicity states that all black people must be eaten by white people, Therefore, If two twins were to exist, Then which one has the bigger dick. Thus, God isnt real!


Unfortunately we are at the end of our time together, I have enjoyed it. . . Thoroughly.

Now Mein Kampf as one of sacred texts of Islam also provides us devout Scientologists with some glorius insights in to how Tom is f**king gay.

It is true that the answer to your proposed question about twin dick size is just like Jesus himself, They're both gay, And thus both deserve to die in the fiery pits of Hades.

That about wraps up my arguments thank you very much. However before I go I would like to say I'm actually in a mental asylum and your'e all gay.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Another1 3 years ago
I hope this is a troll lol
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