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God's existence is pointless therefore our life has no meaning

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Started: 4/15/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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To clarify I am pro so, I argue that life has no meaning and god has no purpose.

My argument simply that God ultimately does not have a real reason or purpose to exist. Therefore it means that life still lacks meaning with or without a God as from a religious perspective.

This is because we are meant to serve something that hasn't got a purpose meaning that whatever our function is to this divine being, it cannot inherently have meaning as the being itself lacks meaning.
An example of this is an atheist giving a robot a purpose. Because I don't believe life has any purpose, anything that I make a robot do as a purpose has no meaning because it serves me - who hasn't got a purpose.

This debate isn't meant to be offensive in anyway however, I understand as an ex-religious person that it is technically blasphemous from a certain perspective.
Therefore I would therefore kindly ask that you would use logic and religious ideology as opposed to ad hominem.


Personally I don't believe in God, but the absence of a deity does not technically imply that life has no meaning. You are challenging a very powerful subject, in which case you assume that God gives ones life meaning. In terms of biology, our lifes meaning is to consume, and reproduce. In terms of ethics however, I personally believe that life has many different meanings, and I will concentrate on various different ones that all relate somehow. I wish the best of luck to my opponent.
Debate Round No. 1


Best of luck to you too.

First I would like to bring your attention to some word definitions.
Meaning: "Important or worthwhile quality; purpose"[1].
Purpose: "The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists" [2].
Significant: "Indicative of something" [3]

Without a deity we can't have a meaningful existence. We are biologically programmed to reproduce and survive. This is obviously purpose but, I am simply saying that this purpose is insignificant. I worded the debate carefully because a meaning is not the same thing as a purpose. A meaning is a significant purpose i.e. a purpose that has a reason of great importance.
So why is it important to reproduce and survive without deity? I would argue that is not an important thing to do at all. What would be the point of making as many of ourselves as possible? Why do we need to do that?
I believe it is at this point that the meaning of life breaks down. The reasons people have children all fall back to things that give us temporary happiness and also continuing existence of our species. There isn't some great reason or purpose behind life - it just wants to create more if itself and that is it.

All the things in between are supposable irrelevant and yet all our experiences have such value to us. I am basically saying that we are just the robots being programmed to reproduce, there is no reason for it except to make more robots and this on it's own cannot be meaningful.
We have complex experiences, thoughts, emotions and consciousness yet, these things aren't significant to live beyond survival which is only done to serve reproduction. I.e. everything that makes us intelligent and self-aware creatures only serves our ability to survive - which in turn serves our ability to reproduce. Which in turn has no purpose or reason or function without deity.

But then even with deity, the actual reason or purpose of a God is obscure and seemingly equally insignificant - There appears to be no real meaning to life at all. If what created us was not sentient or was just simply randomness then we cannot say that our lives have meaning because a machine can have a purpose but it cannot have a meaningful existence. This is given by the fact that such a machine would not be able to but any cognitive thought behind our existence at all.

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Posted by theteamnoob 3 years ago
I disagree with everything you just said. A meaning is not a purpose and in fact the difference between them is a fundamental concept in philosophy. Life has a purpose (a survival and reproduction based thing possibly passing on information) but let's say that it does not.

"If life has no purpose you have no motivation to do anything" - we don't do things consciously due to purpose we do things due to emotions. Maybe emotions are a result of our purpose being known in our minds but, that is a whole debate on it's own and not the reason we do things. We do things because of how they feel not because of purpose.
So just because I give myself a task or objective does not mean it is the meaning of life nor does it mean that there is one.

My purpose is not whatever I want it to be. My purpose is technically to live as long as possible while producing as many offspring as possible - as given by my biology. So, just because I am having a debate does not mean that it is a meaningful purpose it is just a thing that I want to do because of a feeling.

Therefore I haven't refuted myself because I recognise the thing I am doing has no depth or meaning behind it's reason - least of all the meaning of my existence!
Posted by RBaker 3 years ago
Why are you wasting your time on something that is totally meaningless? If life is meaningless life has no purpose. If life has no purpose you have no motivation to debate anything. However you have chosen to debate because you have purposed to express your suppressed knowledge that debate is meaningful. Therefore you have refuted yourself.
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