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Grand Theft Auto 7

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Started: 1/19/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Grand Theft Auto 7 should be a story line with teenagers instead of adults because of the more active and social lifestyle.


I believe that the story line should be with adults because of the many crimes you can commit in past GTA games. I believe this could influence teenagers to act like their character acts. Some kids would want to seem "gangster" and might commit small crimes. Teenagers would misunderstand things like violence, death, rape, and other crimes in the game. They might rob a house in the game and think "Oh, robbing someone is so easy" and be compelled do it in real life. In the game there is no real consequences, in real life the consequences can be life-changing. Teenagers usually have a hard time distinguishing fantasy and reality. It would be a virtual reality world for them for which there are no consequences. They might compare this virtual reality world to the real world and have to face the very real consequences of their actions. you said about "teenagers having a more active social life," is not always true. Most teens have considerable amount of homework and many teens have sports and other activities during the day. Most schools give out more homework on the weekend than on weekdays. Most teens have to do this homework instead of hanging out with friends or having parties. Teenagers might also more easily get influence into drugs, smoking, and drinking because of their character's actions within the game. Things like drinking and smoking are already a problem within many schools.
Debate Round No. 1


These could be true also knowing that kids already do these things thinking it is okay. But as there could be older teenagers playing the roles of the main characters, Rockstar could make the consequences more obvious in the game if this is enough of a concern. Rockstar could also make it harder to do the crimes and harder to escape the consequences. In the game, it could start out as what seems to be normal teenagers doing whatever matches their personality, but then later convert them to a life of crime and worry. I think it would be interesting.
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Posted by Hawkecrail 3 years ago
That game already exists; its called bully
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