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Greeks are Better than Romans

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Started: 1/22/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
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This is just a fun debate, no need to cite sources or anything. Although, please don't make up crap or spam the debate. Although it should be fun, I still want a good debate. The first round will be acceptance, please don't make any arguments until the second round. There will then be three rounds of debate. As for the style, SPAR, PF, whatever. Just not LD. I don't like debating moral and/or ethics.


I am ready to debate on the side that Romans are better than Greeks.
Debate Round No. 1


The Greeks are better than the Romans for numerous reasons. The first reason is that the Romans based almost all of their mythology on the Greeks. They simply changed the names of the Gods and Goddesses and the Heroes. They kept all of the original Greek beliefs. The second reason is that the Greeks created many of the foundations for modern math, science, engineering, medicine, philosophy, and Government as well as in other areas. For instance the word "Democracy" comes from the Greek word demokratia, from demos- "the people" + -kratia "power to rule.' The word "Alphabet" comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet: Alpha, and Beta. There are many other examples of words that come from Greek roots. Without the Greeks our current world would be very different, and could potentially be decades behind where our current technology is. The only thing that the Romans did was have a large empire and a large military. All of those military techniques are outdated and have not benefited us. No matter how effective they were at the time, they would not work using modern weapons. As technology improves, military strategies have to follow suite. The Romans had little or no navy, which is essential for a Mediterranean nation. The Greeks had Triremes: the state-of-the-art naval technology that could outgun and outrun any other ship at the time. Although the Romans had superior military might on land, the Greeks excelled in all other aspects of life.


I noticed how you brought up the Romans had a better military, but their tactics aren't used today. The world was different in the time of Romans than modern day, their military tactics did outdo the other countries, and that is what the Romans wanted. Next, according to the legend, Rome had 7 kings, which prioritized in land, so Rome did get what they wanted most. Next, Rome used religion in their favor, and Greece came before them, so if you think about it, Romans just changed the Religion to where it suits their country more.

Good luck next round,
Debate Round No. 2


Although the Romans had a better land military, this was the only thing that they excelled at. As I said before, the Greeks had a better navy and created many of the foundations for modern math, science, engineering, medicine, philosophy, and Government as well as in other areas. The Greeks had the best of both worlds. They had military might in Sparta, and the arts and sciences in Athens. No matter how powerful your military is, somebody will defeat you eventually.

Next, The Roman Government didn't actually have seven kings, this idea came from Roman mythology and the story of Romulus and Remus, which was based on Greek mythology. Rather, when they first started out, they had two Consuls (who controlled the military, the taxes and the laws), a Senate (that advised the consuls, it was mostly made up of wealthy families), Tribunes (people representing the poor families in the senate), Prefects (people who ran the city - court cases, the port, the market, etc.) and the Assembly (They voted on whatever the Consuls told them to, such as going to war, and elected Prefects, Senators, and Consuls). Later they kept the Consuls and the Senate, but the Emperors had all of the real power. This Emperor system is when Rome was at the height of their power. Although the Romans did get all of this land, there was no purpose for it. They did not use it to advance their technology, art, or culture in any way. They simply wanted the land just so they could say that they had land. it was not beneficial in any way, shape, or form.

Next, all that the Romans did was copy the Greeks mythology. The used all of the same Gods and heroes: Zeus vs. Jupiter, Hera vs. Juno, Hermes vs. Mercury, Poseidon vs. Neptune, Heracles vs. Hercules, the list goes on and on. They kept all of the same people and stories, and simply changed the names of the Gods.

Finally, I would like to point out that you never mentioned the fact that the Greeks created many of the foundations for modern math, science, engineering, medicine, philosophy, and Government as well as in other areas. Therefore, that argument flows through.

Good luck,


Many of the things Greeks did probably would the Romans have done first if they had appeared first. The Romans did simply what they needed to do to thrive, and thriving is a key factor to being better than something else. Also, philosophy, science, and even a hint of religion had a powerful impact from the Greeks by Romans, so if you wish to argue that, then you are also arguing for the Romans even more.

You're obliterating me :D Keep it up,
Debate Round No. 3


It is no use saying that the Romans probably would have done those same things first if they appeared first. The fact of the matter is, the Greeks came first and so the romans used their ideas. We can argue hypothetical scenarios for years and not get anywhere. In making that statement, you are acknowledging that the Greeks came first. This means that the Romans could not have had any impact on the Greeks, and so by using my science/religion argument I am not debating in favor of the Romans. You made two contradictory statements saying that the Greeks came first, but that the Romans influenced the Greeks and not vice versa. The Romans did not just simply do what they needed to do to thrive. The Greeks managed to thrive without taking over most of the known world. The Romans were deliberately conquering other people and forcing them to abandon their way of life and join the Roman Empire, or die.

Hit it home in the last round,


bat9581 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by willyj_3 10 months ago
I know this is way late, but I had to comment. First of all, let me be clear" I agree that the Greeks were greater than the Romans, but some of these arguments are just incorrect. First of all, Rome did have a monarchy before a republic. It is not as well known of a time period of Rome as the Roman Republic or Empire, but Rome was certainly a monarchy first (although I don"t known about all this seven kings talk). The monarchy was taken from the Etruscans who, with the Greeks and Latins, heavily influenced Roman culture and ideology. Secondly, while I do believe that Ancient Greece was superior to Rome, credit should be given where credit is due! To name a few examples of Roman importance, they were great architects (they built the Colosseum and invented the arch), their language, Latin, influenced major languages like English, Spanish, and French through their massive expansion, and the United States" government is based off of their government (before Caesar, anyway)" it"s a republic! To say that Rome was only impressive in terms of its military is a gross understatement of their historical value. But, in the end, I do agree that, for me at least, Greece"s groundbreaking advancements in mathematics, science, architecture, government, philosophy, and even music outweigh the contributions of Rome. I just felt that needed to be said, but great debate!
Posted by gaberz24 3 years ago
They can be saved for another debate. The reason we are debating the Greeks and the Romans is because their cultures were so similar.
Posted by Shrek_sDrecKid 3 years ago
What about the Ancient Egyptians, Mayans, and Chinese?
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