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Grilled Cheese is the best food

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Started: 5/11/2017 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Okay. First thing is the rich flavor of the bread. It has a crispy texture that is so satisfying. When it is cooked with butter, it is just so intense. Next is the cheese. It just melts in your mouth and it just tastes so good. You can use ANY bread and cheese (white bread with American cheese is the best.) Grilled cheese is the best food.


I thank the Affirmative for the debate. I will be offering 2 contentions that show why we should negate.

CONTENTION I. It is impossible to objectively decide that one food is "better" than another without some kind of specific standard. Even then, it would be impossible to determine which standard determines what foods are "better" others. Saying that one food is the "best" implies that that food is better than all others, so without a way to judge one food as "better" than another, there is no way to logically determine that one food is the "best." We can't determine that one food is better than another because "better" relies on personal preference, which is based one what one person values, and is inherently not objective. The only way to say one food is the "best" would be if everyone agreed that it is true, which is clearly not the case. The author says we should affirm based on a set of characteristics that he believes to make a food desirable, but in no way proves or has ground to prove that these standards are normative or universally accepted. I might say that a hamburger, for instance, is better because it has more protein, but nobody could prove that more protein is of greater importance than "a crispy texture." (Not to mention that some people might not enjoy the crispy texture.) Insofar as my opponent can not prove that the set of qualities he points out in a grilled cheese make it superior to all other foods, there are no grounds to affirm. Thus, we must negate on the basis of it being impossible to objectively judge one food better than another.

CONTENTION II. Saying that one food is the "best" is ethnocentric and would be saying that one culture is better than another. Each culture has its own unique cuisine, that people of that culture often believe to superior to that of other cultures. Grilled cheese is a dish obviously exclusive to the Western culture. Thus, saying that grilled cheese is the "best" food would be saying that Western culture is superior and/or preferable to all other cultures. This leads to the rejection of ideas and influences from other cultures as inferior, which is not only morally unjust (as it leads to the idea of other people being lesser based on their race or ethnicity), but also pragmatically bad because it deprives cultures of the opportunity to learn and improve by taking from each other. For an example, we look to the countless Chinese and Mexican restaurants in the United States of America. If we were to have viewed our cuisine as superior to that of other cultures, these restaurants would not exist to bring please to millions of people who enjoy their food.

Now we see that the clear choice in this debate is a vote in favor of the negation because it is impossible to objectively prove that one food is the best, and doing so would be that we are valuing Western culture above all others, which has negative consequences.

Thank you.
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