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Gun Control

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Started: 2/11/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Aaron TabenkenFebruary 4, 2015

Gun Control

Every year more than 100,000 people are injured or killed by guns in the U.S. Many of these guns are purchased by people who do not have to undergo a background check or are stolen from people who purchased them legally.

This is a concern, because we are all at risk of being killed by these weapons. It is hard to believe, but even mentally disturbed people can slip through the background check system and purchase guns.

I believe there should be stronger restrictions on the types of guns, and a restriction on high capacity magazines that can be sold and that ALL people be subject to background check without exception. No one needs a weapon for killing lots of people really fast. By limiting the number and types of weapons on the street, specifically assault type weapons with high capacity magazines, we can decrease the numbers of mass murders.

Take a look at some statistics for each year:
31,537 people die from gun violence
11,583 people are murdered.
18,783 people kill themselves.
584 people are killed accidentally. 334 are killed by police intervention

Some may say that the second amendment to the constitution guarantees the right for all individuals to bear arms. Others would say that it is not guns that kill people, it is bad people who kill people. I believe that US citizens should have the right to own guns for hunting and sport shooting only.
Now you know the fact about guns and what destructive power they have now what do you think?


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First off I would like to wish my opponent good luck and thank him for taking the time to debate such a controversial topic as this one. I would like to respond to my opponent by saying that everything has destructive power. Every weapon over the course of history had the ability to deal death in one way or another. One of the main flaws in the gun control arguments is the reality that two-thirds of gun deaths are suicide induced. This makes it very hard to control gun deaths with laws because for two-thirds of the deaths, the person buying the gun may have a clean mental health and criminal record. And while responsible gun ownership should be important, it is impossible to check if every gun owner in the country has his gun stored properly. Second, suicidal behavior is not increased by having a gun around the house. The gun in two-thirds of gun deaths was merely the means to an end. If that person had serious enough mental problems that they were willing to take their own life, they would have just as easily done it using a rope or knife. In these situations and not all situations it is important to remember that if the person was willing to take their own life, not having a gun would not have stopped them. Third, while thorough background checks and a mandatory gun safety course would most likely cut down on the number of tragedies each year, there is not much we can do in the way of legislature that would be effective enough to make it practical. One reason for this is that a person's mental health can deteriorate over time. This means that a perfectly stable person as a thirty year old could start experiencing mental health problems that lead him to commit heinous acts of violence. Another main flaw in the gun-control lobby's ideology, is the banning of assault rifles. According FBI crime statistics from 2007 - 2011, almost seven-tenths of gun deaths were caused by handguns. Furthermore, only one twenty-third of all gun deaths were caused by rifles. While there are many mass shootings carried out with assault rifles, mass shootings account for less than one percent of gun related homicides each year. This means that only around one hundred people were killed last year in mass shootings compared to the 388 killed in Chicago. You may be asking yourself, why do I not here as much banning handguns as I do banning assault rifles. There are many reasons but a few simple ones. First, an assault rifle is intimidating. Using this fear they are able to tell you that assault rifles are evil and they use incidents of assault rifle shootings to back their story up. I would like to ask my opponent, "what guns would you like to ban, just the scary ones, or would you like to take every gun from every person?". Finally I would like to say, every weapon has destructive power and the main cause of deaths by guns, banning guns would not be able to prevent.

FBI crime statistics
Debate Round No. 1


NASA1234 forfeited this round.


I would like to start by saying that in many cases of countries instituting gun bans they did not work. Two such examples are Ireland and Jamaica. In both cases gun deaths went up significantly following the ban. This can be attributed to citizens not being able to defend themselves. Also many gun deaths are caused by guns bought illegally and used/distributed by gangs. By instituting a gun ban, the amount of illegal guns stays the same and the number of potentially life saving guns decreases. And in cases where gun bans have helped gun deaths these countries did not have the same amount of gang violence as the United States. Gangs are able to get guns illegally, banned or not from Mexico and Canada. Citizens in other countries were most likely not able to import guns as easily as in the United States. This brings me to my next point.

It would nearly impossible to ban guns because of our borders with Mexico and Canada. The United States has a federal ban on marijuana however it has been very unsuccessful because Americans can easily obtain it from Mexico. If we were to ban guns, the same situation would likely arise. Prohibition is another example of a ban gone awry. In both of these situations the only ones who benefit are the criminals.

Another flaw in the gun control argument is the hypocrisy behind the "blame the gun mentality". For example, if there is a bombing we blame the bomber, if there is a drunk-driving accident we blame the driver, but when there is a shooting we blame the person and the gun. Also why not ban fast cars. After all they are scary looking, and clearly designed to kill people by enabling them to exceed the speed limit. These are the same reasons the anti-gun lobby wants to ban assault rifles.

Finally, I would like to address my opponent"s point in his first argument that guns should be allowed for hunting. How do you know if someone will use a gun for shooting an animal or someone else?
Debate Round No. 2


NASA1234 forfeited this round.


I would like to conclude by restating my main points.

Gun-induced suicide. Over two-thirds of gun deaths are suicides. Gun control laws may be able to limit a few of these but the user of the gun and the owner may very well not be the same person.

Assault rifle bans. Assault rifles account for a minute amount of gun deaths. However, since they are scary looking, the gun control lobby continuously tries to ban them.

Blame the gun. In gun tragedies the gun is often blamed for the death. While the gun was the mechanism for death, the person using the gun ultimately decided to pull the trigger. This brings me to my last point.

Impractical. Most gun deaths are due to gang violence. Gangs do not obtain weapons legally. In order to stop the majority of gun deaths we cannot just ban guns as we have tried to ban marijuana. I bring marijuana up because the ban on it doesn't work, it just makes them look for other suppliers such as the cartels. This leads to an increase in violence which is the main argument for a gun ban.

In conclusion while common sense measures such as a background check and gun safety class are important, a gun ban would not do much in the way of preventing gun deaths because it would only take guns away from the hands of good people. And while it seems smart to ban scary assault rifles, it would do nothing to prevent gun deaths. And while gun violence is a problem, gun control is not a solution.
Debate Round No. 3
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