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Gun Control

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Started: 2/21/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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If guns are made illegal, they can still make their way to people's hands. Even though drugs are illegal, there are millions of people who are addicted. If guns are all gone, there would be more shootings because people with illegal guns know that no one else is going to have a gun so they can kill more people. Allowing guns allows people who have a sense of security. If shooters know that there are people carrying guns around him. They won't shoot because they can be stopped in an instant.


Yes that true with "banning gun control" but even if you allow gun control that will still lead to people who have the intention of committing evil acts. With the approval of gun control mean higher crime rates but without it will lessen the crime rates and it will make it harder for criminals to find ways to get gun. Even if it law enforcement-only we can still use stricter regulation to make it even harder for the criminals or deserter or whatever the heck it is that have the intent to sell guns illegally will have a hard time. All we gotta do is make complex process to counter it when someone found a loophole to it we can keep patching it until it impossible to find a way. But about the drugs, I don't really see that it a part of the topic but If it come to mental health then that can be a problem and yes people can get addicted to it. But no worries we still have mental facility or therapy for that if they ever have that thoughts of wanting to kill. But with disapproval of gun control then it will be harder for them to get access to guns. Like I said complex processes and patches. Also about carrying guns doesn't just give a sense of security but it give the sense of uneasiness because who knows what going on in that person's mind. Cause at any moment he/she can kill even if he/she have poor emotional control he/she can kill out of no where so how can we trust the citizens if we just hand out guns and how can we stop crime violence of gun-fighting due to the fact that they got it from gun shop that have approval of gun control? Also for the #2 round I will provide sources but for now I didn't put any sources in and same thing for my opponent.
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