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Gun Rights & Control

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Started: 2/16/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Given the long history of horrific shoot outs and accidents, it's been long since known that people have more than shown that guns shouldn't be an easy thing to obtain. I wouldn't go as far as eliminating them in their entirety, but I would definitely say that it should be much harder to obtain and no where should it be allowed to sell without check ups. I don't mean background checks and old psychological evaluations, but rather go through a fresh psyche evaluation before purchasing. Background checks for sure should remain as they are, but they aren't enough. Anyone can fool background checks. However, it's hard to fool a well trained, super keen psychologist. Yes it costs money to get a check up, but maybe a lower price can be offered for this kind of thing. After all, it's for the sake of eliminating shootings, thus eliminating the increasingly large fatalities caused by mad men who've come across these weapons with ease.

My main points in this case would be the following:
- Make it harder to obtain
- Laws against selling weapons without proper background checks and up to date psyche evaluations
- Laws against reselling your bought weapon to just anyone without check ups. Want to resell your weapon? Sell it back to a proper gun shop.
- Make it harder to buy weapons from just any gun shop or eliminate gun shops who fail to follow protocol
- Military Grade weapons should remain military-grade; No civilian should have access to military grade weapons in the first place. A shotgun and single fire rifles, pistols and such are more than enough for self defense.
- Reshape gun laws. No 18 year old should have access to a shotgun. How does it make sense to buy a shotgun, but not a handgun at the age of 18?
- Properly educate the nation on guns. Be harsher and blunt to those who want to own or handle guns. Show them what they could cause if they decide they want to shoot up a school or place. Show them the pain people feel from those kinds of actions, while studying their minds.

As of right now, this is all I can think of. I will probably bring up more points as the debates ensue.

Please keep this clean and mature. I'm an open mind and patient person!


I am not all the way against guns, but favor gun safety legislation, because gun violence is a right to life issue. Human beings have the right to live, and that oiutweighs your alleged right to shoot someone. Gun for mentally healthy non-felons are for hunting food, and for protection of self or others only. No you do not have the right to an automatic rifle unless you are a military sniper. It is ironic when so called p[rolifers refuse to support gun safety legislation which would save human lives. Peace.
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Posted by Arclite 3 years ago
In general, I would agree with pro. I stand firmly in defense of the second amendment, and will continue to do so. However, that is not saying that I am not an advocate for more rigorous background checks and security. I would disagree with with the premise that gun restriction laws save lives, seeing as they do not entirely dissolve the issue of gun violence. We know of multiple black markets and illegal gun dealers that have been shut down for dealing arms to criminals and gang members, and it is also common knowledge within the intelligence community that such people continue to do so. Also, people who are determined to commit homicide will find other... more creative ways to do so, as seen in the USSR and the UK. Its up to gun owners to be responsible and well educated [Such as my family and I], and society to be aware that shooters are out there and will strike, as well as do what is necessary to defend against it. On a broader note, the idea of peace among humans is misguided at best and a fantasy at worst.

- Arclite <3
Posted by Pill_Junkie_Monkey 3 years ago
No one is EVER anti-gun. They just don't want YOU to have them.
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