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Gun Rights - What are we supposed to do?

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Started: 3/30/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I don't get why people believe Gun Rights will work, since its not criminals who actually follow the laws. All the people who participated in the "March for our Lives" were just marching against their own rights.
My first point is something simple. Many people believe "Assault Weapons" (First of all thats not a correct term) need to controlled. But who will control them? We have an idiot who tweets in the white house and a government so many dont trust. Who would have the right to regulate these guns that we could trust?
My second point is that there are no "common sense" Gun laws we need. We have background checks, we have mental illness checks, but the FBI actually following through with them is different entirely. We ALREADY have automatic weapons banned, and we CANT ban semi-automatics because thats almost every gun people like to buy for self protection. And before you say we need to ban "Assault Weapons" like AR-15s, thats a loose term media created for this topic. You cant ban things based on a loose type of gun you "feel" is dangerous, let alone ban based on the look of the gun.
[Automatic guns fire many bullets as long as you hold the trigger.]
[Semi-Automatic guns fire one bullet for every pull of the trigger.]

I just dont get what these protesters want. We all say we want these shootings to stop, but we CANT stop shooters from getting guns when they have spotless records. Psychopaths are psychopaths because they can trick mental tests and appear normal but be sick twisted individuals.

I believe instead of banning guns, we encourage it. You dont see many shootings in places that arent gun-free zones. Thats because people having guns are a deterrent to shooters. If you want to shoot people, will you go where others have guns? Or will you go where people are enclosed and defenseless... like schools. Yet, we cant ban 18 year olds from buying guns, because its also at 18 when we are allowed to join the army, and use these guns.

I dont nessasarily believe teachers should have guns, but we need some protection. Metal detecters, guards, something. And if your excuse for not wanting these types of protections because schools would seem like a jail, i say we dont need to care how similiar to jails they are. Im for logically protecting our children and KEEPING our rights.

Thank you for reading and/or responding.


On the topic of gun regulation, we must undertake the basic reforms necessary to protect our citizens from harm. While the merits of banning individual types or models of guns vary depending on the gun, I would propose that we move more towards Canada, the most comparable nation to ours in this regard, on account of its culture, large hunting population, and high gun ownership. The reasoning for the first point is that despite high gun ownership, Canada has far fewer gun-related deaths than the US. In the US, the rate of firearm-related deaths to the total population is 10.45 per hundred thousand, in Canada, by comparison, it is 2.05. This clearly shows that Canada's gun laws work better than the US's given the significant difference in deaths. This would eliminate the need for fun free spaces, because, in Canada, open carry is forbidden. This would reduce gun presence in public areas, which is been most mass shootings are. That is, in my opinion, what we should do about gun control.
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Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
And people will be building these weapons in their basements. Hell they are right now. And as an example, the 3D printer gun is doing awfully well being built in people's basements. Hmmmm wow and yet no one is passing laws against them ot to even monitor them in the slightest. And even if there were, what then? Is law enforcement going to pound on every---single---door to see what weapon is being built and in this or that house or home? And then of course there's going to be bombs built that can nuke an entire city block. One of my friends who knows everything about everything when it comes to this stuff says its already here.
Oh and oh yeah, if you were to have one of your friends die for no reason from a gun, you'd change your mind about them in nanoseconds. Indeed the kids ARE alright.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
@Zephloe - There's no such a thing as "gun rights". PE-RI-OD. Especially especially especially, you arrogant prick when it comes to people's lives, especially especially especially when children are getting gunned down in the streets and at schools. That's why the kids who marched everywhere last Saturday were and are 100% correct, and you are 100% wrong. That's why they are against perhaps the most corruptible company, namely the NRA, that this country has ever seen. That's why they are against Donald Trump, the worst president that this country has ever seen, and all other idiot politicians who believe in idiot "gun rights" that don't exist like yourself.
We do not have background checks. And they wouldn't work anyways if we did. We do not have mental illness checks. And they would not work even if we did except for a very extremely small portion of those who are mentally ill. 60 minutes did an article on gun violence and the mentally ill a few yearts ago and they basically said that "How do you determine who is mentally ill if that person doesn't know he is mentally ill?" Great question huh. Wow. You are only 18 so that question NEVER crossed your min. Also if you were to be received as a mentally ill patient since you are a teen, chances are since there's precious little room for others and since the nurses would even have the slightest hint that you would not "hurt yourself", you'd be chucked out of that hospital within the week. Wow, so that's how the mentally il get better. GREAT! Just what we all wanted to hear.
Even better is the gun problem in this country IS NOT a mentally ill problem, its a mental health problem. BIG HUGE MONUMENTAL DIFFERENCE. And Donald Trump is so stupid and ignorant he does not know the difference.
Now in getting to your gun rights, so what? All of them will be chucked within the next 5 years or less. Why? Because guns will become so advanced that today's guns will be tinker toys.
Posted by DrAnomaly 3 years ago
"Gun Rights" don't work. Your right to own a firearm can be deduced through a chain of logic. Moreover, it is immoral to deprive someone of this right.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
to me its simple, public people shouldnt have guns, cuz there are to many crazy people.. the only real justification i see for having guns is for hunting, but we dont use handguns for hunting, you know.. i also think the constitution is part of the problem
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