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Gun Rights (in america)

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Started: 6/16/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Guns are one of the fundamental parts of today's society. The ability to defend yourself against an attacker is very important.

Argument against mass shootings - -
Almost every mass shooting that has taken place in the US has been committed by a mentally ill person, who does not have the ability to legally purchase a gun anyways.

Arguments against ban - -
Stripping people of their rights will not solve anything. If a criminal plans to do harm, they will do everything they can to get ahold of a firearm, regardless of if its legal or not. a ban would only affect the law abiding citizens

Change my mind :-)


I hope you are not trying to be prolife and freak out over some gun control. I am a centrist, so I do believe many people have the right to own a gun, but I believe like many rights, guns are not an absolute right, and should be restricted for some people. I don't have gun rights because I have four mental illnesses, and so did my gun owning father, and close. Many so called gun rights advocates are also against abortion, and for the death penalty. If it is a human life from the time pregnancy begins, until death, why NOT do something about gun violence from cops and civilians and mental patients and violent felons? What a convoluted logic we have on the far right.
Debate Round No. 1


That's an interesting argument, but i have a rebuttal for every one of your arguments.

1. Its not just "some gun control", its how our nation functions. The amendments are fundamental rights. The second amendment is as important as the right of free speech.

2. Under 18 U.S.C. " 922(d), it is unlawful for any person to sell or otherwise dispose of any firearm or ammunition to any person knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such person "has been adjudicated as a mental defective

according to this logic, the argument of your father with mental illnesses owning firearms is illogical.

3. Ignoring the abortion comments cause its irrelevant to the current debate. i support abortion if there is a reason for it.

4. Felons are not allowed to purchase firearms legally.

5. Mental patients are not allowed to purchase firearms (as stated in point 2)

6. cops kill criminals. either way this line of argument (cops) is unrelated to the true topic of the rights of ordinary citizens, and i wish to not continue.

I have yet to receive a real argument that is not factually impossible.
Im still open to talk if you have any other arguments about peoples' rights to guns.


Thisi s a right to life issue. My right to live comes first, and like I said, mental patient and felons don't have the right to have a gun. This is ,y life, you don't have the right to shoot me.
Debate Round No. 2


L e a v e T h i s W e b s i t e

If you had took the time to read my argument, i specifically stated that, "Almost every mass shooting that has taken place in the US has been committed by a mentally ill person, who does not have the ability to legally purchase a gun anyways.".

The meaning of this statement is to explain that regardless of the current laws in place, crime committing people find ways
around laws such as the black market. Any laws to ban guns wont affect criminals, it will affect GOOD PEOPLE.

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, "gun free zones" (areas where guns are prohibited) have been the target of more than 98% of all mass shootings. This staggering number is why such designated areas are often referred to as "soft targets," meaning unprotected and vulnerable.

Imagine the amount of mass shootings if there were no risk for shooters. Shooters target unarmed areas, and if the whole nation is unarmed, we have a real problem.

Shootings are unavoidable, but the severity of them can be controlled. If we armed school security guards, we would have less shootings overall (At schools).

Just because someone owns a gun doesn't mean they will use it on a person. Families own guns as a great equalizer against criminals.

You shouldn't worry about getting shot unless you either
A. Break in to somebodys house
B. Attack a police officer
C. You dont know how to handle a gun

This is a debate, not emotionally spouting info about your life.


Shootings are very avoidable with moderate legislation for gun safety. I want you you to own and use a gun if you are mentally fit, an law abiding, but the mentally unfit or felons don't have the right to own guns. The 2nd Amendment says something about a well regulated militia, not the abolition of guns. Moderate gun policy is what's good for America, not going to this or that extreme.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Debating_Horse 3 years ago
Damn I forgot to vote! My greatest apologies! :( I did not notice my timer! But at least you have secured for yourself a victory! Congrats to you! I'll be sure next time to watch the clock!
Posted by Debating_Horse 3 years ago
Same here. So many idiots just accept the debates without THOROUGHLY reading them, it's maddening how they do such moronic things. Also I will vote later into the week.
Posted by Doommakerguy 3 years ago
im not saying gun laws are perfect, buddy, im saying that having an outright ban on them is a horrible idea.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
* ABC"s 20/20 2/12/16
20/20 Diane Sawyer "What role do you think access guns play and played in these?
Mary Ellen O"Toole "You cannot carry out a mass murder without a weapon of mass destruction. Can"t do it.
20/20 Diane Sawyer "And in America 68% of school shooters get their guns from a relative or at home."
Mary Ellen O"Toole "For example Japanese young men love violent video games. They buy more of them than we do but you don"t see mass murders over there.
20/20 Diane Sawyer "She says its a different culture. But also in Japan its difficult to get guns. Compare 6 gun deaths in Japan in all of 2014. 33,000 here in America.

* Huffington Post "I"ve Had A Gun Pointed At My Face, And The Trigger Pulled."
Journal of American Medicine
"Especially when 3D printers are capable of creating lethal guns in just minutes, without a waiting period or even the involvement of a gun manufacturer."

I really can keep going...
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
You really are an idiot who DOESN'T DO HIS RESEARCH. Why don't you look into nearly every single gun crime? Jeez. In which you haven't done, rather than guessing and inventing excuses, and you will will find that nearly every---single---gun---crime is committed with LEGAL WEAPONS!!!!

Guns are certainly getting more advanced since people are building them in their basements with their computers. and I did say 5 years. But see YOU CAN'T READ.

"Legally, it is physically impossible to purchase a Assault Rifle." Oh really? According to what? You?

Trump is doing horrid, he's got about 20 things in common with the god of the bible and he doesn't even believe in that thing. Its all fake. And he's done NOTHING for gun control, just like the typical republican.

Huiffington Post, ah yes, oh you mean as biased as you? It happens to be right. Oh and Oh yeah I added a lot more in which you didn't even read. Shows your imp mind which just cannot stand to be proven wrong.

Here's some more COMMON SENSE stuff for you...
* Washington Post "The math of mass shootings" - The terrible numbers that grow with each mass shooting
"295 guns
Shooters often carried more than one weapon; one was found with 24. At least 167 of mass shooters" weapons were obtained legally and 52 were obtained illegally. It"s unclear how 76 weapons were acquired."
"155 shooters Some of these mass shooters were known to have violent tendencies or criminal pasts. Others seemed largely fine until they attacked. All but 3 were male. The vast majority were between the ages of 20 and 49. More than half " 88 of them " died at or near the scene of the shooting, often by killing themselves." Wow so that means that the shooters who commit suicide, they get away scott free because they cannot be punished by society.
Posted by Doommakerguy 3 years ago
The main thing you people dont understand is that if a criminal / someone who wanted to do some damage wanted to purchase a firearm, they would find ways around the law. The same way that drug dealers sell crack on the streets (which is illegal). Like i said in the debate, a gun ban would only affect the law abiding citizens.

Guns aren't getting more advanced. yeah sure the the ones with the plastic rails and scary "tactical" things on it are indeed scary, but theyve been shooting the same sized ammo for the past 20 years. The argument about fully auto weapons is bs because automatic weapons are illegal.

Legally, it is physically impossible to purchase a Assault Rifle.

Trumps doing his job. Gun control is not a major threat at all whatsoever. You can make the argument that it should be a future en devour to help change and refine the laws.

Huffington post is a biased news source. Unless you can get real info from a government website or an actual trusted website i will process your argument
Posted by Sonofcharl 3 years ago
A gun is a power trip.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
And you were referring to "mental health". A few years ago 60 minutes did an article on just that. Now how can someone know that they are mentally ill if they don't know that they are mentally ill? And how do you first spot someone who is mentally ill? After all there's 0% of a way that you can possibly tag everybody. There's also no possible way that once someone is released from a hospital, that that person can be kept track of unless the docs/ psychologists of that hospital keeps track of that person because they think this person is dangerous to himself or others. And if that's the case, he'd probably be kept in the hospital. But hold on, in NY those who are in there teens who need and require help are let go within the week because there's simply not enough space to keep them. Yeah. So your mental health ideal, along with Trump's (the worst president of all time who has done NOTHING about the gun situation + other abominable crimes) goes flying out the window due to common sense.

Now what are you going to do in 5 years or less when all of your gun rights are trashed? Why you ask? Well duh. Guns will have advanced so much that today's guns will look like an atom as compared to the big bang. And EXACTLY what is congress doing right now as far as someone building weapons in their own basements such as 3D printer guns which is happening right now except for nothing? Is the police going to search EVERY single household for every single weapon of any kind? Think again.

See, you haven't though ANYTHING through. You just open your maw and expect everybody to think as you without thinking.
Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
Well I do know what I'm talking about because you have not done ANY research at all. PE-RI-OD. Granted some is from 2016 and 2017 so things may have changed, but I doubt it especially since mass shootings are way way way up and The Pulse nightclub shooting 2 year anniversary took place on the 12th.
* AP "An accidental shooting kills a child every other day in the US" 10/14/16
* The Huffington Post "Amend The Second Amendment To End Gun Violence" Dec 6 2017
Last year the Violence Policy Center found that a gun owner is 32 times more likely to use their weapon in criminal homicide rather than in self-defense. Usually the first reason a gun advocate says there is a need to own guns is the self-protection myth. Now that that myth has been debunked and it has been proven that justifiable homicides are rare, we must move past the old self-defense narrative and think with clearer heads when discussing gun ownership.
* Journal of American Medicine 6/30/16
"And, as statistics show, the more guns that are purchased, the less safe we all are. Especially gun purchasers, who are 80% more likely to be wounded by their own gun than by anyone else"s."
"Especially when 3D printers are capable of creating lethal guns in just minutes, without a waiting period or even the involvement of a gun manufacturer."
* The Hollywood Reporter 8/18/16
" The NRA has convinced people that a home with a gun is safer than one without a gun. That is a lie. Not even close, and the odds are about 8-to-1 that if someone does get hurt with that gun, it's not going to be a bad guy. It's going to be the owner or a friend or family member. The NRA has all the politicians scared and doesn't "let" Congress research gun violence anymore, but fortunately scientists do it anyway, and these are the facts."

Oh there's plenty more. Do you REALLY want it?
Posted by Doommakerguy 3 years ago
i hate it when ppl with no idea what they're talking about accept my debates.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con supported regulated Gun Rights and Pro agreed with the regulation of them. Con assumed Pro wanted to abolish some or all of the restrictions on Gun Rights but Pro defined Gun Rights as essentially opposing the banning of guns. I support banning guns so was very sad for such a terrible Con debate to debate this. I'd be very happy to debate Pro on this if challenged directly but be warned I will annihilate them and I am not American either so do not consider the Constitution (especially the first two amendments) remotely sacred. I give Con conduct because Pro told them to leave the website and was rude throughout with regards to Con's mental illness and her father as well as finishing with a rude remark in the final sentence.

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