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Gun Rights

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Started: 9/6/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe any American who does not have a mental illness, Or a criminal background should have a right to a firearm. I also believe that only automatic guns should be taken off the market and there should not be a national gun registry. Please feel free to try and change my mind. I also ask of the judges to be open minded and unbiased in their voting.
Debate Round No. 1


Excuse me what? Please respond to my argument.


There is something very weird with Debate. Org system. I've tried Rich Text and Text-only editors, Copying&pasting my text within the limits and even stripped off all formatting, I can't properly submit my argument after Review>Submit, The "Time Remaining" resets and submission no effect. No error.

Here is the text of the argument in HTML: https://pastebin. Com/sSg3pHZU

Copy and paste the raw data into an HTML editor like this here in the left: https://html5-editor. Net/

If you need assistance, Please let me know in the Comments and I'll help you to able to read my argument.

I apologise for the inconvenience caused. I am already trying to reach Debate. Org for many technical issues.
Debate Round No. 2


Can you please send an actual response so I can actually post a rebuttal. That link is invald.



As a contender of this debate on gun right, I am aware that in America, All Americans have a constitutional right to bear a firearm per se the"Second Amendment:

A well regulated Militia, Being necessary to the security of a free State, The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, Shall not be infringed.

I stand by this and believe that we should never infringe on the right of all Americans to own a firearm in order to protect individual freedom and its fundamental principles govern the United States. It is important to respect the Rule of Law, Which is the Constitution for various reasons, Such as:

1. Separation of Powers
2. Division of Federal and State Power
3. Protection of Personal Liberty
4. Personal Protection of Personal Liability
5. Permanent Protection of a Constitution

Over the course of 35 years from 1982 to 2017, Mass shootings in the United States has skyrocketed to nearly 120.


Let me clarify, This is just mass shooting and not an oversall fatalities caused by gun.

- According to Statistica, In 2012, US rate of gun homicide leads the world with 29. 7 per million people, Followed by Switzerland"also one of the most gun ownership per capita, "of 7. 7 per million people gun homicides. "(Source:"link)
- According Collective Evolution, US gun-related homicides leads the world with 3. 2 per 100, 000 followed by Italy of 0. 71 per 100k, Canada of 0. 5 per 100k and United Kingdom of 0. 1 per 100k. "(Source:"link)
- According to Vox. Com, In 2013, US gun death rate leads the world with 10. 64 per 100k, Followed by Finland with 3. 50 per 100k, Switzerland of 3. 04 per 100k and France with 2. 83 per 100k. "(Source:"link)

The statistics I found from the Internet based on different sources may not be consistant, But all of them unanimous agree on one thing: The United States is an extreme outlier in gun fatalities. "In fact, US leads the world with all subcategories guns-related deaths as a developed nation.

I understand that if you were to refer to Wikipedia firearm-related death rate, You will see that there are nations that have a higher rate of firearm death per 100k such as South Africa, Honduras and Venezuela. (See:"link)"However, Please be informed that those countries are developing/undeveloped countries with active political unrest and instability. They are always faced with existential threat of political upheaval and civil disobedience. They cannot be compared to developed nations""a role model of democracy and champion of freedom/liberty like that of the United States of America.

Right now, The United States do not need to necessary suffer from such horrific firearms-related deaths in order to protect and preserve the rights life, Liberty, And the pursuit of happiness as per the Declaration of Independence. "It already has a functional democracy in terms of national security and foreign policy needs, And a fiercely robust separation of power between the legislative, Executive and judiciary branches.

For example, On"27 January 2017, "when President Donald Trump signed a travel ban executive order, Banning all people from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, And Yemen for 90 days and nearly all refugees for 120 days. It was faced with chaos and giant spontaneous protests as many Americans believed it was unconstitutional. It had believed to violate the Constitution's most basic guarantee of religious freedom.

However, Thanks to the system of shared powers known as the Checks and Balance in the United States: a separation of power between the branches of Executive, Legislative and Judiciary, On"3 February 2017 to 27 June 2017, "the ban was successfully taken down by a prelimnary injunction by a federal judge in Washington state.

As America is known to have the best Supreme Court in the world for the generations to come, Internationally respected for its impartiality and independence, Those who believe in justice and preservation of constitutional right and follow the right channels will be rewarded. As such, Since"4 December to 2017, "the Supreme Court ruled that Trump's ban could go into effect in its entirety.


This shows that regardless of how deeply divided America is by political ideology, The United States still have a functioning and effective system of governance that is capable of protecting individual rights, Enables the people to voice their opinions/beliefs and still able to enact legislations/rulings to protect and safeguard them from oppression"including minorities without resorting to bloodshed violence and sacrifice themselves for their cause through democracy. The government is trustable and reliable" reinforced by international laws and treaties such as the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Hence, There is no need for the fear of prospect egregious governmental oppression and dictatorship

Look at how successful the European model of gun control. "(See:"Guns per Capita in Europe:"(link) )"Although it has much stricter gun control regulations, But there are still a lot of people who can own a firearm. "Thus, Its deaths from gun firearms is a stark contrast than of America's

What I am contending for:
1. Protection and preservation of gun rights;
2. Limit access against mentally unfit people or those who are unreliable"i. E. "have a criminal backgroud;
3. Ban access to dangerous weapony like automatic assault rifles
4. Establish a national gun registry in order"effectively"and"efficiently"to enforce the aforementioned goals

I have noted that the proposition explicitly stated that he agrees with me"(1), "(2)"and"(3)"but not"(4). "I believe that without a national gun registry, He will not accomplish"(2)"and"(3)"in his defence for"(1)

Why a national gun registry is necessary?

Yes, This may erode the ideals of the Second Amendment to some extent since government will formally/legally have more intel about its people and exercising its already powerful influence on its citizens. Nevertheless, Have you ever thought of

- the fact that the government already has NSA/CIA surveillance programme"in place regardless of its Constitution approved by the Senate from both aisles?
= the fact that the government already have power influence on its citizens with its"highly trained and equipped police forces?
- the fact that the government is already superiority over its citizens with its"unrivaled firepower and state-of-the-art military technologies? "(Unsourced: America is a world superpower)

Why do you still need the right to freely bear firearm and suffer from unnecessary atrocity of guns-related deaths? It is time to move on and limit such free access to the killing machine in this era allows others to live
Debate Round No. 3


There are many points that are invalid in your argument. First of all mass shootings is not an identifiable fact is it over 10 homicides, Or over 2? The FBI does not use mass shootings as an identifiable fact. You are correct however that the US has the highest gun homicide rate. However what you do not mention is the violent crime rate. Did you know the US has a far lower violent crime rate than any of the countries you speak of with blanket gun bans? Switzerland the country you criticized with having a lot of gun violence, Has the lowest violent crime rate in Europe, While Great Britain, The country you praised, Has the highest violent crime rate in Europe. The conclusion is more guns is less crime. Even the United States has a lower violent crime rate than Great Britain. Your statement that the government need not be feared any more is oblivious to history. There are countless examples of a government going tyrannical and we will never find common ground on that issue. You said that the government spies on its citizens, I agree they should stop. The point is we should ensure the government plays a smaller role in our life than it does. The former point addresses my reservations with a national gun registry, The government should never be trusted. Finally I can tell you are ignorant to how guns work. Automatic weapons have already been banned and only semi-automatics are in the market. Semi-automatics means when the trigger is pulled once, One bullet comes out. Every gun in the market is a semi-automatic. Finally you say you are for gun rights, Let me ask you something, Handguns are used in the majority of murders in the country. Should we ban those? If not do you not care for the kids in Chicago as much as the kids in Parkland? If you say we should ban those, I have explained why a blanket gun ban would never work.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by XPMai 3 years ago
Since the time is running on the expense of me, I've forwarded my initial argument in Round 2, In response to your case in Round 1. Everything's fair&square here. :)

I'm sorry for all the inconvenience caused. I really don't know why my text can't be accepted into the system even though the text limit is expressly 8000 words? I made sure it within, Including/excluding links. I tried but failed. :((
Posted by XPMai 3 years ago
Do the same by replying as an Instigator for Round 2: https://pastebin. Com/

If you want to do formatting, Check out the HTML5 Editor I used and just copy&paste the code over to pastebin

(sorry pls stick the URL like. Com and. Net, The system intentionally separates it :((( )
Posted by XPMai 3 years ago
Contender Round 1: https://pastebin. Com/sSg3pHZU

copy&paste the code into https://html5-editor. Net/

You're free to check text length for rule circumvention. :)
Posted by rsriram 3 years ago
Sorry, I accidentally replied make another fake comment on the debate. We still would have 3 rounds left.
Posted by XPMai 3 years ago
sorry, Pls hold on until I submit my text here
Posted by XPMai 3 years ago
arghh my argument submission doesn't go through :((
Posted by asta 3 years ago
I have autism and I think autistics should be allowed to have a gun for protection.
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