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Gun control

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Started: 5/26/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Gun control just disarms citizens


Happy to think with you today.

Now, first of all we need to accept the difference between

1. Gun Control - The regulations a government uses to limit what guns, addons to guns, ammunition, rules for, et cetera that their civilians have access to and have to follow.


2. Gun Elimination - Government stopping all of its civilians from having access to any sort of gun for any sort of reason in any sort of what by any sort of rules.

Most governments operate under rules that allow for guns but don't fully eliminate them from the civilian population.

In the United States, we have differing regulations on weapons in every state, however, to be anti-gun control one has to say that any civilian in society may obtain any firearm they wish, any ammo they wish at any time, under any sort of circumstances, with any sort of ammunition and addons et cetea.

So you have to say any civilian, mentally disturbed and documented, at any age, should be able to walk into a store and buy a machine gun with no background check so the distributor knows if they are mentally disturbed or not, and as much ammunition as they'd like.

In order words, to fully conclude this round, in order to vote for my opponent's position you have to say that this scenario is OK:

13 year old with known and documented mental disturbance, after having stated his intention to kill all of his classmates on twitter, and being warned by federal agencies and perhaps even interviewed, may walk into a store, buy a fully automatic weapon and as many rounds as he'd like with no background check and the distributor would not be required to call the police or warn anyone about this.

You have to say this scenario is OK in your view to say you're entirely against gun control.

Here is a resource you can read as far as automatic weaponry is concerned with links to the actual law:

If my opponent would like to change the topic of this debate, you will probably have to open up a new debate, but I'm willing to continue this debate if you would like to argue certain points of gun control, however gun control as a concept is mandatory for all societies with our current weaponry, and even more important as we gain access to more deadly weapons in the future.
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Posted by Occidendum 3 years ago
A 13 year old cant go into a store and buy a gun and ammuntion. Much less a fully automatic one
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