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Gun violence is NOT mainly a mentally ill issue

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Started: 9/2/2019 Category: Education
Updated: 2 weeks ago Status: Debating Period
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Gun violence is NOT mainly, Or even close to a mentally ill issue in spite of what the worst president of all time, Namely Donald Trump, Thinks and or states.
If you are going to be accepting this debate, State why you believe that gun violence is a mentally ill issue and back up what you say with why you believe this is true and with resources and evidence.


okay so here we go, Wow!

1. " Worst president of all time, Donald Trump" so you literally are starting off your argument and I can already tell that this isn't going to be a civil debate with you. You're insulting what many of the people in America believe in just because you don't like him he is automatically the worst president ever even though his state of the union addressed his accomplishments black/Latino employment at all time lows and the economy is the highest it's ever been and he made North Korea talk to America (first president to ever do that. ) We're talking about gun violence so you actually don't need to insult or even bring up the president in a derogatory way because that's irrelevant with what your main argument is "mental illness being connected to gun violence. " So how about we just stick to that and skip the ad hominems okay? Cool thanks. Sorry but I have to argue that point as my opponent put it in his introduction.

2. "Gun violence is Not mainly, Or even close to a mentally ill issue" Donald Trump said, Mental illness is connected to MASS SHOOTINGS. He never said general gun violence and yes there is a difference between specifically mass shootings and general gun violence. Gun violence deals with criminal and justifiable acts homicide: self-defense, Defense of others and property and police shootings assault with a firearm (man comes in your store with a knife and you scare him off with your gun) AND criminal acts with a gun murder, Robbery, Suicide and yes mass shootings, "mass shooting" is defined as an incident in which four or more people are shot, So they are different, But my point is Donald trump never said general gun violence including all the criteria is related to mental illness ONLY mass shootings, So your first point is simply wrong or you weren't specific on what you meant by that either way the fact stands he never said what you put in your argument. ABC news "When back-to-back mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio, And El Paso, Texas, Jolted the nation earlier this month, Trump again spoke of "building new facilities" for the mentally ill as a way to reduce mass shootings. Politico" Trump largely attributed the shootings to mental health issues and said the mass attacks have "been going on for a long time". All all comments related to mass shootings not general gun violence.

3. Mass shootings if that's what you meant ( we don't know because you weren't specific) IS related to mental illness. Biogrpaghy. Com Adam Lanza was described early on by classmates as "fidgety" and "deeply troubled. " According to some of his friends and family members, He had also been diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome. Sandy Hook shooter.

"Based on this research, I concluded that Eric had a disturbed personality with prominent antisocial, Narcissistic, And sadistic traits. To understand his personality is to understand his motivations for murder. " PH. D psychologist Peter Langman Columbine shooter Eric Harris.

"Klebold, In personal writings found after the attack, Expressed suicidal thoughts and was deeply saddened by his lack of a romantic relationship. There was also a lot of rage simmering under the surface" Dylan Klebold columbine shooter Biograghy. Com we can make an inference here that would give us a conclusion to a fact that anyone with suicidal tendencies and has extreme rage and sadness has anxiety and would fall under a form of mentally ill and had social or mental disorders, I mean by the reasonable standard anyone in society would beyond a reasonable doubt would infer that he has some mental illness or not in a 100% state of mind.

" In addition to his odd behavior and dark writings, Cho exhibited other potential warning signs. He was twice accused of stalking female students in 2005, But neither victim filed charges. A suicidal statement by Cho to a suite mate led to him being taken to a psychiatric hospital in December of that year. He was soon released with orders to receive therapy as an outpatient. Documents released in June 2007 indicate that he did attend at least one court-ordered counseling session at the Cook Counseling Center. " Biograpghy. Com School shooter Seung-hui-cho Literally was in a mental ward and had to receive therapy.

" Forty-eight hours after the first night of his headlining tour, YNW Melly was charged with first-degree murder. He discusses growing up in Florida and explains how his mixed personalities affect his life and music. " Complex. Com mixed personalities disorder and murdered 2 people. Not a mass shooting by any means, However just a known case of general gun violence. The list goes on and on. . .
Debate Round No. 1


Woah there bad horsey. Down spot. Who is this "we"? Um no. You stuck out your stapled tongue to a piece of burned plywood in the hopes that it would float on a clowns nose without any rubbers.

1. Well first let"s clear the air here" I"m perfectly civil if you can argue intelligently and with an education, Unlike most that I have encountered. However it 100% figures that you are a supposed christian, And make no mistake there is no such a thing as a christian. Here"s two videos to sandpaper your weenie and then strike a match with that. Sorry, There"s no refuting them.
http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=x-slAgzJmdU - Why Does Every Intelligent christian disobey jesus?
http://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=vkXOwBIRX7Y - top 10 reasons why the bible is repulsive
Oh and btw, To make matters even worse for you, No god, In which case you cannot even prove that your god even exists, Would ever be stupid enough, Not ever, Not for any reason, To use text, As a form of communication, The worst form of communication possible TO A GOD.
Yet Donald Toilet Dust Trump, By far the worst president of all time believes he has been chosen "I am the chosen one" remember that idiocy a few weeks ago where he wants to bankrupt the economy in a trade war with China? And though he states, Rather abruptly and idiotically many times in fact, The dolt does not believe in your unproven god any more than the average atheist. This is so point blank obvious when any meager student of being able to read tells, And you should study up on them as others have and have claimed the same thing, And yet the bubonic plague that he has so many things that are in common with your unproven god. Would you like a list? Oh and btw, The list below is not my list, But others that have been compiled since that thing has taken office in the big white barn. They are in no particular order from the top of my swirling beanie. You have no defense. So don"t bother.
* Building a wall can and never will work even if the damn thing gets built.
* The piece of s--t ON HIS OWN put 800, 000 people out of work so HE and only HE could secure funding for HIS WALL that could never work even if the damn thing gets built.
* He favors guns.
* He thinks guns are a mentally ill problem.
* He constantly gets angry. Being the so-called "president" of this nation he cannot show his face in anger, Not ever. Now you think about the catastrophic "why".
* He is all about winning.
* He comes first. Its his stunning ego that satisfies him.
* The nation comes who knows where?
* He constantly tells the public that this or that person is "doing a good job" and then the very next day this or that person gets fired.
* More cabinet members, BY FAR, Have been fired than by any other president in the history of this nation. That says something about this president and that he cannot either hire good people, Or he cannot hire people he can trust.
* This nation has to reap the winds of the worst president of all time failures when this nation should be earning the presidents winnings. Thus far there"s been no winnings from this country"s worst president Donald Dildo Breath Trump.
* Fox News: What are you grateful for?
Trump "I"m grateful for me. " What a true piece of s--t egotist answer that this country cannot in any possible way butt trumpet.
* Fox News: "When you're sitting at the desk, How do you make decisions? I mean do you agonize over them? Do you second guess yourself? "
Trump "I don"t think about it. I don"t think about how I make them. "
This is me saying this" I get it. I really do. So if that piece of s--t had his hands on the buttons to nuclear weapons he wouldn"t think at all about how he makes his decisions to set them off. Wow. What an arrogant a$$.
* Here"s a biggie" Not once has he ---ever--- admitted to making a single mistake since he"s taken office. Probably not in his entire life.
* Hurricane Dorien is headed towards Alabama. Really? He"s never heard of a category 5 hurricane? Wow. HOW UNEDUCATED ARE YOU when they constantly batter, Or threaten to batter this country?
* He constantly changes his mind. Nothing is set in stone.
* He wishes this country to believe he"s a supposed christian. He"s not.
* He"s talking to N. Korea in spite of nearly every single cabinet member's advice for him not to. Now Kim Jong-un and his buddies have resumed firing off their missiles. Trump"s foreign diplomacy failed. Naturally Trump cannot admit it but goes into hiding rather than taking action. Now what if Kim Jong-un decides to fire his missiles here at the states? What then? Oh but wait, You are in love with Trump and you think "he"s doing a good job".
* Yeah you arrogant prick, Just like there was no interference in the 2016 election from Russia right and naturally Trump knew NOTHING about it? Of course he did. Trump was cleared because it would ruin this nation! Just wait until he"s out of office and he goes to jail.
* Only 2% of the black vote was on his side.
* He"s lied so many times that the lies become opaque. Https://www. Youtube. Com/watch? V=qQruDaf7bKs (Btw, That"s since Jan 2018 according to the Washington Post)
* He"s a known fresh out of the boat womanizer. If he was not sitting on the big thrown, He"d be flat out arrested.
* He"s a flat out racist. "He"s a democrat! Obama! " Its one of the things he has indirect common with the unproven god of the bible. "Trump says Jews disloyal if they vote for Democrats etc etc etc
* President Donald Trump Ramps Up Attacks On Democrats Congresswomen | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
* The very best is he won"t release his f--king taxes unlike every single person in this country has to. Oh yeah, Of course he"s guilty of hiding plenty. "The American people wouldn"t understand them. " B. S. He doesn"t even know what 2 + 2 =

That thing didn"t win the election. He lost by 4. 2 million votes. This admittedly does not make him a bad president though. He just shouldn"t be there. Not that Clinton would have done better. But at least she would have done something about gun violence, And not taken this country by the throat with the wall idiocy.

Yeah. Its pretty clear that you also do not in any possible way keep up with the news either. Duh. That"s pretty point blank obviously. And instead you like the typical supposed christian, You have to invent excuses to cover for your religion"s fake and fraudulent misgivings and errors as here"s something you don"t know with your invented excuse" Case and point"
"and the economy is the highest it's ever been"
Try googling "How many straight moths has the U. S. Economy been improving? "
The longest on the page I looked at was 121 months.
"Jul 14, 2019 - This month the U. S. Economy will have been growing for 121 months, . . . Mistakes, That the Federal Reserve fears may bring the party to an end. . . . An earnings "recession" is often defined as two straight quarters of declines. "
So you see, Its not by any means that Donald Cabbage Batbrain Trump is in any possible way responsible for this. Oh and yeah with his "I am the chosen one" trade war against China, Nearly every single economist here in this country fears an economic collapse. AND even worse for people"s 401K"s to go bye bye. Donald Piece of s--t Trump is as useless as manure spread that you"d butter on toast.

Now I"m sure I"ve missed quite a few fatal flaws from your hero Donald Stuffed Pepper Bra Stench Trump. And as stated though there"s not a chance in this known universe that he has ---anything--- to do with believing in your unproven god, He sure does have a lot with your unproven god. Again, I can show those things unto you if you"d like?

OK now its time to moveth onto the main event argument which is "Gun violence is NOT mainly a mentally ill issue". And its not.

There"s 2 major reasons for this. . .
1. Gun violence is a national health crisis. You can google "A Public Health Approach and a Call to Action to End Gun Violence" in which case there are About twenty six million seven hundred thousand results. Gun violence is not a mentally ill problem in comparison. It doesn"t even come close. Sure the shooter IS mentally ill. But there"s a problem. A serious problem and it came about on 60 minutes a few years ago"
2. How does anyone identify the person who is mentally ill if they do not know that they are mentally ill?

The problem is even worse for the teens. Now I"m sure its far worse since the article aired. When it aired there was only space on average for that specific teen to get help, If it was needed and or requested for one week staying time in a psych ward. How is ---anyone--- supposed to get ---any--- kind of help within ONE WEEK"S TIME? And then bang, They"re put right back on the streets to face their problems. Is it any blunder why so many teens have so many problems? Especially with two working parents, Inattentive parents, Lack of friends, Nobody to talk to about anything and or their problems or whatever?

Gun violence is a public/ national health crisis.

And then POOF when someone goes around and shoots up a school or goes on a killing spree as what happened in El Paso, Or on the recent road rage on Texas over the weekend and because Trump is not going to do one god damned f--king thing AGAIN and as always just like the usual typical republican party even though he"s not a republican even though he tries to pretend he is, Background checks won"t work, All there will be is more and more and more violence and carnage and bloodshed, War and hate because the mere pull of a trigger is exactly that, Hate.

But thankfully there is a squeamish little bit of hope. As of today, Walmart is no longer selling bullets for handguns and for some rifles. There"s also the no open and carry law in effect. Hopefully many others will follow.
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Debate Round No. 2
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This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
22 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by christopher_best 1 week ago
Sorry I did not get to reading that, I had excessive schoolwork to get to. Anyway, I've read it now and I thank you for the time you took to write it. Very thought-provoking.
Posted by backwardseden 1 week ago
@HaydenCR - Wow. Look at the schnook who does not even know how to use a simple spell-check. If you were to be put in front of ANY college professor/ teacher of merit = instant F every single time.
Strange boobala, You forfeited your 2nd RD. Now why is that? Its because you a burned out swastika love song, You have absolutely nothing to say in regards to the debate as well as to the headliner post. "Read the header of his arguement it makes no sense, " B. S. You being a supposed christian baptist, In which case there is absolutely no such a thing, You not only cannot READ as so many of your kind here on DDO cannot, But you also have extreme difficulty in COMPREHENDING also. DUH. "Gun violence is NOT mainly a mentally ill issue. " There. BANG. What's so hard and or difficult to understand about that for your pea of a noodled cabbage batbrain?
When you show 0 intelligence nor education on the supposed subject(s) that you claim to have knowledge upon and you really don"t and you thus pretend that you do by inventing excuses for it as you have clearly done, It's my right to absolutely insult, Belittle, And dehumanize you. This is something you will learn in college should you ever get that far. Its also something that ---any--- psychologist of merit will agree on. Go right ahead and ASK THEM. Also, You pull that kind of crap on your genuine friends and loved ones = no genuine friends and loved ones. Your childish lumbering seeing all, Knowing all, Hearing all etc through your childish intellect shows a zombie reform with nothing to offer as you expect everyone to come up with the answers for you. Sorry. I"m not your mommy or daddy.
"Random youtube videos"? Too puny of a man to verify its content? OF COURSE! That's why you are a neanderthal christian.
Zowie! The idiot thinks just because someone gives a fair "state of the union address" that its going to do well in the impoverished big white barn? Have you seen Dave Chappelle's stand up on the thing? Nope!
Posted by HaydenCR 1 week ago
Everybody in the comment section, I want you guys to watch his arguement in our debate. Read the header of his arguement it makes no sense, Also he just insults me saying im christian wheich he is making an assumption and a straw man falacy. He also uses ad homenems. Seriously this dude didn't even source evidence against Trumps state of the union address, He just said called him a lier and showed me a youtube video. Backwards seden also went on a random rant about religion showing a youtube video? Showing a youtube isn't evidence as someone else is doing the work for you.

Guys I stopped debating becuase all this guy does is insult and assume people's religion. Seriously read his arguement. The only source he listed was youtube.
Posted by backwardseden 2 weeks ago
prove their god exists. Sure my conduct is horrendous at times. Its something I don't worry about. When others do not show intelligence and or education and yet they pretend that they do and they thus invent excuses for it, Especially if its for the subjects that they thus pretend that they have knowledge upon and they really don't, It is my absolute right to insult, Berate, Belittle, Degrade, Dehumanize them. This is taught in college and by numerous psychologists. After all, Who wants to spend ---any time--- with this kind of person at all who deliberately goes out of his way to make things up and not have any valid evidence for the things he/ she should know but doesn't?
Well gtg, Please always tc and haveth thee fun.
Posted by backwardseden 2 weeks ago
1. In order to make it to heaven, The only way to do this is through the belief in jesus christ. Everybody else is doomed to be committed to hell to be tortured and burned forever and ever in eternal flames of fire. It gets worse. . . So Hitler and Hong Xiuquan who both were substantial christians, They both with their belief in christ have made it to this mythical heaven. This is also true for all serial killer, Torturers, Rapists, Sodomizers, Pedophiles, Etc etc etc. If they find this mythical christ, They are guaranteed a spot in this mythical heaven. Its a completely immoral law when they, If anybody. Should burn in hell and be tortured to burn eternally forever and ever. But then again, Why should this crapola happen to anybody? If this supposed unproven god truly exists, It would know ---EXACTLY--- what its dogmeat playthings are going to be doing every single day of every single second throughout time and would thus present peace, Kindness, Care, Love, Harmony etc etc etc. Nah. That's far too much to ask as this thing obviously prefers its hate, Anger, Wrath, Evil, Vengeance, Rage, Fury, Jealousy and wallows in it. Etc etc etc. So on the opposite end of the loop, There's the atheist who does not believe in god or christ. Wow. 2. Then we who number in the billions are doomed to go to this mythical hell to forever burn eternally simply for not believing in this mythical christ. If that is not the most immoral thing from ---any--- religion, What is?

Yes, You are overconfident. Just be a kid. Its a good way to be. In other words, Don't let it be your undoing and let it allow your life to pass you by.

As far as me in my high esteem, At least here on DDO as well as in person, I've seen people like you make attempts to argue their points, And they are the---same---ones time and time and time and let's say time again and they come and they go and wow do they go. They cannot back up their claims with any kind of evidence simply because they cannot
Posted by backwardseden 2 weeks ago
Really? What kind of god, Actually a genuine god, Is going to offer faith instead of evidence? So on those terms alone, All religions get immediately swatted.

"I am quick to desire a moral lawgiver" Why? Why not put that "faith", And or that trust in yourself and believe in yourself? You are far far far too good to put yourself into the hands of someone, And or something you have no idea as to what and or who this person or thing is especially if its a god(s) from some religion in which case ALL OF THEM are completely immoral simply because they require your faith. If they cannot prove what and or who they are WITH EVIDENCE and not faith in which case no god has ---ever--- been able to do, Then they are not the genuine article.
Now sure there might be a moral lawgiver that is all human and is part of the human species. But remember this person would be ---EXCEPTIONALLY--- hard to find. You've got to consider that everybody makes mistakes and you've got to be prepared for them when this person does. Its why I believe in moral lawgivers. Plural. I don't follow this or that person exclusively. I can say "Hey I like what this person said.
AND "I like what this person said. " AND "I like what this person said. " AND "I don't like what this person said for this first person but he still makes sense with a few of the things he said so I will follow him some more. " AND "No the second person has made a gigantic mistake so I cannot follow him anymore. " etc etc etc See how that works?

Of course you should be completely revolted by slavery and hell of the bible. Now why would a supposed "god" require slavery and do nothing about it? AND even worse is why would a supposed "god" invent hell? A true god of love and peace would ---NEVER--- do anything like these things IF MORAL in any possible way. Obviously the supposed unproven god of the bible is completely immoral. Even worse is I cannot think of something that is more immoral than the NT.
Posted by backwardseden 2 weeks ago
Then this god neatly passed down these baggage emotions so in turn man could learn to hate. This supposed god also issued death warrants on those that blaspheme, Those that simply curse at their parents when many times it should most certainly be the reverse. This supposed god issued death warrants on those that are gay - really? Those that work on the sabbath = every single person = again, Really? All those that commit adultery, Those that do not worship it and worship other gods. . . Wow. Naturally these things cannot be carried out in today's market AT ALL because people have the common sense for them not to. But think about that in just the thought process. Just think of what a genuine god would REALLY do. Yeah, It even gets better because not only does this maggoty god truly also hate women, It hates children with at least 30 verses, Loves slavery, Has committed countless genocides throughout its bible etc etc etc. Yeah, Its all in its bible that has been rewritten countless times. So who knows if you or anyone is reading the correct version in which nobody knows? Yeah, There's no god that would dare be stupid enough, Not for any reason, Not ever, To use text, Namely the bible, As a form of communication, The absolute worst form of communication TO A GOD. So are you REALLY confused? Do you REALLY want to spend a day in heaven in comparison to hell IF any of them even exists? What happens if you die that's it? Why not live for each day like every single day is your last?

Now let's not go with the definition and go with the concept in which, Again, I 100% agree with you about the concept.
Every single religion since their inceptions, No exception, None, Requires that nasty word along with its definitions and comprehension of "faith". Why do you think no religion has ---ever--- been proved to exist and its god(s) to be true? Its because faith cannot be proved. No religion's god(s) can be tested, Demonstrated, Asserted or declared either.
Posted by backwardseden 2 weeks ago
@christopher_best - I don't know why you are having troubles with the working of the youtube video on Pascals Wager? It works perfectly fine. Are you aware of what you are required to do with them? If not, Simply copy and paste the link into your google address bar, Close off all spaces and then turn all capital letters that follow those spaces into smaller case letters. Then click it. This generally only works with youtube links because other links are generally longer and DDO hates them and will not take them, Thus your argument/ post will probably not function and or be deleted. There's a lot of crap like this that DDO has done to literally close off all functionality of anything that has to do with a proper English debate. But then again, Who am I to talk because my English and use of it is pure s--t and I use my own language as I'm sure you've noticed.
OK onto the biggie stuff. . .
Pascals Wager: "the argument put forth by Blaise Pascal that it is in one's best interest to believe in the existence of God, As it is a rational assumption and does no harm, And the possibility of eternal punishment in hell outweighs any advantage of believing otherwise. "
Well it does plenty of harm to believe in an overbearing completely bankrupt immoral god that has never been proven by anyone in the entire history of the human species.
"The concept does not specify specific religions out of the literal thousands to choose from. " I agree about the concept, Though the definition certainly does. So let's go with the definition.
According to its bible, This atrocity god has committed countless genocides, Murdered countless babies, Children and pregnant women (abortions in which christians - in which there is no such a thing as christianity - are so against which indeed right there is a HUGE supermassive hypocritical contradiction), Loves rape, Has evil, Anger, Wrath, Vengeance, Rage, Fury, Jealousy issues - jealousy? Really? These are really befitting of a true god - right?
Posted by christopher_best 2 weeks ago

Unfortunately, I could not use that YouTube link you provided, However I am aware of some flaws inherent in Pascal's Wager.

For instance, The concept does not specify specific religions out of the literal thousands to choose from. If religion is about placing your bets in the right basket, You have the odds stacked against you from the get-go. The Flying Spaghetti Monster could be the right god for all we know.
Still, The concept is something that has possessed me as of late. A wager with eternal consequences is something to heavily consider.

The god of the Bible is heavily controversial to me. I am quick to desire a moral lawgiver, But yet I am revolted by talk of slavery and hell in the Bible.

Now, About me and my age, Your analysis is more correct than I would like to admit. I am overconfident when it comes to my intellect. I am aware that I am likely not as intelligent as I sound. I find joy in a diverse diction.

I find shame not particularly in my confidence, However, But rather the source of this confidence: debate. How stupid is it to consider yourself in high-esteem when your esteem is achieved through the verbal attack of others? The debater severs relationships for the gain of esteem. Sad indeed.
Posted by backwardseden 2 weeks ago
You cannot back up what you say with evidence.
" Also, What makes you think that George Carlin and Aron Ra are right? " I have researched it.
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