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Guns should be allowed

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Started: 8/25/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that guns should be allowed. I don't think guns are as bad as people make them seem. Guns don't kill people. People kill people. It takes a person to pull a trigger. But if everybody had guns we wouldn't have to live in the fear that someone will shoot you and you will have no way to defend yourself. I believe in self defence. Also if guns are so hard to get how come the police get to carry guns around. What happens if they become corrupt. They could go on mass killing sprees and kill everyone. But if we all had guns that wouldn't be an issue.


First off I appreciate your double minded view on this. People kill People, But more people can kill people because of guns. Police men/women can be dirty and racist. But they can also be kind and careful and only use their gun in a life or death situation. I saw a video on Instagram of a guy running through an abandoned neighborhood with a knife in his hand 30 seconds in the officer put 6". SIX rounds into to his back. If o one had guns then we would worry about having to be shot or defend ourselves. Its so easy to kill with a gun people pull the trigger and don't give a thought until after. Killing with a knife, Bat, Stick, Etc. Is a passion crime which means you have to look the person in the eyes as you take their life away from them.
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Thank you for appreciating my double mind on this situation. I also like the way you think. But while police can be dirty and racist but they can be caring with their gun. So can the regular citizens. Also we wouldn't have to worry about people running through neighbour hoods with knifes or any weapons. Because if they did do something stupid like that the citizens would be able to defend themselves.
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