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HOF Players that used Steroids

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Started: 1/25/2017 Category: Sports
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If you are in the HOF you have worked for it. Players that took steroids did not work for where they are. If you are a HOF you have skill. Not if you take drugs. Work for the HOF like some people, don't get into it by taking steroids!


Hi Declanaitor.

You can be in a HOF. You can be a HOF and you can work for a HOF.

I have absolutely no idea what a HOF is. Though a quick bit of research suggests that HOF could possibly be an acronym for one of many institutions.

Taking steroids, unless prescribed by a physician. Is not sensible. Therefore I certainly would not disagree with the advice you are proffering.

Nonetheless. I think it unfair to imply, that all people who take steroids, are not hardworking.

I would suggest that laziness is a condition prevalent in all sectors of society.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello Sonofcharl,

The HOF stands for Hall of Fame. This is where the best players are inducted because they changed the sport. If you take steroids it is wrong. I understand you can still be hardworking and that it is a mistake. However when you are put in to the Hall of Fame, you are taking away a place someone else would of been in. There can only be a certain amount of players inducted in to the Hall of Fame. Induct the one's that are deserving of it.


Hello again.

I have done a bit more research and found at least, 150 sports Halls of Fame worldwide.

As I do not know if you are specifically referring to one particular sport. I will proffer a brief reflection on the use and issues surrounding the use of performance enhancing drugs, in sport generally.

A quick analysis indicates that worldwide, there is now a total ban on the use of performance enhancing drugs in sport. Also testing for steroid abuse, especially at a professional level is now very vigorous.

I would therefore suggest that it is unlikely that, any one inducted into a professional sporting Hall of Fame today, is unlikely to have slipped through the drugs testing net.

It is fair to assume that a sportsman/woman inducted into a professional sporting Hall of Fame in the past, especially in the latter half of the 20th century was using performance enhancing drugs. Though we must pay regard to the fact, that the use of steroids to enhance sports performance, was not always considered inappropriate or illegal.

Would it therefore be just, to retrospectively impose bans on our veteran sporting heroes and as a consequence, strip them of their Hall of Fame status?

Con. Would suggest that we let bygones be bygones. Move forward and put our trust and faith in the ability of our sports governing bodies, to thoroughly and rigorously police our modern professional sports organisations.
Debate Round No. 2


Hi Again,

There may be 150 sports Hall of Fames however there is one big one for each sport. Example, only one basketball Hall of Fame people know about, that goes for sports like hockey and baseball too.

There is today a total ban however they may find out of it in a long time from now. You can not crack down on all the drugs used. There are some that are stilled used by professinal athletes today. they have not cracked down on all drugs.

Take a look at the player, Alex Rodriguez. He may or may not make it to the Hall of Fame. He had an incredible career however he took drugs even when it was illegal. The Major League of Baseball found out but not until a long time. He had an incredible career but shouldn't be in the Hall because he took drugs.

Therfore we don't know if some players are taking drugs today or not. Some of the best football players may be taking drugs. What if they are found out about in 5 years and they are Hall of Fame status.

A-Rod should not be in the Hall as many others.

We have to relize this and make the change to these sports.



Hi Declanaitor.

This hasn't really been a proper debate. It's been more like a couple of mates discussing the game over a beer.

Nonetheless I admire your sincerity and your passion for the sport you love.

I reiterate. Have some faith in those who govern and those who police, professional sports.

Best of luck.
Debate Round No. 3
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