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Hair color has a huge effect in the teaching and learning process of both teachers and students

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Started: 9/12/2018 Category: People
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hair color does not have a huge effect in teaching and learning process of both teachers and students because i believe that hair color doesn't tell others how your studies are, It"s just a part of how you decorate your life. It is an individual"s right to choose their hair color. It doesn"t affect anything at school, So why should it be banned?


ayyyy Lmao
For the same reason why you cannot wear certain articles of clothing. It could distract other students from their studies and could be considered disrupting the class. For example, If you dye your hair with bright, Obnoxious colors, That's not ordinary, People don't see that often, So you would generate a lot of attention. Attention that's not on the teacher teaching is a distraction. It's the same reason why there are dress codes. Now it varies from school to school, So I would need to read their policies to justify them further.

And again it depends on the school. Maybe the school doesn't believe that it should represent students who have crazy hair colors. That it makes them look bad and if they have a bunch of clown heads running around it could negatively impact their image. You could make the same argument with "why do I have to wear a uniform? Don't I have the right to choose what I wear? It doesn't affect anything" when in reality it has a purpose. If everyone has the same clothes, Your peers can't ridicule your choice of clothing. Same thing with crazy dyes. If everyone has standard hair colors, You're likely not to run into people making fun of you for it. I could go into this further but I'm not entirely knowledgeable on school uniforms and their purpose.

You also have to consider what parents want. If you are the first person to dye your hair the color of the rainbow, Its likely you'll inspire others. Some parents are against dying and now suddenly their child wants to because they saw someone at school doing it. Angry parents calling the school on "how could you allow our easily influenced children to be exposed to this? " This is a hypothetical but it is based in reality. Most if not all schools are in some way influenced by parents and their agendas so it should come to no surprise that if a group of parents band together against certain hair colors, The students can kiss it good bye.

I seemed to have branched off so let me return to the central point. Hair color can have an effect on teaching unless the student population is desensitized to it. For example, If other students won't bully the people expressing their colors, Or become distracted in class talking about these hair colors. Because for the most part it can be seen as a distraction.
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