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Halo is better than COD

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Started: 9/28/2016 Category: Games
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Halo vs. COD has been an interesting debate since the release of Combat evovled and Call of Duty. But is there truly a definite answer to this on going debate? Yes, there is. The answer is Halo. Now i grew up with both games and i will say that i liked Call of Duty all the way up to World at War and possibly Black Ops, but even back then i loved halo more than i did Call of Duty. Halo has a better gameplay. For example, if u are getting shot from behind and u didn't know it was coming you get a chance to either hide and recharge or you can turn around and totally own the other player with your "mad skills." Call of Duty, however, if you are seen and you don't know it you're screwed. Now if it was u both saw each other and it was a duel than maybe yes it invovled some skill but in reality no one is going to play a game like COD and not chuck the controller across the room because you never know where anyone is. There may be other reasons that people like Halo better than COD, but the main reason is what I've said to you all today, and I think that everyone that is a Halo fan will agree that what I said is the overall best reason for the debate.


I also have grown up and along with both the series' of Halo and CoD, but I have to say you are wrong. In both story and in game-play mechanics, CoD is the better. In story, in Black Ops for example, leads you on a perilous journey with characters dying and being introduced (along with homage to Fidel Castro and the history for that time) all centered around Alex Mason, the almost-perfect soldier. However, in Halo, you follow Master Chief, and sometimes the Arbiter, through boring characters (minus Captain Keyes and Cortana, of course) that all eventually die anyway (even Captain Keyes and the Arbiter). In gameplay mechanics, you don't get some two-shield malakey, and killing people is more fair and balanced. For example, in CoD, if you don't check your corners and constantly check your back, there is a fat chance you will get shot, just like real combat. However, if you get shot by anything other than the Sniper (headshot only) and the Spartan Laser, you have an almost impeccable chance to either get away or shoot back. I'm trying not going to compare CoD or Halo to realistic combat, because we'd both lose that argument pretty quick.
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