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Halo is better than Call of Duty

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Started: 8/8/2015 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Why Halo is good?
Simple really...

The story. very deep, engaging and emotional that spawned many novels to make a truly unique and engaging universe. Everything connects. Plus the multiplayer which is more skilled based and balanced that MLG played the most. Plus the nostalgic award winning soundtrack. Audio is everything.
And extra content (Forge, Custom Games, Theatre, Firefight, Spartan Ops, Red Vs Blue, Forward Unto Dawn, Halo Legends, Arby 'n' the Chief, Best Vehicular Controls in any FPS etc,). Balanced and skill based multiplayer witch caters for the hardcore MLG players (Team S.W.A.T, MLG, Team Doubles etc. playlists) and casual gamers (Social Big Team, Griffball, Forge and custom games etc.)
Great and solid gameplay - sandbox battles (not just a corridor shooter), vehicles, amazing unpredictable A.I. etc.

In conclusion:
Halo has much more to offer and appeals to a wide variety of gamers from people
-who love to get engaged with an expansive well written universe and varied sandbox plus corridor arena's co-operatively or alone (Campaign)
- to hardcore MLG players (MLG, Team Doubles, Team S.W.A.T playlists)
- to casual gamers (social big team, action sack playlists)
- to creative gamers who like to mess around and create literally anything in FORGE to people who love making montages, machinima's (Theatre mode).


Yes but you said halo is better than call of duty. And you were not specific about halo lets look up the definition.

"Also called nimbus. a geometric shape, usually in the form of a disk, circle, ring, or rayed structure, traditionally representing a radiant light around or above the head of a divine or sacred personage, an ancient or medieval monarch, etc."

You were also not specific about which call of duty game you were talking about
Debate Round No. 1


Not specific?? There is no need to be specific as it goes without saying that I an indeed talking about the Halo video game franchise and the Call of Duty video game franchise. Especially since it's in the category Entertainment or Games. If it was about A form of a disk, circle and sacred personage.. it probably would have picked the category 'religion'.

If you really want to go into it.. fine. Definitionally speaking:

The Covenant are a religious faction of alien races following every word of their prophets and they believe that their sacred passage is to use these "ancient" structures to wipe out all sentient life. These "ancient" structures are the Halo rings who are according to your definition "in the form of a disk, circle, ring" and a hologram of a "radiant light around or above the head" of these religious Prophets to signify a "sacred personage"
So in essence I am talking about a "disk, circle, ring", "rayed structure", " radiant light around or above the head", "sacred personage" and "ancient".



and a video:

Once again it goes without saying.
Saying HALO and NOT Halo:CE, Halo 2, Halo 3.. means I am of course talking about all of the games. It's common sense.
Saying Call of Duty and NOT Call of Duty 1, Call of Duty 2, Call of Duty Black Ops etc.. means I am of course talking about all of the games. It's common sense.

Troll much?? Rhetorical question there...
So are you going to debate me or troll me.. Up to you, I will destroy you either way, sonny boy.


Ok ok so you said your comparing one halo game to all call of duty games. And that halo game franchise is not better than all of the call of duty game

"Sales of the Call of Duty franchise have not done as well since Black Ops in 2010. This has led some to believe that gamer fatigue with the annual series has steadily set in. A new survey of gamers released Thursday by analyst firm Piper Jaffray disputes the fatigue argument, though, as a survey pegged Black Ops III as the title gamers are most excited for this year."
Debate Round No. 2


I never said that. I never said I am comparing one Halo game to all Halo games. I am comparing all Halo games to all Cod games. i.e Halo Franchise vs Call of Duty Franchise. Look back over what I said above, thank you sir.
Your first two sentences contradict each-other.. Firstly you said I am "comparing one halo game to all call of duty games." then you say "halo game franchise".
You need to specify, you need to elaborate sir.

Quote: "And that halo game franchise is not better than all of the call of duty game"
I never said that.. Quite the contrary in fact, sir. You do know which side I am on here. I am on Halo's side here. Take away the "not" in that sentence then it would be correct.

Lastly, Your only argument is sales. hahahaha
Sales and popularity doesn't mean good, not necessarily.
Just look at Justin Beiber.. little fangirls are mad about him just like little fanboys are mad about cod.
Its mainly cause of the youth of the gaming community. More younger children are wanting the game that is NEW. Cod is NEW every year. They want to get what everyone else has
Plus its a Multiplatform game aka Wider Audience
There is a reason why COD is so popular. Because it's a noob-friendly game that requires literally NO skill
Very few kids would pick a game with an epic nostalgic story over an noob-friendly arcade shooter.

In conclusion:
IT'S A MULTIPLATFORM GAME.. that requires little to NO skill to play (hence a why so many children like yourself prefer it)
Popularity does not define quality. Although COD is more approachable to the majority due to its simplicity, Halo is definitely a more well made game.
What I have said in my opening argument will triumph that of sales. Halo is a better over-all game. Great and emotional story in an epic and engaging universe with a great skill based multiplayer, solid gameplay and so many creative extra features like FORGE and CUSTOM GAMES.

Sales is just one of many things you can look at. Lets take a look at Awards and Ratings for example (Which is one better than sales). It takes into account what the game is like once played and reviewed and leave out the outrageous unfair one-sided point you made - cod has more sales since it's a multi-platform, shall we.

There are so many to choose from so lets take a look at the major critic on the inter-webs MetaCritic: (Pitting each game on the closest year they came out to each-other):

Best Halo Game: Halo:CE - 97
Best Cod Game: Modern Warfare 2 - 94

Halo: CE: 97
Cod 1 and 2: 74, 78

Halo 2: 95
Cod 2 and 3: 78, 80

Halo 3: 94
Cod MW4: 94

Halo 3:ODST: 83
Cod WaW: 84

Halo: Reach: 91
Black Ops: 87

Halo 4: 87
Cod Black Ops 2: 83

Halo MCC: 85
Advanced Warfare: 83

Best Halo Game: Halo 2 and Halo 4 - 9.8;:
Best Cod Game: Modern Warfare 2 and 3 - 9.5;

Nearly every Halo game is over 8 and 9.

Best Halo Game: Halo 3 - 9.5
Bes Cod Game: Black Ops - 9

Halo 4 - 10/10

Black Ops 2 - 9/10


Extra material- Videos Halo v Cod video's pitted against each-other and letting the viewer decide (again one up on sales):
Video 1:

Video 2:
Get rekd sir.


Ok i guess but their are ways that halo is better than cod but their is ways that cod is better than halo
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by JamesTeranov 3 years ago
Trolltjb3123 "Ok i guess but their are ways that halo is better than cod but their is ways that cod is better than halo"

Fair enough, but why don't you name them? Why don't you argue this point a bit further?
Why not end it off with a bang? You are after all on the Con side.
Saying that, you are polite to meet me half-way and recognise what I have said but you saying "there are ways halo is better" which has been proven by myself and you also say ways that cod is better"" but you haven't argued for that (meaning your round 3 albeit polite but lacking in content much like your first round). Perhaps there is a few small very small ways cod may be better maybe the zombies mode is the only thing I can think of.
Posted by JamesTeranov 3 years ago
Quote: "Lol most of your R1 arguments are copied and pasted from other debates."

Of corse they are. I mean if the topics are the same.. like multiplayer.. why rewrite what I have already written. It makes literally no sense. It saves time. It would be hilariously idiotic to rewrite something on a topic already discussed.. now wouldn't it.
I past and copy from what I gathered in the beginning and adjust it accordingly. No shame in it. I already know what I need to know.
One of the reasons why I like doing this is.. you never really know what the little cod fans are going to say next. I don't mind being called predictable. It's very easy. I know what I think I say, straight out.

Quote "Since you aren't putting much effort in, I feel no need to do the same."

I put a massive effort in specifically in ten beginning when I actually wrote all of these.
You seemed to have seen a few of my debates and such.. you will see with the past and copy (I do edit them accordingly) I ALSO do something extra and that is to take what outrageously stupid thing the other the opposition says and write my answer accordingly. I do believe that takes effort.
Posted by lol101 3 years ago
I'm rooting for Thomas.
Posted by gabep 3 years ago
Since you aren't putting much effort in, I feel no need to do the same.
Posted by gabep 3 years ago
Convincing arguments...
Lol most of your R1 arguments are copied and pasted from other debates.
Posted by JamesTeranov 3 years ago
Reinstating? Yes.. but obviously with a new person.
I want an actual convincing argument for the other side for once.
Plus I want to portray that one of me favourite games is better than it's rival.
When people see the horrific argument from the other side, it will 're-instate' that Halo is the better game.
Also, I love to hear any arguments that challenge Halo.

Not only did you You feel the need to comment that Halo is bad without giving reasons first time around and when I gave you a chance to explain your outrageous statement, you declined and now you are back again to have a go at me.. what does that say.
Posted by gabep 3 years ago
Reinstating this pointless debate? :D
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Reasons for voting decision: Easy win for Pro. Pro provided many examples of ratings of both games, and in all instances Halo came out on top. Con failed to respond to any of them, simply stating that "Ok i guess but their are ways that halo is better than cod but their is ways that cod is better than halo." This is a concession of all points made by Pro.