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Harry Potter is Better Than Twilight!

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Started: 2/15/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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I think Harry Potter is better than Twilight for hundreds of reasons. Here's one of the main ones: Edward Cullen.

Edward Cullen is really, really stupid. There's only so many times a reader can hear about his "Handsome, golden eyes," before they rip the pages out. He abuses Bella, not physically but mentally, and he's downright rude. And very confusing. "We can't be friends. Though I want to be. Or can we be friends? No, we can't be friends. But I want to be friends." That's pretty much what he's like. He has absolutely no flaws at all.


Why I think Twilight is better than Harry Potter?
1-The Twilight movies stick to the books better. Twilight movies are practically the books, just in film. They stick really closely to the books and don"t make weird changes. They are both poetry in motion! Harry Potter directors cut half of the books including some important plot lines.
2-The Twilight movies have better music. The soundtracks got me into all these awesome Indian and rock bands music, and all the HP soundtracks are just classical melodies composed by Bethoven and Mozart and other American composers from the 19th century. No words or lyrics!
3- The Twilight movies don"t drastically change the characters" appearances. All of the characters match their descriptions, like Edward, Jacob and Bella " all match their physical descriptions in the books. For example, Dumbledore looked completely different after the first two movies " there were major costume, wig and makeup changes. It was almost like a whole different person. And Malfoy had his hair slicked back in the first 2 movies, and then they just let it out, and then in the 6th movies, they put gel in it again! Make up your mind! And Hermione! She has frizzy hair in the first two, and then cute waves in the rest. I mean seriously, be realistic! Don"t change character appearances like that! listens to classical music anyway?
4-The villains are unrealistic. They torture and kill people for FUN and that's SICK! They basically have no meaning behind what they do, they only do it for fun and pleasure, what kind of sick people do that? Volturi is a much more realistic and horrifying villain than Voldemort who is a laughable character with a weird laugh. He looks like he has leukimia.
5-The Twilight movies are really meaningful. There"s awesome dialogue sequences and they talk about important stuff. The Harry Potter movies are mainly just a ton of action and yes, these is some important dialogue, but not as much as Twilight. And most of the important stuff gets cut out of the movies. Remember the 6th movie? It was almost nothing like the book, and they cut out most of the memories Dumbledore shows Harry!
6-Twilight just has a MUCH better and dynamic plot. It's a masterpiece with emotions, action and romance. In Harry Potter, the action is there, but the plot is very stupid and unrealistic (too much magic)!
7-The Twilight characters are much better looking and attractive. All of the Harry Potter characters apart from Draco are pretty much either average or bad looking.

Those are my reasons. I have read both series and seen all the movies and while I don't hate Harry Potter, Twilight is MUCH superior. FACT.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm actually talking about the books, but...

The music doesn't make the films any better. The directors for the films changed, and the actor of the first two for Dumbledore died, so they had to get a new actor. I didn't actually think Hermione's hair was that frizzy, but okay.
Well, Bellatrix Lestrange IS insane. After spending all that time in a very CREATIVE and torturous prison, she might have gone a little bit mental.
I kind of agree with you with the 6th movie. It was awful. Too much romance. The others were good though, and it helps us picture the characters a bit better. I had no idea really what Luna looked like before the films.
Too much magic? How can you ever have too much magic?? Harry Potter has a really interesting plot, stop Quirrell from stealing the Stone, find out who's the Heir of Slytherin, stop Sirius from "Killing" him, win/survive the Triwizard tournament, find out about the Prophecy, find the Horcruxes etc. I honestly have no idea what the plot of Twilight was, Seriously.
Okay, all the characters are perfect. That's called a Mary-Sue. Not everyone is really that perfect, and Harry Potter shows that not everyone is and it's okay to not be handsome/beautiful.


pariashi forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Lady-Voldemort forfeited this round.


The Twilight movies are really meaningful. There"s awesome dialogue sequences and they talk about important stuff. The Harry Potter movies are mainly just a ton of action and yes, these is some important dialogue, but not as much as Twilight. And most of the important stuff gets cut out of the movies. Remember the 6th movie? It was almost nothing like the book, and they cut out most of the memories Dumbledore shows Harry! wilight just has a MUCH better and dynamic plot. It's a masterpiece with emotions, action and romance. In Harry Potter, the action is there, but the plot is very stupid andunrealistic (too much magic)! The Twilight characters are much better loking and attractive. All ofthe Harry Potter characters apart from Draco are pretty much either average or bad looking.

Well it all depends on preference. If you enjoy romance, love triangles, and flawless character then Twilight is for you since basically all the characters are gorgeous and perfect
Debate Round No. 3


Lady-Voldemort forfeited this round.


Why is twilight better

1- the writing is better

2- the actors/actresses who film the movie are talented

3- bella is a role model (she teaches people to hold on to their friendships and stuff and keep their secrets)

4-it has a PLOT!!

5-the scenes in the movies are exciting

6- the effects are amazing

7-a story about a vampire,werewolf, and mortal beats a swinging wand boy and his enemy the beast

8- the actors and actresses are attached to their character and love them

9-the characters are not all good or all evil

10-the evil people are villians for a reason like the newborn army in eclipse who almost killed the whole city of seattle or the volturi (they are not evil evil they have some good in them)

11-the characters in twilight are nice and have a great personality and they are hot and cool too (they are lovable for that)

12-the cover of the books are drawn beautifully

13-the posters of the movie looks verrrry cool

14- creative and great ideas of the vampire form

15- you can make your own stories out of the chapters of twilight
(you can make stories out of harry potter too but twilight turns out better than harry potter)

16- the phrase twi-hard is cool

17-the mashup name renesmee is so creative

18- Meyer made the werewolves and vampire unite even though they are enemies to each other

19-the book is an international bestseller and an award winning book too (chosen by book critiques)

20-there are lessons you can learn from twilight (the thing u can learn from harry potter is how to do a spell on your friend so he can help u)

21-the emotions are deep in twilight and is a wide imaginative world (unlike wand boy)

22- she replaces small simple words to long big words for people to be more educated not use simple words everyone can understand

23-twilight has a theme of a mystical and imaginative world

24- twilight is read by a massive audience

25-the fight scenes are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing and you feel the fight by someway

26-the twilight quotes are really nice written and you feel the creativity in them

27-Meyer left clues for you to know the identity of each and every character
Debate Round No. 4


1. Okay...

2. And you're saying the Harry Potter actors aren't talented? I think they both kinda are, but Daniel Radcliffe etc. are better.

3. So, a girl who thinks herself as "strong and independent" is a role model. Sure, but that's the girl who turned herself into a zombie while he left her. Not exactly strong.

4. IT DOES??? You MUST tell me what it is! I had no idea! Of course, it won't be as good as Harry Potter's... you know, all that Horcrux awesomeness and defeating Voldemort, but if Twilight has a plot then... I honestly had no idea :)
5. So are the ones in Harry Potter...

6. Actually, the effects in Twilight look like they've been done by a kindergarten using Photoshop. I'm not kidding.

7. I'm not even going to answer that one... you're wrong.

8. I DON'T THINK SO!! Robert Pattinson said he preferred Cedric to Edward, and Cedric got less that one hundred lines! And he was barely shown! Also, he quotes, in an interview, "I was convinced, that Stephanie was convinced, that she was Bella,". And this one, "She (Stephanie) is crazy. She's completely mad and in love with her own fictional creation." Certainly sounds like he loves Edward then...

9. Neither are they in Harry Potter. For example, the Greengrass family. Slytherin, but completely neutral in the war. That's not mentioned in the books, but as Harry Potter was so interesting, I HAD to search other facts.

10. Voldemort has a reason to kill Harry. The prophecy that was made (and I can recite off by heart... just saying) said that "neither can live while the other survives". Then all his Death Eaters want to kill him as well.

11. Not all of them are nice... at the beginning, Edward was actually quite rude to Bella.

12. What? They were drawn? I thought they were photos... at least the Harry Potter ones have different covers; looking at arms holding an apple gets kind of boring. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone has loads, a phoenix, Harry flying on a broom...

13. I've never seen them, so I can't really say, but the Harry Potter ones are really awesome as well.

14. Sparkling vampires aren't creative. What it seems like: Stephanie Meyer had a dream. Then she wrote a book because she dreamed about a sparkly hot vampire boy who's just plain rude and weird. I had a dream last night that I fell out my window, I'm not going to write a book on that,

15. Really? I once was on Chapter 10, I think, then I skipped to Chapter 13 and didn't miss anything at all.

16. Wow, really?? I think Potterhead's awesome, because I don't think it was actually intended, but Harry's scar's on his head, and all that... Twi-hard's all right, I suppose...

17. Renesmee? Aside from the fact barely anyone can spell it... who'd name their child that? Do they want their child do get bullied for the rest of it's life?

18. ...Which didn't make sense....

19. So. Is. Harry. Potter. Harry Potter's won far more awards, was a bestseller before Twilight.... I had to write (for homework) a fact file on a celebrity. I chose J. K. Rowling and I had to write at least 50 awards.

20. Really? What do you learn from Twilight? In Harry Potter, you learn friendship, loyalty, bravery and loads more.

21. Let's name some of the deep emotions in HP: Jealousy, friendship, hatred (because not everyone loves everyone else, which is SO unrealistic...), bravery, concentration and determination.

22. Yes. That's the thing. She uses the wrong words in the wrong context. I can't remember what word she used instead, but when she should have written "hormones" she wrote the word for male animals attracting their mates. Completely different.

23. ...It's not mystic, and it's not imaginative. Anyone could write it, if they had the bad luck to have that dream.

24. Harry Potter is read by a wider audience. JKR was the first author to become a billionaire, says something, that, huh?

25. No, they're not. No main characters even DIE. Funny, how SM can write three paragraphs saying how Bella listens to a CD, but can't write descriptive battle scenes. It doesn't have any description, I didn't understand most of it, and Edward should have AT LEAST lost a limb.

26. I think Harry Potter's are better. I can't even REMEMBER any Twilight ones, that's how creative they are, they just slip from my mind. I could quote the whole of the Deathly Hallows if I wanted to.

27. Did she? I hadn't noticed.

Also, I just wanted to say the reason I missed loads of rounds was because my computer completely crashed and I couldn't fix it. Then the WiFi thing (I have no idea, I'm not a computer nerd) went down, so I only just fixed that as well.



-The Volturi. REALISTIC villains, instead of insane freaks in cloaks, like Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

-Because its just common sence to like twilight!!! Haha. Romance means everything. Bella and Edward are like, MENT 4 each other, and everything is just......PERFECT!! In Harry potter, u would that that harry and harmonie would like...fall in love or something....and then u watch people die in freaky ways, and then there are creepy things....GAHH!!! but yea. (:

-Because it's one of the greatest love stories ever!! Harry Potter is good too, but Twilight has way more romance and more hot guys....EDWARD, JASPER, EMMETT, CARLISLE!! Need I say more!

-Yes, we all know that Harry Potter and Twilight are both fiction, but Twilight is clearly better. When I read a book, I like to imagine myself in the plot or relate to the story somewhat. Aside from the vampire theme, Twilight actually takes place in a REAL town with up to date things. ex) cars, school, etc. I'm sorry but I just can't picture myself on a flying train, eating chocolate covered frogs, headed to a non existent magical school. In my opinion, Twilight is obviously better.

-OMGGG Harry POtter is messed up. Like seriusly, he needs to grow up and stop being so boring cuz edward is like waaaaaaay more AMAZINNNG. therees no love in hary potter and nobodies hot who wants to read a book without hot peeps?

-Each book in the twilight series has a different story line. It is mainly about Bella's Lovestory but in the 1st book it was about how Edward had to save Bella and in each book the story changes. The main reason of the book is for Bella To become A vampire. Then after that it is the story with Renesmee. In Harry Potter it takes 7 or 8 books to get to the point. Killing the one who must not be named. it drags on and on and becomes boring.

-Twilight has a more reasonable plot than HarryPotter. Look at Harry and you'll see he's more angsty than Bella. And all the Harry Potter books are like Harry being "My life sucks" and then Voldemort shows up and he's like "I'm going to kill you" and Harry's all like "No way" and then Harry wins in the end. It's way obvious, especially when the author already tells you how many books there's going to be. I mean, why can't we live in total suspense on what's going to happen next? Twilight gives that suspense that something amazing is going to happen that Harry Potter never gave us. Plus, Harry Potter is a wizard and wizards are demonic creatures. Who would want to root for a demon as the good guys? In twilight, everyone's a vampire, and vampires aren't Satan's spawn

-In harry potter all they do is fly around on brooms and kill people with magic sticks (wands) I mean, really?

-Edward wasn't a dork. Yeah, sometimes, dorks are cute. However, Harry was a bit too dorky and I can't see why girls even liked him.

- Hermione is a week character. Bella struggles every day. Hermione has no problems, the only things she has are self-created. She follows Harry into his troubles. Big whoop. Even if she is teased about being a mud blood or whatever its called, she has a choice. She could quit Hogwarts or something. Bella has no choice, she is in love.

-Twilight was a best selling novel, and has a bigger fan base than Harry Potter.

-Stephenie Meyer writes that the only thing that can kill a vampire is another vampire or a werewolf. Since Edward is a vampire created by Meyer, we can use her written characteristics and apply them to Harry Potter. Since Harry Potter is neither vampire nor wolf, this means that Harry Potter could not kill Edward and Edward would win.

-Twilight led to many other supernatural romances in books and tv shows

-Unlike Harry, nobody's thoughts are actually that deep or intellectual. I bet if any of us published our thoughts into a book, none would be great English lit; Bella's thoughts are more realistic.

-Twilight goes more in depth with the emotions. You can feel Bella's pain when Edward leaves her. You can feel her confusion between Edward and Jacob. You can feel her love for Renesmee.

-Twilight is a modern-day Romeo and Juliet in its themes of everlasting but forbidden love; to be compared to such a classic is an honor.

Debate Round No. 5
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