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Harry Potter is better than The Lord of the Rings

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Started: 7/11/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Movie studios need to make money. They make money by making BETTER movies. Movies people ACTUALLY like. The Harry Potter Genre has a net worth of $25 Billion[1] while the Lord of the rings has a laughably small value of $2.9Billion[2]. Making Harry Potter over 22 times better than Lord of the rings. A movie producer would laugh at you to try to defend such a stupid claim that "Lord of the Rings" is better than Harry Potter! You are CRAZY! How about them apples?




I accept the challenge. I will be arguing that Lord of the Rings is better than Harry Potter.

The reason Harry Potter has a higher networth/has more fans is because it is more recent. If you compare a movie that just came out to a movie 50 years old, obviously the newer movie will be more popular.

I would like to argue that the villains in LOTR are better, such as Gollum, Sauron, Sarumon, the nazgul, etc. Meanwhile, the only real villains in Harry Potter, the death eaters and voldemort, don't come close. Sauron is much more sinister, turning once happy normal people into monsters, slaves to their greed to the point where an entire war is started. Voldemort is evil, yes, but not nearly as much. The worst he does is kill some people and destroy a school, which depending on who you ask, is a public service.

The supporting characters are better, like merry and pippin for example, and one of the best heroes ever, samwise gamgi.

Gandalf is better than dumbledore aswell, according to J.K. rowling dumbledore is gay, and he doesn't really do anything ever. Gandalf has many epic fights, and generally is a more likeable character.

I hope you take the red pill and accept that I'm right and you're wrong.
Debate Round No. 1


So your excuse for why LOTR sucks is because "LOTR is older"? I got some news for ya kiddo. Both the first Harry Potter movie and first LOTR movie where released in 2001. AT THE SAME TIME. Considering they both had a level playing field it becomes OVERWHELMING obvious why LOTR absolutely sucked at the box office. BECAUSE IT FREAKING SUCKS! ADMIT IT YOU FREAK!


wow ur so fr1kken stewpuhd u shud likedeeee die r smtn idc wow lmao rofl XD junior adobe"
Debate Round No. 2


LOL. I've seen better arguments from Downton Abbey fans! I count no less than 8 spelling errors. Very common for a LOTR fan...Always screwing up at life. But do try to support your dying franchise!


wooooooowwwwwww u suck at lief dood
Debate Round No. 3


Wow you suck at spelling. Seriously get off your couch and do something productive like watch Harry Potter! But seriously is this the best LOTR has to offer? Resorting to Ad Hominems like a stupid kindergartner? Please.


hei @ least i actuly W3NT 2 kendter gritten
Debate Round No. 4


Really? WOW. Epic fail on whoever taught you to spell. Or make a good argument for that matter. If you keep up this ridiculously stupid repeat ad hominems instead of actually attacking my points I have no doubt I will win this debate.
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by backwardseden 3 years ago
Wow the both of you should be committed to a slaughterhouse for winos. I mean do you know anything about film production? Obviously not. Because if you did then you would fully understand that the biggest budgeted films come from the biggest studios which are in China and has nothing to do with Harry Potter or LOTR. Oh yes, that's where a great deal of American films are now being made nowadays because Hollywood is far too expensive to make films. Do some research before you make an idiot debate.
Oh and btw, the biggest budgeted films are nowhere near the best films of all time. Here's a sight that lists the greatest films ever made. And its the only poll that truly matters when it comes to film because its a worldwide poll taken by critics and directors from around the world every 10 years. Have at it boys. And I bet yah you haven't even heard of 25% of the films or less listed.
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