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Harry Potter is better than Twilight

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Started: 3/15/2019 Category: Entertainment
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Harry Potter is an ingenious world created by the goddess of writing herself, JK Rowling. It is simply marvelous how she created a haven for millions of children like myself to escape through the hands of a book. She was a genius, Who created amazing characters we saw grow up. We lived with them. We went on adventures with them. Some we loved (Hermione! ), Some we hated (Umbridge), Some we had mixed feelings for (Draco), And some we even had to watch die (Too many to count! ). And through all the crying and laughing and brilliance of it all there remained the fact that this series is an absolute classic. Not only was Rowling able to create such a successful book series, But she was also able to convince many to learn to love to read, Many to keep going no matter what, To learn strength and magic and wonder. As the characters grew up, So did we. And we at the end were able to look back and realize, We will never be the same again.

Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend.

Who's brave enough to challenge this? :)


I agree its very good. Harry Potter rules.
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Posted by kayc 6 days ago
Yes, He had a good idea when he said that. I agree, And that's why I mentioned it.
Posted by tyrel82 6 days ago
Pro Harry Potter because it looked like Twilight was just catering to people's needs and a bad ripoff of something. Harry Potter was original. Twilight wasn't.
Posted by Athias 6 days ago
I believe Stephen King is the one who first stated that Twilight was about how important it was to have a boyfriend, When comparing Twilight and Harry Potter. Despite my agreeing with the sentiment, It isn't factually correct.
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