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Harry Potter is better than Twilight

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Started: 8/3/2011 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Voting Period
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This is just a little friendly argument on why Harry potter is better than twilight. I'm a big Harry potter fan and I'm sick of hearing little teenage girls saying they love twilight and Harry potter sucks. I don't understand how people could choose twilight over Harry potter. Personally, I think twilight is badly written and the movies are horrible. The actress who plays Bella only has one emotion throughout all the movies. Each character in Harry potter teaches the audience a lesson. But all I get after reading and watching twilight is how much Bella depends on Edward. When he left her, she moped around and jumped off a cliff. That's like teaching girls that if a guy breaks up with you, your life is over. I also like how Harry potter is very original and when you read the books you feel like you entered a magical world and it's hard to put the books down.


Harry Potter versus Twilight.

Harry Potter the story of the boy who should have died butt thanks to the power of love from his mother he has lived with a scare upon his head.

Twilight the story of a girl who falls in love with a vampire.


Better - of superior quality or excellence

Now this is more of a personal taste type of decision. I could be semantically, though I enjoy semantics, shall see numbers to show that Twilight is "better."

I shall start off with a small example as there are four rounds.

In one poll, Harry Potter Versus Twilight; [1]

Harry Potter - 17,126 -- 23%

Twilight - 51,485 -- 69%

That is not a small number of people.

I turn it to my opponent.

Debate Round No. 1


This is a debate on WHY harry potter is better than twilight or twilight is better than harry potter. Not who got more votes in a poll or who has a bigger fanbase audience. I suggest maybe giving some reasons on why you think twilight got more votes than harry potter. Is it because you think twilight has a better plot or whatsoever? I'd like to hear your opinion.


My reasoning for Twilight to be the better book is due to the numbers.

The Twilight series is well known for it's romantic plot that allures many girls, especially teenagers, even some boys which allows he or she to think that this life could happen to them. Love is a powerful emotion hat allows people to be engrossing into the topic of anything as long as it gives them a sense that, hey maybe something like this could happen to me.

As for Harry Potter the boy who is all popular the moment he steps into the school and is the "chosen one" is a tired out idea. In my opponent defense so is a love story but love stories are not that well varied though as for chosen one stories it can be varied. Sure the wonders of magic are vast and alluring but with the back ground of heavy schooling it can be redundant of a day to day task to think about.

As for in the Twilight series one may not know what will happen next, will he finally snap into that killing machine he has always claimed to be and kill me? Sure Voldemort may come and kill Harry but he is always aware of the threat later in the series. The love and the thought of dying make Twilight a more... sensation idea.

Now a response to your response to me. Opinion are not always a real debate point as there can only rarely be a certain winner. Using numbers is a way to help assist in the victory.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, I'm not going to argue the fact that Twilight is a romance/love story but to my defence Harry Potter is as much of a love story as Twilight is. The reason Harry is alive in the first place is because of his mother's love that protected him. As Harry grew up throughout the books, he meets all these other people that love him and is willing to risk their lives for him and for each other, for example: Sirius, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Ginny, Weasley twins, Molly, Dumbledore, Prof.Mcgonagall,Hagrid, etc. This whole story doesn't revolve around a love between a boyfriend and a girlfriend because love exist between friends and family as well. As you stated that Twilight has a fan audience mainly of teenage girls and some boys while Harry Potter has an audience of any gender, age, ethnicity, or location. And you said the love and thought of dying makes Twilight a more sensation idea. Well since I have read and watch both of these stories, in the end of harry potter alot of our favorite characters died(Fred,Tonks,Lupin,etc) because they fought for what they believed in. But in twilight when they battled the newborns, nobody dies (except the bad guys). Now even if it's heartbreaking to see these characters you grew up with died, it's more realistic. Harry potter is of course the "chosen one" and he is the main protagonist of the story, but Rowling also put alot of background into the other characters as well that made the audience love them as much as we loved Harry. These characters changes throughout the story, for better or for worse. I also think that these characters set a better example for the fans than Twilight does. When Edward left Bella she put herself in danger so that he would come rescue her, now I know love is important and all but that's like teaching girls that when your boyfriend breaks up with you, you're not worth living anymore. When Hermione or Ginny's love left them they continued fighting and didn't curl up on the ground and wait to be rescued. You also say that in twilight one may not know what will happen next, Harry Potter has alot more plot twists than twilight does. In the chamber of secrets, who knew that Tom Riddle was actually Voldemort, in Prisoner of Azkaben, Rowling gave us all these hints in the beginning that Sirius was a bad guy and after Harry but he turned out to be the good guy and was trying to protect harry. In the end, who would've guessed that Harry turned out to be the 8th horcrox which explained all these unsolved mysteries of why he kept having these dreams in the past books.


Yes love is a concept also within Harry Potter but it does not actually compare to Twilight. Love saved Harry and is all around him due to the various relationships. A force to be reckoned with but not the entire tale.

As for Twilight is boasts a easy read about romantic love in ways that are only able to be fantasized about, a real get away from reality. Though with a slight possibly of happening , minus the vampire-ish parts.

Sure Harry Potter is based in a whole new world that is just as imaginative but such ideas are only temporary. In reality people know they cannot actually do magic.
Debate Round No. 3


Twilight is based on the boyfriend and girlfriend love but harry potter is based on love of also family and friends which overall makes it a better love story and teaches a bigger lesson. Actually it is partially the entire tale because without harry's friends he wouldn't be able to find the horcroxes or defeat voldemort and the death eaters all by himself.

I would say that harry potter is more imginative, original, and a "real get away from reality". I mean 7 books full of details but it also doesn't feel like a drag. Everybook has a different story plot without actually losing sense of the main storyline(defeating voldemort). Harry potter created a whole new world with every little detail like the settings(hogwarts,Diagon Alley,Azkaban,Malfoy manor,etc), new creatures(dementors,boggarts,etc), ministry of magic, quidditch,dementor's kiss and all the others. The only creative things that pop into my head when i think of twilight is the Voltori,vegetarian vampires and shapeshifters.


Author:Rowling was a single mother on welfare and she wrote these Harry Potter books in a small cafe' where her daughter could fall asleep. Meyers had a husband to support her and she stayed at home to write 4 books which aren't very well written either. "Both Rowling and Meyer, they're speaking directly to young people. … The real difference is that Jo Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn. She's not very good."-Stephen King

Books:Harry potter characters are better written with alot of back story and each very important in the stories. The plot is complicated but it's really not hard to understand since it is a children's book but it's so good that even the adults can't seem to get enough of it.

Moral of the story:"Harry Potter is about confronting fears, finding inner strength and doing what is right in the face of adversity. Twilight is about how important it is to have a boyfriend." - Stephen King (which basically sums up what i have to say)

Actors/Actress: Whenever I watch Kristen stewert it seems like she only have one expression, I mean smile or laugh once in a while without acting so painful. The actors and actresses of harry potter shows alot of emotions, you can just see it in their eyes if they're scared,happy,sad,etc. Even Robert Pattison openly stated that he'd rather play Cedric Diggory than Edward Cullen.

Fans/Audience: "Every 30 seconds, somebody somewhere picks up a Harry Potter book and starts reading." Harry Potter has won british awards for outstanding performance or best movie of the year and etc, while twilight has won a load of teen choice awards and mtv movie awards because of all the teenage girls that voted. Harry potter sold more books than twilight and yes HP has a bigger advantage since it has 3 more books than twilight. HP has its own theme park in orlando.

Since numbers are important to you, HP's lowest grossing movie is more than Twilight's highest grossing movie. "The harry potter cycle became the most successful literary series of our time, perhaps of all time"-Stephen Fry. HP had a total of 28 BAFTA nominations. Also the books have been translated into 67 different languages.


Phoenix_Reaper forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by alex0828 7 years ago
HP actually has good movies to accompany the book
Posted by TrenViperii 7 years ago
@Cobo IMO harry potter is great. But we both have our diff. reasons and point of view.
Posted by jm_notguilty 7 years ago
Tempting, I'm more of an HP fan than Twi, but this should be interesting, so...

Posted by Cobo 7 years ago
They both suck bad IMO.
Posted by alex0828 7 years ago
Hmmmm... this looks like fun, if nobody picks this up by Friday I will take it. I would be playing devil's advocate though because I agree with pro.
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