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Has fallen in quality? (Gaming)

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Started: 1/14/2018 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
Viewed: 584 times Debate No: 106698
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I personally think has fallen in the gaming section. People are making invalid arguments, having broken grammar, being rude to other people. I'll give you some examples. I'll respect your opinion if you don't think isn't the worst site.

Invalid arguments Example: "Roblox is a dopey, trash game. I played it one time, and never again. Only little annoying squeakers play Roblox. Minecraft is way much better even tho they are two much different games. Roblox is like a turd that won't go down no matter how many times you flush. Despite it being trash, it tends to linger like a bad odor."
Comeback: Where's the evidence in it?

Broken Grammar Example: "I FRATES JKLADSHLKJDHKDJSAGDSJKGDJKGJDHDHJHSDHDHDHDSHH g gg gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g gMINECRAFT SUX d and is gay hgjjhghjdff f f f f f f f f f f f" (From
Comeback: Where's the proper spelling?

Being Rude to Others Example: "Those Who voted 'No' are delusional fools."
Comeback: You shouldn't insult someone just because they have a different opinion


Hello user, I am here to say that the gaming section has not fallen and has good arguments. The gaming section has not fallen. Let's take a look here at your examples.
Your post in your first example has been taken from the opinion section of DDO. This is to state opinions. There is no evidence needed in these compare to the formal debates that are used now. Just because someone has an opinion in the OPINION forum does not mean they need evidence, as the name suggests.

Opinion is defined as a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge

The user was a troll for crying out loud. He hasn't been on since. His post was not recent as well! If we are talking the future and currently, this evidence is invalid. The user was either joking or it wasn't, he obviously left. The page itself was very formal compared to his one comment made.
The person was specifically called out for this debate for saying this as well. The community knows it was improper. The page itself coming 4 years ago had lots of good responses for this. The site isn't falling in the gaming section! It has people who are suffistacated who dominate control the sections. This person was not a troll. He wasn't insulting anyone. Nobody would get offended by calling them a delusional fool I believe. His response was also modest as well.
You only limit yourself to the opinion section in DDO while there Forums and Debates are one of the best places to discuss games! The games page has been the only page to really survive in the forums!! Mafia has helped with keeping players active. The debates for games also are really good as well. I have taken to time to read them and some are very intellectual

In conclusion, CON limits himself to opinions when he claims DDO games section, in general, has fallen. Vote Pro on limits
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by SupaDudz 3 years ago
First round acceptance or are we diving straight into it
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