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Has feminism gone too far

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Started: 12/29/2017 Category: People
Updated: 10 months ago Status: Challenge Declined
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Feminism has definitely gone too far. If you search up ,"Hugh Mungus", on the internet, you will find a feminist yelling at a man for sexual harassment because of a bad joke. If you search up ," feminist yelling at lyft driver", you will find another feminist poor-shaming someone because they have a literal Hawaiian bobblehead on their dashboard. If that is not too far, then I do not understand what is.

That is not the only ones either. Feminism is great. I think that it was a great concept. The first two waves, were things that I could've stood behind. Voting rights, and job equality was great. I fully support it. But now, the third wave and the faces of people who support it have just ruined feminism, and made a mess of it. Things like abortion, don't even get me started on that. 32% of all abortions are due to someone being too young or immature, 16% do not want to adjust their lifestyle, and 4-8% have enough children already. In total, that is 54% give or take 2%. Those are stunning statistics. I got those statistics from this website: You can look at that yourself.
Another common argument of feminists is equal pay. We saw that with Hillary, and we see it everywhere. However, most men are working the dangerous jobs, like construction, and repair. The chances of dying while building a building is far higher than accidentally catching a sickness from a patient in a hospital. What i am not saying is that what women do has no impact in the world, i am saying that the risks in teaching is not nearly as high as the risks in construction. And men tend to go for those jobs which pay more. In a report done by Payscale, men go for things like Project Managers, software developers, and computer systems administrators, where women go for elementary school teachers, HR administrators, and registered nursing. Software engineers make 100,690 on average, while nurses make 67,490. Roughly a 33,000 dollar difference. Women typically start having children at age 30, and will most likely stop working as much. Thus, you can explain the pay gap.
According to TIME, women are now receiving a majority of college degrees, not men.

I am also not a MRA, but still, you do have to acknowledge that there are also rapes conducted by women. Like you said, men want to be considered strong, and macho, and many want to keep their reputation intact. Thus, most do not report sexual violence, or domestic abuse. One in six men will be sexually assaulted. And the public is already taking steps to fight back against rape. ( The police is being notified, and public institutions such as colleges are also going back. The military is as well. But do you want to know what changed my whole opinion of feminism? It was this woman called Jodie Allard. She called both of her sons potential rapists, and then complained when they started drifting away from her. How can that be considered feminism. Lastly, most workplaces now are receiving grants to mix things up with introducing women into their workplace. Feminists aren't even trying to go for things which matter, things like the Middle East. Instead, they're focusing on these things, when they are being fixed already.
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