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Have curse words become so common they lost their shock value ?

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Started: 5/7/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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No you can keep saying profanities and it's still good. Saying it isn't is a logical fallacy. If i say profanities or profantieis it stills means the same thing as when i used it the First time. Do some research and make sure you get the basics of debating. Also tis not leting me swear
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Posted by debatemoez 3 years ago
Yes. and btws, the word F@CK originated as a charge many moons ago.
It is an acronym for; For, Unlawful, Carnal, Knowledge

Basically you were F*^#!@ if you were caught F!#@$%& unlawfully.

meaning outside of the marriage, heinously as in rape or assault etc.
But I digress, the color the once called colorful language the curse words used to provide has indeed faded. They are as common as the word 'typically', 'hate', 'understand', you get what I mean. With the abundance of creative minds that populate our world and the available combination of letters, I challenge us all to continue to change the boring words like SH%@ into more of the ones like 'shizzle' !!
We can do this!
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