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Having many and different kinds of hobbies is better than having little and single one

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Started: 12/5/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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If you have multiple different types of hobbies is better than not having so because: (1) It makes you a more versatile person which is a very good thing. (2) With time, it grows your skills in many different fields.


Having multiple hobbies is overwhelming and as a result, one cannot receive the full satisfaction of their hobbies. Let us say one loves to play Video Games, Go Fishing, bake, and draw. Fishing takes lots of time as there are tons of techniques and concepts to learn and places to explore. Video Games are also great, but one needs to devote lots of time to be able to master any competitive video game or difficulty. Now, baking also takes time because one needs a recipe and hours to bake a cake that tastes and looks good. Finally, drawing requires lots of devotion and money to be able to master what professional artists' have done. Artists' have spent their entire life spending time drawing to perfection. Speaking from experience, one can have as many hobbies as they want, but they will not get the full satisfaction of their hobbies as they would if they only focuses on one hobby at a time. If one has plenty of time to spend on only one hobby, they will be able to have the time to spend on it and realize their mistakes faster. One only gets better at what they do from learning from their mistakes and others. If you are overwhelmed by multiple hobbies, one will not be able to master the material very quickly. As a result they will become frustrated that their efforts are not getting them anywhere and give up. Speaking from experience, it is worthwhile to focus on one hobby and feel the accomplishment of mastering it rather than becoming overwhelmed by multiple hobbies and mastering none. The saying goes, "A jack of all trades, but a master of none."
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