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Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act

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Started: 10/8/2016 Category: Education
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act was first signed into a law in 2010. The law was used to give free lunches to kids who couldn"t afford them and it also made all of the public school lunches healthier in all the US. The first part of the law was great, it gives thousands of free lunches to students a day. The second part of the law has made schools serve healthier meals to students in hopes to combat the growing obesity problem that is harming children. In theory this sounds great, if you are in control of one to two of the children"s meals you will make them heathier.

This has backfired on the government because many students don"t even want to eat the school lunches now. When you are about to eat something, you want it to look somewhat appetizing, but the new healthier foods are grotesque looking which is turning away students from eating it. You also want it to taste good too, but most of the time it tastes like something that you would give pigs to eat. Children are now just picking at their food and is causing them to miss out on crucial nutrients. You can"t force kids to eat something that they don"t want to, they will just wait to get home and eat something a thousand times unhealthier. According to the Washington Times, over 1 million kids have stopped buying school lunches due to the new food regulations in school. Also, kids are saying that they are still hungry after their lunch because they live very active lives inside and outside of school. All you would have to do to see these problems is go to a lunchroom for a day and look at the student"s reactions to what they are eating and ask them if they like the food.


Child hunger is a problem in America, but is more of a problem in the 'developing countries' of the world, such as Ghana.
Child obesity is a much greater problem than child hunger in America.

Currently, common core practices such as corporal punishment, and brainwashing indoctrination, such as with social media, hormones in food, vaccines and fluoride in the water have undoubtedly helped children make better dietary choices for themselves by listening to parents and teachers who tell them what to think.
However, who watches the parents and teachers? They may make foolish decisions such as tolerating obese children who refuse to eat 'gross' lunches and then complain about feeling hungry. Stunted intelligence is an unfortunate side effect of the brain washing process, in both children and adults.

"You can"t force kids to eat something that they don"t want to, they will just wait to get home and eat something a thousand times unhealthier"

It is sad that you can brainwash obedience, but not intelligence. Fortunately, both the Hillary and Trump administration are on board to promote voluntary euthanasia and right to die for those who realize they are unfit for society and would rather retire to elsewhere.
That is why the entertainment and fashion industry have been so diligently fat-shaming,
so that the unhealthy segments of society will be encouraged to become depressed and choose to exercise their right to die, and have their adipose tissue donated to stem cell research.
It is ultimately a win win for everyone.
But remember, it starts with the children... always think of the CHILDREN!

In all seriousness, however, I believe the powerful will always prey upon the most vulnerable members of society, in order to enhance their own economic gain.
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