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Hearthstone is Better than Magic

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Started: 12/8/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Because Hearthstone is an electrical game played on the computer or mobile device, it's impossible to lose any cards you own. Magic requires working hard to get good cards. No one wants to lose their precious cards. Having digital cards also eliminates the time spent shuffling and handling cards.


I accept your challenge. To clarify, my stance is not that Magic is the better game, but rather that they are equal. To get straight to the point, there is a reason Magic came first before Hearthstone. Hearthstone bases it's mechanics on predecessor games like Magic, but it was made to be more convenient. That is where all your points come in. Other than that, game play isn't really that different, it's just that each game has it's own unique thing. Unless one of the two has something that the other does not have game play wise- something that is truly outstanding and draws people in- there is no true superior in terms of game play, which adds to my point. I will now address your points about grinding for good cards, losing cards, shuffling and handling cards. The opportunity to grind for something and actually see results is extremely rewarding and a huge money-maker, and when you get a good card, it is like a trophy for you (because you will win a lot of games with your first good card), and that adds to the feeling. Having an enormous collection of cards promotes responsibility, and actually gives people something to practice the quality on (something that they love, mind you). Lastly, they're are a LOT of people that are sentimental when comes to shuffling and handling cards, it is like a physical comfort of sorts.
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Posted by 862ian 2 years ago
I feel the whole hearthstone is electronic and magic the gathering isn't is wrong since magic does have electronic versions of it.
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