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High School/Junior High Football Is Overrated

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Started: 9/27/2017 Category: Sports
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Now, as a female who participates in Cross-country, track, basketball, and dance I believe football (at high school-junior high level) is overrated. For instance, they get a full week to 'raise school spirits', hence homecoming, why sports such as Cross-Country go unnoticed. Middle School and High School Football teams get more attention on their first game, no matter the outcome, if the Cross-Country team was to go out an win Conference and advance to State. Not only that, they get a much better come out as the school typically hold tailgate parties before the games, plus having cheerleaders adds to the crowd. But besides the turnouts, they normally get the majority of the school's athletic funds. Our school buys new jerseys and equipment for the football team every year, while XC has been using the same jerseys for 10+ years now. But the thing that makes me most mad, is their attitude towards it. As I said before, I am on the Middle School Varsity XC Team, and have football players diss, not only our sport, but tennis and volleyball too many times. Saying anyone can run, it's not hard at all, yet they can't even run through our warm-up (which is a mile). Saying the other sports are unathletic and unskilled. Or that they could easy beat us at anything and everything. Saying their sport is the real sport and that its dangerous. Let me say this, not everyone can run distance, you can improve, but you can learn it. There are no plays to memorize, you have to have that mental mindset. You take an out shape person and see if they can run, I bet they can throw a football though. Running and swimming were the first two real sports, how is running not real? Heatstroke is more common than concussions, we have to deal with getting overheating, side stitches, and pain literally everywhere. And, I don't know what it's like at other school, but the football players at are school are one trick ponies, only being able to play football, not to mention they usually have pretty bad grades and actually get pulled out due to low grades. I'm open go discussion, but in my opinion XC is the hardest, toughest, best sport out there. And the under the breath insults don't go unnoticed ;)


Hello my name is Aidan and I will first be refuting some of the arguments made in the last argument about whether Cross Country or XC is the best sport. My side of the topic is against it. Before I begin my argument let me first say that I have experienced Cross-Country and ran for the last 2 years before switching over to football this year. I also ski, snowboard get very good grades, do Color Guard for the Civil Air Patrol and numerous other activities. As well as me, many of my teammates on our football team also do other sports such as basketball or track. I will admit that there is some truth to the grades issue in football possibly because of the concussions that occur on the field of play during football practices and games.

You have also said,
"and dance I believe football (at high school-junior high level) is overrated. For instance, they get a full week to 'raise school spirits', hence homecoming, why sports such as Cross-Country go unnoticed."
I believe that homecoming week is much more fun because of the football game at the end. I've both ran in and watch Cross country races and I truly believe that it is a sport for the people who run in it and nobody else. On the other hand, you have football. Have you ever been sitting in the stands with your whole school screaming at the top of your lungs as a touchdown pass or big hit happens as the crowd roars. It brings out much more emotion and is much easier to watch while cross country is a numbers game and only that. It is all about what mile you can run, how much you have improved your time by and what place you have finished in.

On to your next point
"Saying anyone can run, it's not hard at all, yet they can't even run through our warm-up (which is a mile). Saying the other sports are unathletic and unskilled."
It is true in the most literal sense that anyone can run. I do believe that not everyone has the pain resistance to run as a sport. I can however guarantee you that my team can run much further than that. I would also like to make the point that a different type of running happens in the two sports. If you are going to sprint 10 yards to catch and tackle someone you will definitely take a much different pace than if you are running a full 5k because of common sense. This may be the reason that some of the football players seem unfit, because they are training for a different kind of event. It is like comparing an Olympic swimmers to an Olympic ski jumper, they have trained differently for different kinds of sports.

I would like to ask before I refute, when you said, "Saying their sport is the real sport and that its dangerous" do you disagree that football is dangerous?

Now, on to my argument.

Football is more than just a game, it is a sport. As a sport it takes more to play than just any other game, it takes real heart. If you play football you put your body on the line for your teammates without any questions asked, it's not an option, it's an expectation. When I ran cross country I have some good memories such as placing for my team at state and so forth however, I have much better memories with just this one year of football that I have played. Even through the bad parts such as hard losses or hard practices it brings you closer together as a team and makes you a family. In cross country it is up to you and you alone to get your results, it can never be anyone else's fault that you messed up or did well. Even practices are different from any other sport I have ever played. You start off practicing very uniformly as a team for warm-ups, condition, break off individually to work on specialties (positions) then come back together as a team at the end of practice. Cross country practice was just never the same. The closest you ever came to being a team was at the finish line when it is all over. When you play football you have to stay together and be a team throughout the entire game and trust your teammates to get done what they should be getting done such as the O-line making their blocks or Wide Receiver running the correct routes and when that all comes together perfectly, it is truly an art of harmony.

I'll leave it there for now, this is a great topic for debate that I feel educated about and I wish you the best of luck for the rest of the debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello, Aidan.

I have been to many football and did go to homecoming every year, since Junior High. And I agree it does bring out more emotion than a XC meet,. Although I feel, if the school put as much pride and importance into other sports, they too would end up with a better come out. Like with homecoming, if they gave a full week to every sports, or they made fancy banners, or hosted before and after parties, or sold sport pride shirts to everyone (not jet the team). Only football gets those things. And although thing is praise other sports more often ;we have a swim team at our local schools, as do most, but the girls team is doing excellent in all of the meets this year. If they take a trophy all they get over the announcements and school paper is a small section that reads something along the lines of 'Goos Job Girl's Swim Team, Who Is Took Home 1st Place', and that's it, no mention on who swam well or anything. And then there is a good five minutes where they talk about each pass, each touchdown, who played well, and who ran the with the ball. Plus a column in the school paper.

And I agree anyone can run for fun, yet not as a sport. Although, if anyone else, not necessarily a football player, disses a sport, they majority of people just agree with them. For example, we have kids who go on and on about how volleyball isn't a true sport and should be removed from our school and I have yet to see anyone get angry with them, who doesn't play volleyball. Now, if go around dissing the football, you instantly get people going on about it's the hardest sport and to have school spirit. (Mind you our football team is about average with wins and losses). And many times, it's not even football players who are getting upset. How is any other sport, such as volleyball not equal to football?

I do agree football can be dangerous, but all sports can be dangerous , you accept the risk when you join the team.

And, one thing I believe might differ between us, is on our cross country team, everyone is like family. They are with you through the bad runs and the good. You stretch together, in unison. You have chants to rise up the sports. You even end up with things like inside jokes. Now, I do come from a smaller school, but we have a team of 35 some kids on it. And you work together during a race, you push each other when your running, you aren't alone, you're surrounded by kids at all times. Even at meets, it's always a fun experience, when you get to make friends by talking to the people who finished in front and behind you.

I too wish you best of luck!


Now that you have admitted that you believe it brings out more emotion than a Cross Country meet, why is there any question left to why it is 95% of homecoming competitive sports? The whole point of homecoming is to bring out the most of everyone's emotions and let them show their school pride. If you can get way more emotion together through cheers and seeing what is happening on the field, then why mess with it as a school? I hate to bring back an old saying but, don't fix what ain't broke. I do believe that you could give every sport their own week, but then homecoming week would just feel like another week and bring out the special feeling of it. Also, at our school, we have a team store to buy all kinds of MVHS gear, including XC and Football.

About those newspaper articles, let me ask you this. Have you ever watched a movie or something at night and gone to school the next day and wanted to talk about it with everyone else, and they actually have a good conversation with you about it? It gives you that great feeling inside and sparks your interest and conversation on a deeper level. That is what it feels like for both the players that played in the game and the people that went to go and watch them and while the same may be true for the runners, deeper conversation can not usually be achieved because there is truly just one kind of event to talk about, "How did you do in the race?".

With the disrespect happening at your school with the football players talking to the other sports players and telling them that football is better, I would first like to point out that you are doing the same thing with Cross Country to football, as am I, but I'm not denying it. I do not believe in dissing someone else's competitive sport (as long as it's an actual sport and not video games or something fake like that). As long as you take it seriously, I will take it seriously too. This may not be the case with all of the football players, but it is true with most of them at my school.

I challenge you to watch a varsity football practice for the high school team and watch what they are doing. I have participated in Cross Country and was a top-middle pack runner so I know what your practices are like, I feel like your view on football could change if you watched and saw one practice. You may notice how they work. You may notice how they think. You may notice how they play like a family would. You may notice that football, may not be what you think it is.

That is all I have for now.
Debate Round No. 2


I am referring to all sports (as I did in my second round), why do they not play a role in homecoming? Not just Cross-Country, but swimming, tennis, and volleyball. The only sport in homecoming is football, what about the other athletes who work hard the entire season? And not necessarily give each sport a homecoming week, just include ALL the sports.

Same goes for the articles and announcements that are made. If it makes the football players feel good, why shouldn't all the other sports receive the same treatment? For volleyball, tell who served, spiked and dug. For tennis, name the players who played excellent games. For cross-country, name who came in first, second, third, and who made new records who themselves or broke a school record. For swimming, tell who came in first, second, and third. See, all sports could be treated equally and all althetes should deserve to have their name announced or wrote about due to an exceptional performance.

I do understand I am biased in my views, yet I don't go around and express myself in a rude way, or so I believe. As do many others, I have found it is normally the kids who play football who make stupid remarks about other sports. Now, it'd be different if I was saying something such as 'Football takes no skill what so ever, and anyone can do it'. Which technically is true, anyone can learn the plays of footbal. But I have not said that it takes no skill, as all sports take a certain level of skill in each area.

And I have watched a many football practices, both high school and middle school. We often run past the practice football field, to complete our mile warm-up. And I'd also like to state I am a Notre Dame Football fan, and have been since I've been a little kid. I've been to many of their home games and eve quite a few away games. I enjoy football, but think at a high school and junior high level, people acts likes it's a big deal than any of the other spots.


I was saving this for the last argument because I didn't know if you did it at your school or not. At Mountain Vista High School almost all of the students go to every (varsity) sporting event of the week which include but aren't limited to, a softball game, a cross country meet, a tennis meet, a football game and a girls volleyball game. Football is not the only sport in homecoming, it is however the finale of the show. This may be because football games are almost always on Friday nights, or the end of the week, there is no better feeling in the world than ending off a hard fought week with your friends, family and most importantly, your team.

I would like to point out that there are 52 people (maximum) on a varsity football team in High School. On the average swim varsity team there are around 30 people and 20 are dedicated. There is only 1 winner so out of 20 people 1 is mentioned. The same is true for Cross Country. There is a huge roster for cross country and so the top 5 are announced for each school. It is not because the school newspaper is biased specifically (they may still be) but because of how many kids are involved or how many kids actually win or matter in what happens.

I would like to also argue that football takes much skill while Cross Country only needs endurance and training to succeed. Football has by far the most sprinting you will ever have out of any sport, both in practice, and in games. Without heart you cannot succeed in any sport, however, I do believe that football takes more than any other sport. To do all of the work for your team and be able to be on the sideline to watch the other half of your team succeed (offense or defense) is exhilarating and makes you feel like you have to do the same or else you have let your team down. After you have put in all of your hard work, you know that when you look at the scoreboard, that is in no doubt the score that you have earned while in Cross Country it is not always the case. You can work your a** off and get 1st place but if your team can't get anywhere close to that, you still lose.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by milesm18 2 years ago
Cross-country, in general, doesn"t have the fan base that football has. In reality, because the NFL makes billions of dollars a year, and players can make millions of dollars- people want to be like them. Fans that enjoy football pay to watch it on a tv or in person. Fans of XC don"t have the ability to see running on tv as often as football, other than for the Olympics (which is also the only time I watch running happen and when I do it is usually just the 100m race because of how short the race last). I have yet to meet someone who has ever ran XC and talk about it in their adult life (unless they coach or something of that sort). But ZetaEleanor, you are wanting more sports to get attention. But that simply won"t happen. Many kids, male or female, don"t dream of becoming a professional XC runner. They might grow up and that is where life takes them, but please find me a 10 year old girl that says she wants to run XC later in life for a living. Even 10 year old girls say they want to play football, which I think is cool and I also have played with a female teammate on my middle school football team. The attention comes from what will happen later in their life, the people around them and their dreams and desires, etc.
Posted by ConserativeDemocrat 2 years ago
Look, I ran Cross Country for 3 years in Middle School, and I have played volleyball for 2 years in high school, going on 3, but football is just better suited for crowds. What are people supposed to watch in a meet? People running? Very exciting.

Or volleyball; the stop and start nature of it, combined with it being played in small gyms during school nights make it less popular then football, a sport played on Friday night in large stadiums.
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Vote Placed by Arganger 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con gets spelling and grammar because pro's first argument was a little hard to follow without any separate paragraphs. Pro made the more convincing arguments, though i felt like a good portion of the time she was arguing more for the other sports being under rated. Con was mostly saying how the recognition of football is good for football, where as pro was arguing for the idea that if all sports got that recognition it would be able to benefit all of them. You both did a good job.

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