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High school attendance should be voluntary

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Started: 5/18/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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High school attendance should be necessary because it would make teachers of more physical topics like Dance, PE, and Drama lose their jobs. This is because the teachers of those subjects wouldn't be able to show their students what to do for their assessment, which would make it pointless for those teachers to be there since they wouldn't be teaching anyone.


I would like to thank the instigator for introducing this debate topic, and in doing so, I hope that there will be a significant clash of arguments.

In this debate, I will assert one initial contention, and then attempt to refute my opponent's arguments thus far.

First, one's ability to choose whether or not to attend any level of education is an effective check to indoctrination. In a world where authoritarian regimes have been routinely established, we as a society must do what is best the individual, and if possible, the greater good. And in this instance, we have to err on the side of making high school attendance voluntary to uphold these values. To quote George Orwell in his famous book 1984, "He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past." It is such, that education is the ultimate level at which individuals can be indoctrinated. Once the government has the ability to mandate enforcement of high school attendance, they retain ultimate ability to spread ideologies they support. In doing so, thought control becomes the status quo in such a society, which if we seek to support individualism and the advancement of society, we have to refrain from promoting this thought control, and ultimately mandatory high school attendance. An empirical example of thought control being a very real thing in the education system, especially in the United States, we only have to look at the campaigns of previous presidents in the Department of Education. During Reagan's term in office, despite running his campaign partially on abolishing the central education agency, used it to his advantage to support ideologies that benefit him, through appointment of a secretary that promotes 'traditional values' My opponent may call into question the option of using private schools rather than public school, however, private schools are still controlled by an apparatus that could, just as easily as the government, support their own ideologies against what is objective, or what is right in a society. We must affirm.

As for my opponent's argument, I would like legitimate, clear reasoning as to why making high school attendance voluntary would make these teachers lose their jobs.
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