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High school cheerleader's are turning wide receivers gay

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Started: 7/2/2018 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Most high school girls in schools are obese and they lose popularity because of it. The only way to gain your popularity is to join the cheerleading team. Lets be honest, nobody wants to hang around a fat person who has been sweating in the sun. This goes for male AND female. When the high school wide receiver catches the ball he will usually run towards the sidelines to dodge the opposing team. However, fat stinky cheerleaders are on the other side of that sideline and they smell like moldy caramelized onions and vinegar. So what does the wide receiver do in a situation like that? He runs towards the other team to avoid the stinky odor and gets dog-piled by a bunch of studs. This tricks the male brain into thinking that letting other men lay on top of you is not so bad after all. Please do your best to prove this wrong.


Obese schoolgirls are moist, popular, loose and oh, fit. Because of the popular hilarity joint, lead your team cheerfully and let's be honest, the person around the hanger was a has been, though his son was a sweet thing who liked the Who. In fact, his goats were lame and miserable. It's dodgy to be side lined and supposing his balls were runny, will he catch a wide one, receiving a highly schooled team usually. When however, cheese dealers slide inside and our Ron moulds other cream lizards, he likes onions and Vinny likes a cigar, swat a dose that's situated wide and you're likely to receive innuendo. Towards the void he runs and mother's tea might be kinky oh dear! Get plied and study a bunch of dogs is the trick. It's not so bad that men lay on top of Brian after a meal, so let the Police do the thinking and wrong proof is always best for sure.
Debate Round No. 1


I agree with everything you're saying. You took my argument and translated it into exactly what I was trying to say. I believe my intellectual capacity will never be the same as yours. However, my claim still stands unproven. Fat stinky cheerleaders turn wide receivers gay.


Surveys indicate that 8 out of 10 cats widely claim they are fat and cheerful, whereas stinky cheese dealers in turn are proven to be gay receivers.

Yes exactly, translatable arguments are trying.

Agreement is everything though. It was good of you to say.

Your actual capacity for intellect, I believe could never be the same as Wills however.

Still, you took my stand.

Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2


Add links of the surveys you're getting your information from. My claim has remained unproven for 2 rounds and i'm more confident than ever about this topic. I made this debate to troll and unfortunately, a troll debating another troll leads to no where. I am glad we came to an agreement in the 2nd round but there was no counterclaim to what I stated. Thank you for participating in this debate and I wish you luck for future debates.


Nurture or nature that is the question.
Are people born gay or do they become gay?
Notwithstanding current Western social pressure, I think it fair to say that the jury is actually still out on this issue.
Why would a bunch of studs want to dog-pile a wide receiver? This would suggest that the whole team was gay.
I would suggest that you're simply misinterpreting traditional football antics and comradery. I would also suggest that you have a somewhat misguided opinion of cheerleaders, maybe as a result of childhood trauma. Perhaps you had five older sisters who would dress you up in skimpy cheerleading outfits and force you to play naughty cheerleading games. Do you still have a penchant for women's lingerie?
Mouldy caramelized onions and vinegar is a very specific and unusual smell combination. I can only suggest that this is something hidden deep within your conscious mind, perhaps the result of childhood trauma. Maybe you were assaulted by the weird bachelor guy next door and he still had pans on the stove from when he had been making chutney the previous day. He had probably been working a night shift and hadn't had time to wash up. Do you have an aversion to pickles? Did he also make jam?
I feel it necessary to make it clear that I do not live underneath a bridge in Scandinavia.

Thanks and have fun debating.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by asta 3 years ago
Cite your claim.
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