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Hilary Clinton vs Donald Trump

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Started: 3/21/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round 1-Acceptance, Round 2-Cases, Round 3-Rebuttals, Round 4-Strictly Defense(no new arguments added)
I will be representing Hilary Clinton's views, and stating reasons why she would be a better president than Donald Trump. Please note that this is a debate of the two lesser evils. I am a libertarian, but I cannot see myself trusting the future of American diplomacy, military, and foreign policy in the hands of Donald Trump.


I am looking very forward to having this debate. I have wanted to express my opinion on Trump, and on Presidential candidate Trump for a long time.
I am aware that I am required to present valid, convincing, and ethical reasons why I would vote Trump instead of Hilary.
I am glad to have this opportunity.
Debate Round No. 1


Donald Trump has motivated racism, impulsivness, and an overwhelming stupidity in his voters. His views are not thouroghly explained, and are very idealistic. Donald Trump is the embodiment of the grassroots anti-establishment Republican. He views himself as one of the most intelligent men alive, and has motivated his religious disciples to believe he is the most intelligent man in the world. In this debate, I will be argueing that Donald Trump is idealistic, naive on policy, and has oversimplified many issues.

C1-Donald Trump's political views and statements
-Ban all Muslims from entering the US First, I will start with the main problems with this.
Global community knows that America supports racism and pregiduce against other peopleMuslims in America will feel alienated resulting in ISIS propaganda becoming more persuasiveIt is is also extremely unconstitutionalEvidence for the global community disliking Trump was shown in the UK. People there created a petition to ban Donald Trump from entering the US. This should be taken into account, because the petition got over 370,000 signatures in the UK, and was actaully debated in Parliament.
Muslims will feel alienated in Donald Trump's administration. Evidence usually shows that when Muslims feel left out and discriminated; radical idealogies will become more persuasive. This does not have to do with their religion, and can be applied to any group of people with any religion.
Many law professors deem it as unamerican as it is unconsitutional to pursue such a ban. The Federal Government cannot ban any religious group from entering the US. They are free to move to America. The Founding Fathers also specifically state the government has secular. There should be no religous persecution here. Banning Islam will cause the government to promote their own religion.
-Donald Trump claims that we have to play ISIS's game
Trump basically declared that the federal government should torture people. In other words, he wants to violate international law. I will outline the problems with this stance.
Torture is immoral, and only proves that we are more like our enemiesTorture seperates the western world from the authoritarian regimes. It shows that we are more humane and civil.Torture violates international law.Torture does not work on religious nuts.Torture is immoral, and I do not see why I should explain myself. We all know that torture is inhumane, and only practiced by the tyrannical.
The western world is supposed to be better when it comes to governing human beings. We all want equality under the law. Authoritarian regimes do not care about lives, and are there to keep there own power. The western world is supposed to be enlightnened.
The US constitution specifically states in the 8th amendment not to resort to cruel punishment. In 1984, Convention against Torture law was put into place. Donald Trump will not only violate the 8th amendment, but will also violate international law.
-Kick out illegal immigrants
People do not realize how significant of an impact do illegal immigrants make on the US economy. Amnesty would be ideal in fixing the situation. Not only did Donald Trump stereotype illegal immigrants by calling them rapists, drug dealers, and immoral people, but he also has created a bad name for himself in Latin America. Here are the reasons why Donald Trump came up with another pathetic idea.
Illegal immigrants make a significant impact on the US economy.Donald Trump has created a bad name for himself in Latin America which will motivate tensions in America's relations with Latin America.Donald Trump generalizes people which already creates a bad president.Illegal immigrants contribute 11 billion dollars to the economy each year. They actually pay higher taxes than the top 1%. There is no evidence that they are drug dealers and rapists. They account for 8% of the gross domestic product.
The Mexican Government has already stated that they are not paying for they are not paying for the wall that Trump wants. The Mexican people are beginning to feel worried. Researchers asked Mexicans what they thought of Donald Trump. One must have an IQ above 95 in order to guess that usually the response is always negative. Trump has created a negative view for himself in that world which will quickly become a negative view of America if he is elected president.
Donald Trump generalizes people. Illegal immigrants make up 5% of the worker population. There is no evidence pointing to all of them being drug dealers. This proes that his decision making skills are not only impulsive, but dumb.

C2-Donald Trump's supporters
I will not do what Donald Trump is amazing at, and generalize his supporters. But, I will give arguments stating how his supporters at his rallies are usually violent and racist.
-Ku Klux Klan supports Donald Trump
The KKK supports Donald Trump which is already a negative indicator that shows that Trump is motivating racists. KKK leader David Duke already endorced Donald Trump. He claimed that he hoped Trump will do everything he hopes he will do. The frightining part about this is that Donald Trump has not condemned this. He has not said anything against the KKK. He acts like he has never heard of this before. This only motivates racism in America.
-Rallies become more and more violent
It is already a problemt that his rallies are becoming more and more violent. Here are the unique reasons why it is a problem when Trump is involved.
Unintended consequences happen such as people getting injured and beaten.Violence in rallies motivates violence outside his rallies. Trump does not condemn any of this.There are already several frightning cases where Trump's supporters have been violent. There were black people protesting in one of his rallies. They were booed obviously by his supporters, but than things started becoming physical. A Trump supporter started beating up a women. This is unacceptable.
There are two alarming cases where a Trump supporter beat up someone of a different skin color. The first case is where a Trump supporter beat up a hispanic man. The Trump supporter was yelling Trum while commiting this crime. There are so many videos on the internet of a Trump supporter beating up a Muslim student. This is simply embarrising for a candidate to have supporters who beat up people of different races.
Trump never condemns any of this. He even is proud of the fact that his supporters commit such acts. He even said he will send supporters at Sander's rallies to disrupt them.
I believe I have provided reasons why Trump should not become president. In conclusion:
Trump has idealistic policies that have so many flaws.He will violate international law as well as the constution.He generalizes people.Racists love him.He promotes violent behavior.



Now, I am Canadian,
and do I want Trump president? Meh, I don't know, as Donald Trump once said, "I do not know David Duke."
But I can avidly defend this case, and the person of Donald Trump, from a current perspective of his person,
Likewise I can avidly attack and scrutinize the Democratic party, with complete disregard for the current president.

My first case, not for Trump but against Hilary is that Arnold Schwartzinager supports her and she endorses everything he and his Californian government stands for. That is a clear indicator of her "clinical" intents as a diplomat to disregard social issues, as well as the function of the democratic party regarding statutory regulations that were put in place to counter Civil war and Complete chaos in America in previous generations.
SLAM DUNK. what is that 2 points? or a SWOOSH! 3 pointer, is what I'd go for, but I feel you'd reject me. ON VOTE TRUMP. 100% - winners argument submitted.

But now, enough about he democrats for Round 1. I am about to exalt my Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump.

1.) Donlad Trump has demonstrated he understand human behaviour. Which is vital to running a government. He has managed to persuade half of his country to completely eradicate the other Republican contenders from the running, without even producing an logic.

2.) Donald Trump, does not reflect his own person behaviour on stage and thus cannot be attacked based on that behaviour. He is entertaining he crowds. He is not winning a Presidential election to enforce a Budget or Agenda, he is demonstrating his own personal power to rule the Court and Control the government from an authoritive position.

3.) Trump IS an authoritive figure, who is capable of maintaining control and authority in a Court. He is assertive, and empowering in the act of taking control, and that prevents the people form taking control of the government from an uninsightful, inconsiderate OR selfish manner (legalizing corruption).

4.) Donald Trump never expressed himself to be racist. He never expressed a bias against ethnicity or genealogy. His broad examples of problems with aliens in America, are very fact based and easily to distinguish. I am sure that he employs MANY, many foreigners within America - Legal foreigners. To assert that he is racist, because he is a Nationalist is a belligerent accusation.

5.) Muslims outside America are not subject to the American constitution. He can reject Muslims. And frankly, I would too. I am Muslim. While their cities are in ruins, how many people leave the encampment to defecate in the desert? 100% I hope or not one was a Muslim, by definition, they rejected the Word of God and thus lack the Devotional services necessary to assert that they are Muslims. THEREFOR, Donald Trump is simply touching on basic Social problems which we as American's do not need.

6.) Donlad Trump does not Hoard his money. His money is banked. Meaning, even if he does not invest it personally in your infrastructure, wages**, economy, etc... the bank is doing so. On an international basis which reinforces the foreign ability to Buy American goods and increase the American Dollar. Basic. Wealth is shared. All my wages are paid by investors. Donald could not possible spend all his money, But 100% of it is always in circulation if it's banked***

7.) Donald Trump may be stupid enough to assert that he can TAKE Saudi oil, by bombing them. But that would mean he'd be at al out international war against Russia and China... So maybe, just maybe. NO not maybe, he's not. He's not that stupid. He's winning votes. WINNER
(***cutting grass with non renewable resources is clinical insanity. Also, is cutting grass with tax dollars and tuition fees for the 'pleasure' of clinically insane elderly and pompous, idiotic "best-of-America" students.***)

8.) Donald Trump, does not reject the votes of groups like the KKK. While the Democrats (opps, sorry for mentioning them again after-all.) endorse prostitution and the wealthy class who are endorsing prostitution advocating agents, Donald Trump simply does not reject the votes of the KKK, without even endorsing their activities.
At all his rallies, the people acting out have all their faces registered, to facial recognition of criminals and insane people*** The people getting involved with those people, set themselves up - They are capable of evaluating security and verifying that if the security prioritized on their issues, then we'd have a genuine Riot***

9.) Donald Trump is competent enough to address the American debt with a pragmatic approach. The republican party focuses on Economics, while the Democrats focus on human rights (like legalizing regulations that prevent social injustice and chaos, slowly and over time, as though undetected, while they ignore the HISTORY of human social sciences indicated they are entirely INSANE and criminal).
Money being controlled by an Elite class does not guarantee corruption, IF there is no prostitution to cater to them (which is a democratic agenda not Republican agenda.). The corruption in the Republic agenda is Human insubordinate - to not submit for a mere Presidential term to change (which does not promise a continued method.).
The republicans also, as an economic boost do not promote an "environmental deteriorating method" as their default.*** and thus a vote for Republic is not a vote against Environmental concerns.

10.) Donald Trump is my friend, in that he has been subjected to the scrutiny of the people, Wrongfully, and uninsightfully, and inconsiderately (for his obvious methods & actions).

11.) His wall is a great Idea. WOOD STOCK 2017, "GoodWALL 2017" the congregation of American Nationalists, working cheap, congregating with likeminded people, learning the trade of steelwork, hoists, transit, management, while getting free music entertainment, community, and cheap food and maybe BEER paid for by the employers. simply to work cheap as American's on their monumental event.

12.) Trump Demonstrates a concern for rapists and criminals at a grass roots foundation. Which is my primary concern. And as an individual striking at the head of the snake he is STILL aware of International Laws and regulations which prevent him from acting out with complete... XD ... intolerability? LOL

13.) Trump gathered the nation, and without once ever expecting hem to respect his actual behaviour, and so he has acquired ultimate power to exert fastest/fascist rule within his legal rights to exert the necessary regulations to improve America with complete disregard fro insolent desires like SEXUAL freedoms.

In the end. whether Trump actually lives up to my standards is partly due to my ability to know his intentions, as well as the capacities the Republic give him (the senate) which was how I perceived Obama's Presidency as a.. a failure - to some extent: As it was certainly not an utter failure.. outside homosexuality, which was enforced by not him, but the Senate of idiots,
(homosexuality is the subliminal, passive and active advocating of anal, oral and masturbation to children, womanizers, depressed people, sex victims, handicaps, elderly, celibate couples and bigots openly in public, schools, media and the work place. All of which are illegal acts which police snuff-off, teachers support and employers are intimidated by. homosexuality is criminal insanity that the Court forced down our throats to advocate prostitution to women for the elite class to hire in California and Cuba.)
He is still the best candidate we have. or America will just be controlled by other wealthy people who want to dip their grubby fingers in the pot. Trump will watch how much they take, and after his presidency follow them like a lost dog to get his money back.

Vote Trump? (:;
Debate Round No. 2


Ariesx forfeited this round.


I propose that When Donald Trump is voted in as President we all go down to the Boarder, as a Team - the True American Team - and build Donald Trump his GOODWALL in this great celebration of WallSTock
for a minimum wage.
or a few free beers, our lunchin' meat, the congregation of America's awesomest, free labour-education in steel working, metal refining, construction and management, and really Jam tot hose tunes that will be provided for free by the congregation at large.
YEE-AHH! WALLSTOCK 2016 as charitably provided by the Administration of Trump.

Now now, that we are all going to be there, even Me - the Canadian - let us review again why this is a celebration worth commemorating, and not an event we should wait for until another president is elected.

Now Trump might seem off the ball, oblivious, off base - BUt what? I never heard a politician say anything meritable or in reference to a question they were asked, or regarding an issue they were addressing once in my entire life. They all use disillusionment. Trump tells us, he sees this problem, he exemplifies it. He doesn't handle this kind of behaviour when other's use it. He can structurally point out the problem.

For instance, Trump Told us straight up, Mexican's are criminals and Rapists and cartel members etc...
Yeah well I was in Mexico for 5 months 3 years ago, and everyone there told me the same thing. The 2 years before that, I got robbed, three times. I was there for 1 month.
But that isn't the point.
The point is that when people accused Trump of generalizing the problem,a dn pointing the finger at the wrong crowd,
He ignored them.
He told us straight up, and loud. You are to stupid to be addressed if you literally think I am calling all Mexican's "rapist criminals and cartel members."

Now if we really wanna touch base with what is wrong about this society. Let's watch ZEITGEIST, 'the imbeciles guide to shooting yourself in the foot.'
Zeitgeist tells you that Debt Collectors are a malevolent circle of self feeding illusions that somehow produce economy.
NO.. Debt collectors take the debt not paid to a service provider, like a Home owner, or a car salesman and pays the debt so he can live on the money you owned him. And then the debt collector takes your fictitious money that you pretend you still have and takes it straight out of your credit line because you refuse to give anything back.
notice the use of the word "you", as a general term.
But wait, your still confused. How can one invest in debt?
The debt collector pays the debts face value, but he des it out of his own pocket, and provides the service of hounding he culprit. SO he takes profit on top for your arrogant refusal to own up. We invest in this profit so that the Company can buy more debt. YOU see, the debt collector didn't MAKE money, they were invested in by real people who gave them money to buy Debts to get your asss's out of those houses.
You owe US(EH!) money for the calamity you caused this nation = Debt collectors.

but that's not it. Trump is gonna make this nation great again.
He gives us pride. If we have such an authoritive leader, We don't say, "trump Trump solve my every problem. I am lazy and indulgent and unambitious. DO it for me." We say, "Trump, I wrote a revision of the Education system. Submitted it for review, and Get someone to do this Pronto. These people are idiots and we can fix it with a ruler. I mean fawk, how can a 'smart' call themselves Americas educated and cut grass with taxes and tuitions fees."

So we go on to say. Trump makes it easy for me to get things done as the little guy. because All I have to do it prove my point ,and it's as hard as that. WE DONT NEGOTIATE HILARY. BAMN!

This is a winners candidate. America sees it. We se through the Lies. We see the points being made in the games being played. We are not oblivious. WE WANT TRUMP!
the people who don't, are the people who hide from the daylight and await a Rapture that was never promised or alluded to in any scripture. Like the stupid people who call themselves 'hippies' , because they support liberal freedom - aka Social injustice, negligence, self indulgence and self righteousness, and Chaos!

Need I say More? Yes Of course I do. We are about to have a Trump card for President!

Racist! WHAT! You call keeping Indians out of this country racism? How so, They ran out of food, shelter and resources to live over there comfortable, and they come here to do the exact same thing. Breed, eat, and do something they call "Zen" and just twaddle away resources for no good reasons.
I get it, your calling us hypocrites. WAit, I know, hold that thought.
It is not that I am attacking individuals. I am attacking a culture. The Big Rat culture. India, has some 37 languages, Europe calls this a National Union, India says we have one super rat infesting hem all and syphoning like a typhoon.
On an individual level, they all think and do the same thing by default.
I like them as people, individuals, their genes, skin, langauges, culture .. -ish. BUT I am sorry, You can identify someone with poor parenting from a mile off, and they have a colonial error in judgement.
They have perks, they do I know that. I love many things about heir country, people, religions, cultures, and practical wisdom of day to day living in Peace and co-existence.
We however, Have a problem too. We're a melting pot that has never had the chance to resolve our own issues. We never got there yet. We don't need a parasite living on our wounds. They don't do their own thing. They take our money, jobs, and houses. Patronize us from authoritive educated titles AND GIVE nothing Back. So, how are we to stand up straight in a war zone, when their heads are poking up from behind the bunker showing we are here, look they're annoying and marketing things to us.

racist.. :S (that is my joke. You use that in a comedy act I'll cut you if you don't quote me, "Gordon Fiala". {because I love them. I'm just a realist.})

So let's talk OIL!.
Bomb em away.
A muslim, has no right to RAPE his slave, nor have adulterous sex with her. He can marry an unwed woman who he owns, But she is his wife if he touches her with that pens. SHe is freed of bondage by principal. If she is good enough to sleep with for a Muslim SHE IS Good in Allah's eyes.
s that What I am seeing there? Or are they using the Lord's name in vain to make atheist everywhere say, "Religion? what is that, idiocy?" No. those aren't muslims. Those are atheists who openly admit they are atheists, act strictly like atheists, and have evaluated and preach scriptures from the uncritical mindset of a Doushbag knob atheist who is holding enmity against God.
Admittedly, ISIS has three faces:
~ those whoa re Muslims, who want to kill womanizers, rapists, criminals, perverts, corrupt politicians, blasphemers in the church, lazy doushes etc.. slutts who enable those people.
~ those whoa e atheists strictly trying to attack christianity and Islam at the same time by spreading false understanding of one, and pitching them against one another, thus making all spirituality seem questionable enough women enables atheist womanizers and immature men and corrupt people.
~ and also the creed that is a fictitious element of poor atheist journalism.

But we can't just go on about how Trump has every God given Right to completely shut down the ARAB state,
Unless you wanna ask the People of America, what do you want to do with that Oil? Trump will take it, as your Voice. That's on you, how you spend the oil.

Anyone who wants to legalize homosexuality, doesn't know what it looks like. That's what I say tot he Democrats.
Debate Round No. 3


Ariesx forfeited this round.


Well today is the day my friends that we commemorate, that Trump was the most viable candidate available through my judgement between Hilary Clinton's administration and that of Donald Trump.

I would be honor to have Donald Trump as the president of the USA. However. I am not sure who Hilary is running against for her Presidential candidacy. SO perhaps democrats are actually a viable government.

Donald Trump, is an American, and as such, his lack of presidency will not stop him form contributing to the actual positive beneficial characteristics of being America. It would only inhibit his ability to contribute to the full extend of his capability.
Bureaucracy is a good thing. it prevents corruption. Being president removes the barriers of bureaucracy which make initiatives take a long time, get corrupted between points A and B, it gives power to people at varying intervals if - thus leaving clear blueprints as to whom screwed up. If Trump, with his mean demeanor forgoes the patronization of those individuals, as he clearly would, He can maximize his efficiency. - Not making rules. Playing by them without having to deal with the playground kids that don't take a seat when hit with the dodge ball.

You can't let idiots push you around or take any authority as President. You represent the strong demeanor of USA's High moral standard, and omnipotent presence. That presence stands for our international and national security by maintaining control of the population and not giving the Liberties they are to juvenile to grapple with or even deserve.

God damn highschool orgies make me wanna run for president of the KKK. I'm racist against assholess. I think they'd vote me in.

Trump wins my vote as a Canadian bystander, not because of what I think it will do for Ameerica, but because of what I think Trump is capable of.
I do not think America's future is predictable. I don't see he interior or exterior elements that effect it. But I not think Trump will be surrounded with pompous buffoons who will take the stern.

hate for homos and prostitutes, lazy boyfriends and drug addicts, and people who disillusion the significance of debate/discussion by asserting importance on minutia which is meager {or someone else's delegated responsibility), making false accusations and using ignorance as the stance for defence {ie. "NAO! HOW!" = not a sufficient method of attaining the explanation. How'd you say, 'no' prior to indicating you had not capacity to make the remark.' [opposition prior to rational contemplation.]) or people who simply don't give a fawk.

~Vote Trump for President
if you wanna see him dish it out.

Of course. actually expect a greater performance from his Presidential election then the show he has presented, in order to verify if he demonstrates coherency (a desire to lead). - in which case the government set up a coo to elect Hilary intentionally. BASTARDS!
U. S. A.! U. S. A.!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
he he he
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
If Trump doesn't take his presidential election seriously We were ensnared in a Full Democratic government. They'll be able to do anything with next to zero resistance from the National Committee.
We're about to have a democratic fascism in a land where propaganda is too easy.

Burnie Sanders has got this.
the only good thing to come from this is that Burnie Sander's is about to give the elderly some respect in the media.

Democrats are legalizing Polygamy for the rich. XD lol. that's game boys. the Liberals are about to give anyone who has money anything they ask for.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
I'm racist against assholess

If you use the lord's name (wisdom) you are charged with blasphemy, and cataclysm will ensue. Guaranteed.

So I suggest, you pass good incentive on if you ever express a form of racism to prevent prejudice and


Posted by Ariesx 2 years ago
Sorry, had to travel. You have conduct.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
ah ha ha. XD
well round 2 wont be as fun... Oh wait. yes it will.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
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