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Hillary Clinton Is a Werewolf

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Started: 1/8/2017 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hi, I say that Hillary Clinton, the 2016 Presidental Canidate, is a Werewolf.
I must prove Hillary is a Werewolf, while my opponent must prove she is not.

Werewolf: A Human with the ability to shapeshift into a Human-Wolf Beast

First round is acceptance only.


Alright! I am curious to see the theory behind Hillary Clinton being not just any type of a shapeshifter, but specifically a werewolf.
Debate Round No. 1


Alright, I'll get started. Also, just so you know, I don't actually believe Hillary is a werewolf, I was just bored and decided to do an interesting, and strange debate.

1. The Obvious Evidance

Every reasonable person knows that werewolves are the mortal enemies of lizard people. Therefore we can conclude Hillary is trying to dethrone the reptillian goerment that is controlling the world. However being a werewolf, she would make the world a lot worse if she became president. This explains her hatred of Obama, who is a lizard person.
Obama endorsed her, not knowing she was a werewolf, so she could be the reptillian proxy in the U.S. Government. From there she would have attempted to do a worldwide reptilian genocide.

2. Photographical Evidance
Hillary Clinton has been caught in the act of transforming into a werewolf many times. Here are a couple.

1) You can look at the image below, and see she is starting to grow fangs. This is quite unnatural.
You can only conclude she is in the process of becoming a werewolf.

2) Here is another picture showing the growing of fangs and the absence of lips.
Once again, she is in the process of becoming a werewolf

3) If you look at the image below, you will notice the large fangs.
Now you can tell this isn't normal. Nobody has fangs, especially like that. She must be in the middle of the process of turning into a werewolf.

3. Video Evidance
The video below shows a dummy (literally) comparing Hillary to a Werewolf. As you can tell Hillary and Werewolves are extremely similar.
This shows that the actions of werewolves and hillary are very similar, showing Hillary has a good chance of being one.

4. Alien Evidance
Hillary is quite interested with the idea of aliens. Why? Because she is a werewolf from the moon! She knows about them already and wants the public to know so they can unite and overthrow the alien-reptillian government!

I rest my case here, hoping everybody can see how Hillary is a werewolf.
Once again just so everybody knows, I don't believe Hillary is a werewolf, I'm just doing this for fun.
Vote Pro!


First I want to mention, that I will argue that Hillary Clinton is not a werewolf, under the assumption that werewolves are real.

First my rebuttal:
1. The NOT so Obvious Evidence:
It is a well-known theory, even more than werewolves being the mortal enemies of lizard. That reptilian shapeshifters are control of the U.S government, and that they only pass the presidency from one reptilian shapeshifter to the other.
So, there is NO WAY Bill Clinton 42nd President of the United States from 1993 to 2001 who is a reptilian himself, and the husband of Hilary, could not notice that she is his species "mortal enemy".

2. Photographical Evidance - look at the eyes!
1) the following link you provided, shows Hillary's eyes clearly.
Now I want you to compare these eyes with wolve's eyes
And Lizard's eyes
The eyes don't look like a wolf at all! not even close to it. However, it does look like a lizard's eyes a lot.

3) that is obviously photoshopped and it can be found from this website which has a lot of other photoshopped pictures

3. Video Evidence.
It is very funny, however, we all behave a bit loony sometimes. this does not prove that she is a werewolves.

4. The article quotes Clinton saying "He has made me personally pledge we are going to get the information out," Clinton said. "One way or another. Maybe we could have, like, a task force to go to Area 51." Well? did she? no! because there is no such thing! it is a satire website

Now my argument:
Under popular belief, werewolves have stronger physical attributes than mere men, and they turn on full moons.

1) She does not have the physical strength and health of a werewolf
Infact, Hilary Clinton has been sick during her debate against Donald trump, and he used that to make her seem weak, hence losing her few points with the people.

2)Appearances during a full moon.
24/1/2016 Was a full moon night, yet, instead of turning into a werewolf. Hillary Clinton was giving speeches at various places. One of the speeches was even inside of a church.

Sources :

And that sir, is how I prove that there is no way that Hillary Clinton is a werewolf or else she would've turned in front of everyone.

// external note: stop saying you don't believe what you are saying. Debate as if you do, that is the rule of the game.
Debate Round No. 2


Rebutting my Opponents Rebuttals:
R1. Obvious Evidence
While my opponent is right in saying Bill Clinton is a reptilian, however he doesn't know Hillary is a werewolf. Why? Because the real Bill Clinton is dead. He died shortly after he met Hillary. Hillary killed him once he found out she was a Werewolf. Hillary then got a werewolf look-alike to dress up as Bill, and the two of them infiltrated the reptilian government.

R2. Photographical Evidence
1) In the link Hillary's eyes don't look like a lizards. The pupil isn't narrow enough, her iris should be much larger, and the sclera is still visible. This are all common traits of lizard eyes. The wolf's iris is more like Hillary's. Also you should know she is midway though transformation, so all of the effects are not yet visible.

2) Con didn't address my second photograph

3) Hillary wants you to think it is photo-shopped. After it got on the internet, Hillary forced the owner to put it on the site to make it seem photo-shopped. She couldn't take it off the internet, or the reptilians would be suspicious to why she is frantically deleting "fake" werewolf photos of her.

R3) This shows the similar characteristics between Hillary and Werewolves. She has to be a werewolf, because reptilians don't act like that.

R4) The reason Hillary didn't send a task force to area 51, is because she never became president, and had the power to do so.

Refuting Con's Arguments:
1) Yes, Hillary plays the pity card around the public eye, just to get the vote, when in-fact she is a strong man-eating werewolf!

2) This is easy. Hillary had a non-werewolf body double to due the speech for her.

Once again I rest my case here, hopefully Con can see how Hillary is a werewolf.
Vote Pro!


Rebutting my opponents rebuttal over my rebuttal:

1) Obvious Evidence: The burden of proof is on you in this case. Meaning, you need to prove this theory right.
2) Photographic Evidence: my eyes tell me that it looks like a lizard, I shall leave the judging to the voters.
->2. The second photograph was not addressed, because Hillary conveniently noticed the cameras and closed her eyes to not expose her reptilian pupils. However, she didn't care about her mouth as they are used as a distraction at best.
->3. whether or not that is true is unknown, as we can only see it is photoshopped. So either she succeeded in her plan or there is no plan. That shall also be left to the judges, but I strongly believed that the photoshopped is not a conspiracy theory, but the picture actually being photoshopped.

Second rebuttal point:
1) Hilary didn't play the pity card around the public card, because that made her lose rather than win. She received more backlash for hiding it, and it was used by her candidate opponent as a weapon for her being weak.
2. The body double is A BODY DOUBLE not a voice double. So she had to be there to speak by herself.

I guess next round we just sum up our own thoughts rather than rebuttals and leave the rest to the judges.
// external : btw, this is the best 5am debate I ever had.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent guessed next round is just summing up thoughts. Rebutting is allowed for round 4, however no new arguments or questions may be bought up.

Rebutting the Rebuts my opponents rebutted over my rebuttals:
1) Obvious Evidence:
They recently discovered Bill's death, due to the constant attention on the Clinton's during the election. However, they though it was suicide and that it was a lot sooner. Hillary told everyone they were lying when they found out.
Hillary also preserved bill's body due to cryogenic freezing.

2) Photographic Evidence:
R1: Fine we will leave it up to voters, however I think it looks nothing like a lizard's eye. Keep in mind if Hillary was a reptilian, the pupil should be more narrow, her iris should be much larger, and her sclera shouldn't be visible, as those are all characteristics in lizard eyes.

R2: My opponent glosses over the fact that Hillary's teeth look like a fangs, just like a wolf.

R3: Very well, we shall leave the third photograph's authenticity up to the voters.

Rebutting my Opponents Arguments.
1) Hillary ATTEMPTED to play the pity card. She thought a majority of Americans would vote for her because of this. However, the plan backfired when she got backlash and Trump used it against her.

2) She had a body double with a voice altering microphone (Yes, voice altering microphones are an actual thing). This Microphone made her sound like Hillary Clinton.

I thank my opponent for this wonderful debate. I also will remind her that rebutting is allowed for round 4, however no new arguments or questions may be bought up. With that I end here.
Hopefully all of you can see how Hillary Clinton is a Werewolf.
Vote Pro!


I also thank my opponent for this wonderful debate, that will forever help me prove that you can debate and prove everything.

Rebutting the Rebuts my opponents rebutted over my rebutted rebuttals:

R2) She was in mid shift, so obviously her eyes were not as slit as they should be, as she was attempting to retain her human form. But wolf's eyes wouldn't need to be slit, they would just remain round even upon transforming.

1) it only way after she started receiving criticism that she confirmed she was ill, she could've changed her play if it was a lie.
2) Yes, the famous Clinton body doubles. However, the internet is a scary place they take the slightest pictures and compare them to see if there is a body double or not.
Why would she use a body double mid day if she had strong physique and was not sick?

Alright, to sum up my own points:
1) physical appearance
She has slit eyes. Hence, she can't be a werewolf that has round eyes.

2) Her health.
Werewolves have stronger physique, but Hilary Clinton has displayed signs of mortal illnesses.

3)She DOES appear in public during full moon nights without turning.

Again, this was a wonderful argument, thank you for making it entertaining.
Debate Round No. 4
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by PengWing 1 year ago
@S.S_NZ agreed. This is just really fun. I actually wasted so long searching for a date that proves Hillary Clinton was in public on a full moon night.
Posted by S.S_NZ 1 year ago
lol this will be interesting
Posted by CaptainCrustacean 1 year ago
Probably just come back tomorrow, or later tonight. I'm doing other stuff right now.
Posted by PengWing 1 year ago
Note: I will not argue whether or not werewolves are real.
For this debate, I will assume they are, thus debating the question whether Hillary Clinton is one or not.

BTW, any chance you are going to post within the next hour? or should I come back on a different day?
Posted by CaptainCrustacean 1 year ago
Posted by PengWing 1 year ago
@CaptainCrustacean don't worry, If you can prove it so be it.
I recommend you look up some reptilian conspiracy theory videos.
I am sure this will be fun.
Posted by CaptainCrustacean 1 year ago
It should be noted, I don't believe Hillary is a werewolf. I am just bored.
Posted by S.S_NZ 1 year ago
When you try to debate that she is indeed a "werewolf" you may even want to put some actual evidence into this if you want to prove your point. At least that's what I think
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