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Hip Hop's Portrayal Of Drug Use is a positive one on average, And should be CRITICIZED

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Started: 7/11/2019 Category: Society
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I will try to keep this short and simple. If much research including Edward Bernays research from the early century shows that positive portrayals in entertainment do have an effect on people then someone explain to me why hip hop has been exempt by many anti-drug use campaigns and sadly by most of academia. "Truth. Org" also agrees with most of what I said except they include a clause at the end their statement to protect their own tribe, By exempting bad behaviors that are of cultural importance. I advice you do not start from the point they created about cultural importance because it is the most logically flawed.

Hip hop and mainstream holly wood for the most part go more unregulated then any industry that comes to mind. The point that I am arguing is that Hip Hop specifically should be OPEN to criticism and to take it a step further it should have already been criticized by academia because of the amount of minors that consume it as entertainment.

Statistics for rise of Hip Hop among newer generation( and the previous)
https://www. Statista. Com/statistics/253915/favorite-music-genres-in-the-us/

TRUTH Initiative
https://truthinitiative. Org/sites/default/files/media/files/2019/07/WUWS-SOD-FINAL. Pdf

I will not include the psychological research as it is locked behind my colleges research engine, Also the majority of people that study psychology should already know the research I am citing. I have many other abstracts that further support this narrative that I will not be posting here out of respect for the authors since it is not free information exactly.
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Well I knew someone would eventually ruin the conversation if I did not lock it down to have requirements. I would also like to add that this individual who is acting racist publicly is most likely not even racist in the way his post would have you believe but nothing more then an obvious race bating troll.
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Posted by Dr.Franklin 1 week ago
Hip Hop sucks except for Logic, Eminem and Tupac
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