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Historical parallel

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Started: 7/9/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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The only things missing from trump rallies are brown shirts, black and white footage, and torches. No good will come of this. For anyone. I would hate for the aftermath to be Americans finally being judged on the world stage. I have spoken up, I have spoken out, and have screamed on the hilltops. I do not want to be lumped in with the rest when the world judges us as a whole.


I can't tell what you mean by this, but I'm assuming that you're against the rallies. These rallies are probably the only good thing going on in America right now. Trump is a horrible president, and the entire country is about to implode on itself, with all the gun control problems, the despicable immigration prison camps, racism, police brutality, the abortion debate, the threat of nuclear war, the fact that we have a white-supremacist narcissistic president leading us, and who knows what else is happening. And what has our president done to help fix any of this? he deserves to be rallied against. As for our image? The rest of the world should hate us! We've bombed and destroyed more places than we can name, we pulled out of a climate change deal, withdrew from the human rights council, have had over 100 mass shootings this year. Despite the brainwashing that we've all been fed, America has never been a good country, and it's about time people realized this.
Debate Round No. 1


First post so sorry if it seems like I"m just feeling my way thru:
I was trying to draw a parallel to another historical figure that had rallies after the race.
Somehow I was expecting a pro trump to jump all over it.
I was just wanting to state my observation that there was once an elected head of state that did the same thing.
Wouldn"t be the first to do it, but this one seems ominously close to something that I will be held accountable for even though I railed against it.
Similar nature To illustrate: At a political rally I say any dissenters take them out and beat them up I will pay for your legal expenses. Lock up my dissenters. I don"t have to pay taxes i"m the fuhrer. Someone other than our own people is to blame. Separate the parents from the children so they put up less of a fight, then separate the women from the men so the men put up less of a fight, then gas them all


Alright, I'm sorry, I officially have no clue what it is you're saying. Are you agreeing with me? I cannot tell if the last paragraph is what Trump is saying or what you are saying. Did you go to the rallies against Trump, or do you think that the Rallies shouldn't have been held?

What I'm going to guess, is that you were simply comparing Trump to another historical figure who was just as bad as him (there have been many, I'm not sure which one you mean, though), and you don't want America to be judged for Trump's actions. (If that's what you're saying, then (while America has been very problematic since long before trump was president) I agree). As for the last paragraph, that does seem to be what Trump is saying: (in extremely simplified terms) "I am great, and those who disagree with me should be punished. I am right, and i will weaken my opponents through force and through abusing my power." I think we agree, but I'm very sorry, i don't understand your wording.
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