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Hit women back!

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Started: 4/12/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think men should have the right to hit a woman back, its only fair. first round acceptance, and state your opinion.


I do not think men should have the right to hit women back, as it is not kind nor courteous, and it goes against the basic principles of being a gentleman.
Debate Round No. 1


First off: Kind nor courteous isnt an argument, kind and courteous is relative and subjective. Someone has to come up with those standards.

seconds off: chivalry is dead, and feminism killed it. chivalry is based off the ideals of us men respecting women (opening doors, not hitting back, etc.) because they are weaker, if anything that's an insult to women. Like would you hit a Chihuahua if they bit you? i think not!

If we want to respect women we must treat them equally, like men!

third point: Some people say "Women are much weaker then men" well if a women has the BALLS to hit a man, like a man, they are gonna get hit back just like any man! I would never hit a woman FIRST, then it would be wrong. But if a women is manly enough to hit me they are manly enough to get hit back!
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
@reggee you are mentally retarded
Posted by Debatwinnerpro 3 years ago
Posted by Debatwinnerpro 3 years ago
words never work....
Posted by Duke1990 3 years ago
You should not hit a woman back, ever. Leave. Its not about being a gentleman, its about having the moral high grand. Same principle if someone was to get violent of the same sex. i am not sure of your ages, but as you grow older you learn to solve your problems with words and you learn that this is much more effective.

I do agree with the other comments outlined below.

There is fundamental flaw in society's view/expectation that men do not get abused and/or are tougher physically and emotionally thus should get over being physically abused. The fact is men do get abused, but because of social stereotypes do not report it and let it go; further to this even if they were report it to the law enforces, in most cases it would be dismissed and laughed at.

Males and females deserve to live in a world of equality, and no violence. Women have pushed for so many rights, and rightfully so, but they are over doing it and it is now causing inequality for men.
Posted by Bitch_Goddess 3 years ago
Honestly, I gotta agree
I think it's absolutely hypocritical for it to be alright for women to hit men but considered unmannerly only when a guy decides to hit back.
Posted by Debatwinnerpro 3 years ago
agreed, and like i said, i would never hit a woman first. only second!
Posted by Debatwinnerpro 3 years ago
agreed, and like i said, i would never hit a woman first. only second!
Posted by mossbeboss2 3 years ago
I agree that men should be allowed to hit a women back. Well, first of all, they are allowed to now, as long as it's self defense; there's just a societal pressure to not do so. I am a female, and personally I know many women that are just jerks. Even though it's chivalrous to not hit a women, some might deserve it, mainly if they (the women) are physically abusing the man/men. Besides, the whole origin of the thought that men shouldn't hit women comes from the thought that it wouldn't be fair to the women. A.K.A men are too strong and women are too weak, therefore, the men could hurt the women too much. This is definitely not true and is completely stereotypical. Also, it's illegal to hit someone for any reason other than if you "had no choice and had to do so in self defense." So, if the guy is just hitting some random girl, then they shouldn't do that because it's illegal, but if they have to do so in self defense, they shouldn't be worried about "chivalry". Basically, what I'm saying is that guys shouldn't feel like they have to treat women any differently then they treat men because they don't. :)
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