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Hitler Did Nothing Wrong

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Started: 2/11/2021 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 months ago Status: Debating Period
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I will leave the floor open as I am sure this thread will quickly be removed. I do not want to articulate my points just to be immediately shoahed by debate. Org mods. I look forward to discuss and I would prefer that you go first, But I am open to whatever.


Alright, This is just ridiculous.
Hitler was one of the worst people in human history.
He killed thousands of Jews.
I think that explains my point for this round.
If he committed genocide against thousands of innocent people, I'm pretty sure he was bad.
Debate Round No. 1


Claim: "Hitler killed thousands of Jews"

Wow. . Not even I believe that. I think at this thing the only appropriate thing to do would be to contact the ADL and report your account for these concerning holocaust denials. . .

But I digress. Yes, Hitler killed somewhere around 270, 000 Jews as was stated in the famous Red Cross report taken just prior to the end of the war. My argument against your point is as follows: The Jews deserved it and the Jews are no more than wild beasts.

To support the notion that the Jews deserved it, Let"s consider the role they took in Germany prior to Hitler"s rise to power. As it was then, It is still the case today in regards to the Jewish control of the media, Lending institutions, Political offices, The support of degenerate liberal ideals such as transgenderism and homosexuality.

So was the holocaust not necessarily immoral? No, The holocaust was not immoral. Sure, Many individuals may have been killed by soldiers within the camps, But this was a rare occurrence which was probably a result of crimes committed within the camps. The majority of Jews did not die at the hand of German soldier, But rather from diseases such as infectious typhus and from starvation which occurred after the bombing of key transportation junctions by the allies which inevitably hinderEd the shipment of food and other supplies to the various camps.
So let me reiterate why there was nothing wrong with the holocaust: You wouldn"t call the judge who sentences the criminal to prison an immoral man, No, You would say that this judge enabled justice and has done the right thing.
Hitler was simply a judge who sentenced the criminal Jews to prison (not to death).

The camps were actually quite pleasant, There were several amenities for the prisoners to pass their time with, Such as bunny breeding, Swimming, Librarys, Choirs, Movie theatre, Filmmaking club, A postal office to send letters for free, A cantina to buy things such as cigarettes, And there were even maternal wards. Why would there be a maternal ward in a death camp?

To my opponent, I wish to argue that you are jewish, Therefore you are inherently invalid as my opponent.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by AdolfMosley 7 months ago
Debate me on my new post leaning
Posted by Leaning 7 months ago
Well, Pro being a troll seems likely now, After Pro's round 2.
Though there 'are plenty of insane/delusional/stupid people in the world.
Either way though.
Posted by AdolfMosley 7 months ago
230, 000 represents the total amount of deaths, It is not specifically intentional killings, But also death due to disease and starvation
Posted by bestdebater100 7 months ago
So the babies did stuff wrong? No judge will ever kill babies and sentence them to prison (Except in the society we are in today will they do kill babies but that's beside the point) so Hitler was not like a good judge. And don't even start that jews support transgender and all that stuff. It is even forbidden in the Jewish bible. You can't possibly claim that all those "230, 000" jews deserved it.
Posted by Leaning 7 months ago
Even 'if a person's 'ethics could line up behind a number of Hitler's policies, The man made a lot of choices regardless of morality that were mistakes.

Take for example all his micromanaging of the military, This failure to finish off the British forces at Dunkirk.
His choice in allies such as Italy, Which kept getting stomped militarily, And the Japanese, Which led to America's involvement in the war.
His decision to let his doctor inject and prescribe numerous drugs, Which many think led to his increasing deterioration over the years.

The man 'was a ballsy politician, Unafraid of gambling for victory, Focused on 'his vision of Germany and it's people.
Capable of innovative thought, Capable of rallying people behind his rhetoric.
Able to disregard the lives of others.

I also disagree with his ethics and morals, But I'd rather read someone else lay that out.
Posted by AdolfMosley 7 months ago
I am completely serious, I will concede one point however. Hitler made only one mistake and it was killing himself.
Posted by 17designer 7 months ago
no offense, But are you trolling?
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