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Hitler Probably Didn't Die In 1945

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Started: 4/15/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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My Standard Boilerplate

Round 1- Acceptance, Historical Background, and Definitions only.
Round 2- Constructive Arguments only.
Round 3- Free choice.
Round 4- Rebuttals/Defences only.
Round 5- Closing Remarks. No new rebuttals/defences/responses/arguments may be made in this round. You may, however, make fresh cross examinations of points, using your own points.

Any rule violation constitutes an immediate loss of conduct points.

Forfeiting more than 1 round constitutes a full 7 point loss.

The BOP is shared.


Hitler - Adolf Hitler. Leader of Nazi Germany during WWII.

Death - the result of dying: the action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism.

Life - the existence of an individual human being or animal.

Probably - What is probable is the more likely of two outcomes. If the Pro proves that is more likely that Hitler didn't die (rather than die) in 1945, then Pro has won the argument.


I accept!

I would request that my opponent holds off a bit before posting his argument because I will be busy this Easter weekend.
Debate Round No. 1


Pros Case

1. Life and Death

(A) The Lack of Proper Forensics.

Many would claim that there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that Adolf Hitler did in fact die in the Fuhrerbunker in 1945. In fact, that is the case my opponent is supposed to be making. But what evidence is there for this? Historians claim that the idea that he died is scientific fact, but what is this other than a senseless appeal to authority? The only evidence that has ever been presented to say definitively that Hitler died in the bunker, is the skull that was found in the bunker.

But recent DNA test have shown that that particular skull belonged to a very young woman. (1)

There is an overwhelming lack of evidence to prove that Adolf Hitler died in that bunker!

(B) New Evidence.

Nowadays, more and more documents and files are being declassified regarding WWII, and experts are finally accepting that Hitler didn't die in 1945. Books such as The Grey Wolf: Hitlers Escape and Hitler's Exile have recently brought new evidence to light that shows that it is actually quite likely that Adolf Hitler fled Germany before the fall of Berlin, and escaped to South America. (2) (3) There are many reportings of Nazi boats and submarines landing in South America, and there are even CIA records that indicate that leaders such as FDR actually knew that Hitler had fled.

Refuge wasn't sought by Hitler alone. Escaping was actually a trend amongst upper-level Nazis.

(C) Other escapees.

Many other Nazi celebrities escaped to South America following the collapse of the Third Reich. Josef Mengele and Otto Adolf Eichmann were both known escapees who went on to live in South America. Many Nazi leaders were taken to South America to seek refuge, is it so far fetched to assume that the evacuation of the Fuhrer wasn't at least attempted?

2. Living on.... in our hearts.

(A) The Ripples of Hitler.

If I can prove that Hitler probably "existed" after 1945, then I have won this debate (as per the definitions set out in round 1). As the definition of existing was not provided in Round 1, I will argue that because Hitler affected many modern peoples, he did, in a sense, "exist."

Considering the number of movies made about Hitler, the number of books written, and his influence has been palpable amongst groups such as the skin heads. Because Hitler continues to affect and change society today, he "exists."

(B) Christianity and the Immortal Spirit.

In Christianity, it is argued that every person is born with an immortal spirit that never truly dies. Many other religions include this as well, sometimes in the form of reincarnation. Even if my oppont can somehow by some miracle sufficiently convince you that Hitler may have died in the physical sense, my previous point and this one still are enough to warrant an affirmative vote. Hitler's soul would exist, even after his death. If Hitler's soul existed, then he fits the definiton of "life" and therefore is not "dead."



4. Common sense


Con's Case

As my opponent laid forth in the first round, this round will be used for my constructive arguments only.

I. Hitler's Death

It is widely and well known that Hitler committed suicide inside his bunker on April 30th 1945. He killed himself and then his body was taken by Heinz Linge up to the Reich Chancellery garden [1]. There the body was burned in the presence of Linge and Goebbels [1]. The bodies were then dumped and covered [2]. On May 2nd, the bodies were discovered by Soviet troops who took possession of the body [2].

The reason why the body was kept secret was that the Soviets did not want the body becoming a rallying place for occupied Germany or remnant Nazis after the war [2]. His body was stored by the Soviets until 1970 when the remains were completely destroyed for good [2][3] Access and knowledge of Hitler's body was severely limited by the Soviets which is what gave rise to so many conspiracy theories about Hitler's actual death. However, today the circumstances of his death are well known and corroborated.

If we use logic and respect multiple historical and modern sources we see that the evidence overwhelmingly points to Hitler's death on April 30th 1945. The probability that all of these sources are wrong are extremely low. Meaning it is more probable that Hitler died then didn't.

II. Hitler the Narcissist

Simply put, Hitler was a narcissist. His dreams and plans for Germany and Europe were huge and grand. He did not want to surrender to the Soviets and was incensed when his people suggested surrender. Ultimately, he couldn't face his failure which is why he took his own life.

If we take what we know about Hitler's personality: angry, proud, strong, intelligent, ambitious. It flies in the face of reason to think if Hitler somehow escaped Berlin that he would live a quiet life without anyone knowing. He hated the Soviets, he hated the Allies. He couldn't live and allow the Russians, Americans, British and French to occupy his Berlin and his country without saying or doing anything. Someone, somewhere would have seen the most infamous man in history and either reported him or he would have slipped up and given himself away. Common sense says that it would be nigh impossible for Hitler to disappear and live in post-WWII times. Especially with what the Allies and Soviets end up doing with Germany. [4]

III. Definitions

Hitler died in the bunker on May 30th 1945. According to the definition that means that Hitler's life ended that day.

Let us reexamine the definitions provided.

Death - the end of the life of a person
Life - the existence of an individual human being

So, as my evidence given shows, Hitler died in that bunker in Berlin on April 30th, 1945. Therefore, Hitler's life ended. Which means that Hitler's existence ended that day. Hitler no longer exists. He is dead.


There are multiple sources corroborating the death and status of Hitler's remains which point to Hitler's death. The definitions state that Hitler's death means his existence is also gone. Given the sources and the knowledge we know, it is more likely than not that Hitler died in 1945. Even if we consider the alternative, that Hitler didn't die, it seems very unlikely that he could have gone unnoticed or unknown in post-WWII history.

Therefore, it is more probable than not that Hitler died in 1945.

[4] Common Sense
Debate Round No. 2



"I. Hitler's Death"

My opponent makes an interesting point, but it still does not make up for the lack of forensic evidence. As I have stated, the bones that the soviets have claimed to be the body of Hitler have since been proven to be the bones of a young woman. This pokes a big hole in my opponents point, as this represents a distinct lack of hard forensic evidence that places Hitler in the Fuhrer bunker as my opponent claims. Furthermore, how can the testimonies of Hitlers subordinates be trusted? Obviously, if Hitler was going to make an escape, he would order his loyal underlings to claim that he was dead, so that no one would go looking for him to kill him.

"II. Hitler the Narcissist"

I do agree that Adolf Hitler was a narcissist. It is because of that reason that he would seek to preserve his own life! He was so full of himself, he was willing to put his subordinates in danger in order to better cover-up his escape. Furthermore, he became an art dealer in South America! If that isn't a self-absorbed, eccentric, narcissitic, and pompous job, then I don't know what is!

"III. Definitions"

I have proved that A) Hitler didn't die in the bunker, and B) Hitler's "spirit" didn't "die" ever. Therefore, Hitler exists in a sense, and therefore cannot be dead.



ConservativePolitico forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Forward my contentions.


ConservativePolitico forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


tylergraham95 forfeited this round.


ConservativePolitico forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by ConservativePolitico 7 years ago
Oops. I let time get away from me this weekend.

Oh well... Bleh.
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Reasons for voting decision: I'm awarding conduct to Tyler as he didn't let time slip away from him as it did for Conservative. However, the burden was on Tyler to demonstrate that Hitler didn't die in 1945, and his arguments and sources were so bankrupt that this presses me to award a win to Conservative despite not completing the debate. Even arguing that Hitler lives on in our hearts or appealing to the idea of an immortal soul. One thing can probably be established from his arguments.. he is probably wrong.
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