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Hitler was a hero

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Started: 12/5/2012 Category: Politics
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Hitler was a hero that did numerous good deeds to improve Germany and despite popular beleif was not the evil tyrant that he was accused of being.


I am just going to assume that round 1 is for acceptance.
Debate Round No. 1


during his time in power hitler helped reestablish an economy that had been destroyed by WWI, he improved the quality of life for all german citizens, and under his command many breakthroughs in medicine led to saving millions of lives not only in WWII germany but in all parts of the world. hitler was not an evil tyrant and contrary to what most history books will tell you he did not exterminate 6 million jews, he actually saved the lives of many jews by supplying them with food and medicine.


Hero:A person, typically a man, who is admired for courage or noble qualities
This debate will be about whether Adolf Hitler should be admired for noble qualities.
I just need to point to the holocaust to prove my point.
The holocaust did happen and I can pull more links if you need more proof.
This alone shows his lack of morals and we need our hero to have morals.This is very brief but the killing of millions of people should speak for itself.

He claims that he led Germany to a better place by Hitlers leadership but by the end of his rule Germany was in as bad a shape as when it had started.
Debate Round No. 2


the holocaust or holohoax as it is often referred to by people who have researsched the facts did not happen and the majority of jewish deaths were caused by typhus and starvation caused by allied bombings of food stores and farmland. here are a few facts I pulled from "holohoax for dummies"
1. In 1939, there were nearly 15,700,000 Jews in the world.* After the Second World War that number had risen to over 18,000,000 Jews.**

What this means is that of the 15,000,000 original Jews on the planet, 6,000,000 were gassed, leaving only some 9,000,000-plus. Then, the world Jewish population rebounded and doubled to over 18,000,000 in less than nine years " an astonomical feat, which astounded biologists and baby doctors everywhere!

2. From the Beginning, there was the SIX MILLION, of which 4,000,000 were gassed at Auschwitz. Then, in 1990 it was discovered that only 1.5 million were gassed at Auschwitz, a difference of 2.5 million less.

But somehow the magical SIX MILLION remained, even though no instant replacement was ever found. YHWH moves in mysterious ways!

3. At the same time, the director of the Auschwitz State Museum Dr. Franciszek Piper, announced that the so-called gas chamber there had been fabricated by the Soviets AFTER the war!

4. But there's more. The International Red Cross reported that less than 300,000 internees of all nationalities in the German camps died of all causes, including old age. And of these, barely more than half were Jews. Most of these died in several typhoid epidemics caused by wartime conditions, which claimed many lives " including those of doctors, nurses and camp administrative personnel!

5. But even these deaths were too much for the German authorities. On December 8, 1942, Heinrich Himmler, chief commandant of all detention facilities, issued an order stating categorically: "The death rate in the camps must be reduced at all costs."

6. In all of German-occupied Europe there were 2.4 million Jews. After the war, 3.8 million Jews claimed "survivor" benefits from the German government. Tragically, the remaining 6 million were lost.

7. It was a miracle. According to The New York Times of Sunday, January 4, 1987, celebrated survivor Elie Wiesel recalled "the day the Soviets arrived at Auschwitz." Then, in a speech to the National Press Club in Washington D.C., reported by the Jewish Telegraph Agency on April 11, 1983, he had a different recollection. He noted that he was "one of the survivors liberated at Dachau by the U.S. Army" on April 15, 1945 " and thus became the only prisoner of war to hold the distinction of being liberated from two different camps in World War II!

8. Not to be outdone by The Weasel, famous "Nazi-hunter" Simon Wiesenthal died serenely at age 96, knowing that, according to BBC News, he had survived 12 " count 'em! " Nazi "death camps."

9. In 1948 a story appeared about a hapless Jewish girl who was done in by the Nazis. It was written with a ballpoint pen, something that did not appear on the market until after the war. It was called " The Diary of Anne Frank!

10. So where did this SIX MILLION business start? For that we must go back to one Ilya Ehrenburg,* chief Soviet propagandist during the Second World War and later on to die in Israel, who coined the mythic number on Dec. 22, 1944"BEFORE tens of thousands of Jewish internees, given the choice of staying to be "liberated" by the Communists or going with their German captors, did not hesitate to choose the latter option!

in reference to the economic state in germany at the end of WWII, that was caused by the unfair reperations that germany was forced to pay as well as the widesprrad destruction of farms and factories by allied forces.

* The American Jewish Committee cites a figure of 15,688,259. ** The Jewish-owned New York Times for Feb. 22, 1948, uses a figure of 18,700,000.

*** When the Red Cross interviewed thousands of freed camp inmates at the end of the war, asking whether they had witnessed alleged "gassings," the response was universally negative. According to IRC document #9925, June, 1946: "The detainees themselves have not spoken of them."

***** In his book Legend of Our Time, New York, 1982, The Weasel explained:"Things are not that simple, Rebbe. Some events do take place but are not true; others are "although they never occurred."


I would first like to point out that you completely drop all your arguments making me win immediately.I will continue for humerus sake. You put many records that claim that the holocaust is fake. "Then, in 1990 it was discovered that only 1.5 million were gassed at Auschwitz". This proves my point to a perfect tee. You admit millions were killed.

I wish this to be a debate and not a link war. My opponent admits to the fact that millions were gassed at camps and drops all arguments about economy. Sorry for the short response but I am low on time.
Debate Round No. 3


pontiacfieroguy forfeited this round.


My opponent has quit. Vote for me.
Debate Round No. 4


the portion of my previous argument discussing the economic impact hitler had on WWII germany was some how cut off, and i didnt have time to respond yesterday and for that I appologize. if it were not for the fact that allied forces bombed and destroyed german factories and farms and forced germany to pay undue reperations germany would have left WWII in much better shape than before hitler came to power. he united germany and gave them the hope they needed to return to greatness, both economically and culturally. my opponent has yet to counter any points in my argument and instead has simply cited the lies of the main stream media and juked and jived around the real facts just like a modern day politician . hitler on the other hand spoke the truth whether it was popular or not and for that reason I believe he was an uncommonly good man, by choosing to fight in WWI and requesting the most dangerous jobs he proved to be a man of extreme bravery, by creating a figurehead that his people could rally around he saved the identity of a people and in the process became a hero.


My opponent admits that hitler killed and gassed millions of people. I will next point out how my opponent brings up new arguments in the final round. Vote on this how you wish.
He says that " if it were not for the fact that allied forces bombed and destroyed german factories and farms and forced germany to pay undue reperations germany would have left WWII in much better shape than before hitler came to power."
They attacked Germany because Hitler attacked them. This was Hitlers fault.
He says I have "my opponent has yet to counter any points in my argument and instead has simply cited the lies of the main stream media and juked and jived around the real facts just like a modern day politician" This is ironic because he neglects to deny that Hitler gasses 1.5 million Jews in concentration camps.(taken from my opponents source) He also does not say what arguments I have ignored. If you need further clarification I will respond in the comments.

My opponent claims that hitler was a good soldier in WW1.(
In reality he was a cowardly pig."The myth of Hitler as a brave soldier and the camaraderie of the trenches was used by the Nazi Party from the beginning in order to extend its appeal beyond the far Right," Dr Weber said
Hitler was a cowardly pig and a bad person who killed millions of people. He does not meet the definition of hero.

Thank you to my opponent for this debate and vote con.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by MizuneKurosaki13 3 years ago
Hitler wasn't a hero. He was a extreme German patriot, who felt that the fatherland was far more superior to that of any person of another descent. He wanted to take over the world and prove to everyone that the Germans were superior to all other nations who had wronged them.
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Reasons for voting decision: pro seemed more concerned with spouting out bullsh*t that the holocaust was a lie rather then try to defend his already dreadfully poor arguments claiming that Hitler was a hero. Con demolished the pro's arguments, several in the end went unrefuted, con was the only one who used sources that were actually relevant to the debate, and con also didnt forfeit a round. Arguments, Sources, and Conduct to the con, easy win for him.