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Hockey is better than soccer

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Started: 8/10/2016 Category: Sports
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm from a place where hockey isn't very popular. People who play all kinds of other sports tell me hockey is stupid, it sucks, and all that stuff. Most of those people are soccer players. So anyone want to debate? What is the better sport. Hockey, or soccer?


I think that soccer is the better sport. Why? Soccer can be played all year round, hockey is usually played when the weather is cold. Soccer is a game that is played using your feet only, this increases many skills, such as running, dodging and many, many others.Also, soccer helps you realize what a great blessing it is to have 2 hands because you cannot use your hands, it allows you to realize that many people don't have that blessing and that you are very lucky to be in your condition. Although hockey takes WAY longer to learn, also hockey can be a very dangerous sport, many severe injuries have been caused due to rough play in hockey, and the ice is very cold so players must wear many layers of clothes to keep them warm, which keeps them from moving freely, which causes them to lose the game. Soccer, however, is played out in the sun, and players wear very comfortable soccer shorts and shirts, also the soccer shoes are very comfortable and allow the play to run around without slipping and kick the ball in the correct way. Hockey rinks cost tons of money to make, they also take up land and trees need to be cut down to make room for it. That is bad for the environment. Soccer can be played anywhere, no need to build a rink, just find a place on the grass, or anywhere with a large space, and PLAY! I'm not saying I don't like hockey, and that it is a bad sport. I am just stating my opinion, I mean, everyone has an opinion and I truly respect your opinion that hockey is better.

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Okay first off thanks for debating. Now I'm going to say that hockey can be played year round. Nobody really plays on the ponds anymore. I play all the time in the summer. And ice rinks aren't as cold as you think, they are usually kept at 50degrees and the ice is cooled from below. You where saying that only being able to use your feet makes soccer harder and more unique and I do agree, but hockey is similar. In hockey you can use your hands (but only to bat the puck out of the air) but we also have to control a smaller object far from our body with a stick. We have to be able to know where it is on our stick without even looking at it, and we are doing this while we are on skates. people generally do not realize the amount of coordination you need in hockey. Also the power, agility, and explosivness needed is unbelievable. My last point for my argument is that hockey is faster and more entertaining. Because hockey is being played on skates, it is very fast. Shifts are short so every player comes out fast and powerfull. The ice rink is way smaller than a soccer field. This creates more action near the net and way more shots on goal. The goalies are constantly making huge saves and making big plays. In soccer there are less shots and less action. The physicality of hockey also makes the game more fun. I do think some of those cheap hockey fights are stupid but they are fun to watch some times. So that's all I'm writing for this round thanks again for debating!
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