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Homeschool/ Co-op for High School

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Started: 10/2/2013 Category: Education
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I go to a public school. Actually, one of the biggest ones in my county. My friend goes to a co-op school in which she only goes to each class one time per week and they give them assignments for the rest of the week.
I support this method for education and believe that it should be more widely adopted. It will significantly reduce class sizes(to 1/5 th the size by my calculations) when the students do go to school and will encourage independence and responsibility for the other students.
In my friend's school, they take their tests after they finish their classes for the day. This would also be adopted. By seizing the age old process of taking tests during class time, it will offer more time for learning.

I support an adoption of this method for High School across the board.


Hello. I disagree with this highly illogical statement. I think only some subjects should only on one or two days. For example things that are more important like language arts, reading, and math. These subjects are needed in every day life. The best teacher in a subject should be used for that subject and not more than one teacher per class.

If this did not happen in my school many students would not be as smart as they are when they graduate. However for things not used in every day life like technology, gym, music, art, band etc. If you want to be smarter you want the wrong teaching method.
Debate Round No. 1


You seem to have completely misunderstood how the system works. I will give an example.
A student would go to one math class in one week. In that math class, the teacher would teach the students a concept and give them several class periods worth of work to do for the rest of the week. The assignments will include reading about different ways to approach a concept or going into more detail with the concept as well as practice for the topic they learned.
Students would go to english one day per week and the teacher will give them several assignments to complete. A teacher may assign multiple essays to write and maybe a small book to read over the week.
Again, one class in a day. The teacher will give them a chapter to read, an essay to write, etc.

The same concepts will go for the other classes as well as electives.

Furthermore, the quality of education would be improved. Classes sizes will decrease to 1/5th what they are now so that most classes would have 4 to 10 people. This will mean that the students can learn more in a day.

This teaches time management, responsibility, and encourages students to work at their own pace and prioritize. Odds are, the amount of busywork will decrease because teachers will not assign as much.

To clarify, teachers will still only teach one subject and there will only be one teacher per subject area.

As far as social situations go, cliques are less likely to form, and close friendships will come more readily in this system.


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