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Started: 2/5/2018 Category: Education
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Yes im against because they don't receive the same social experience as kids in public schools. I have a friend who took her daughter out of public school to home school her because she quote "Missed her" when she was at school and now her daughter is very shy and gets nervous around other people when in fact she didn't used to be before all those years of home school.


Yes they do not have the same social experience as the other children but that is not necessarily bad. For example homeschooling excludes all possibility of bullying or other abuse, which is one of the reasons students are home schooled. School is not the only way to make friends, especially now we have computers and social network.
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Posted by nerdyprincess 3 years ago
Thanks for feedback!
Posted by Amphia 3 years ago
I agree with the pro but your argument is kind of weak. Home schooled kids can get friends from their neighborhood, in their family, and from clubs like Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts.
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