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Homeschooling is a viable and dependable form of education

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Started: 2/11/2018 Category: Education
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Homeschooling is a viable and dependable form of education especially to mentally delayed children who cannot learn on a federal level. The use of Private Homeschooling benefits the minds of developmental children who can tap into creativity and the art of thought through a familiar place of education instead of a federally funded program with teachers who have a very little income and lack proper knowledge of adolescent and developmental forms of teaching which cause Public Schools to feel more like prisons instead of a place of education. Most Public Schools lack much needed funding resulting in poor lunch meals, faulty forms of discipline, and hostile attitudes from students to teachers and vice versa.

Since a large amount of children actually learn and understand better through alternate forms of education aside from publicly funded schools, Homeschooling should be encouraged immensely and should be recommended more often to parents of children with mental delays.


I highly doubt no one has ever not had at least one friendless, lonely time n their lives. When it seems like everyone is against you and no matter what you do, no one will change. Approximately 1,770,000. Of course homeschooling does have its comforting environment and familiar surroundings, but as soon as the kid is pushed out in the real world. An old friend of mine is dead. Car accident. She was home schooled all her life, throughout high school she never left the house because she was taught at home. She never knew boundaries, nor did she learn social interaction. When it came time for her to get a job, she developed serious anxiety because she had never gone into school when growing up, she had never experienced a working environment. Driving home from work one day, she had a panic attack. She had anxiety about a workplace function, and how when she was a kid, school disco's were something she had only seen in movies. She didn't even have anyone to go with as I was in a different country on holidays. I found when I got back that she crashed her car in a t-bone with another. Homeschooling made her smart and able to concentrate. But the one thing home schooling did, was kill her because she had no idea what social interaction was. We met because her parents set me up with her because she had no idea how to meet people.

In my opinion, homeschooling may be great for education, but when it all gets down to it, she never learend what an important student should do.
Debate Round No. 1


First of all thank you for replying to me. Secondly, I am terribly sorry for your loss of a friend however an anxiety problem and a car accident are not results of home schooled education. Many parents will privately educate their children at home because of mental problems like anxiety and depression. Your argument sounds more of a personal problem and that should not be your reason against homeschooling. Again, I apologize for such a tragedy but this is not a viable argument against me.

Many times over, Home schooled children who suffer with anti-social tendencies and mental problems benefit from a private education. There are also programs that allow certain children to make friends and slowly cope with their problems. As much as i hate to say, there are some children who just cannot move out of or cope with a mental problem and usually live their lives as anti-social adults but thanks to the benefit of homeschooling, which you have said yourself, helps children to grow in intelligence and helps concentrate with difficult things in life. With the topic of your friend, something like that only happens by accident and should not be blamed on her education. On the topic of the lack of social interaction, many children are not trained to be social and do suffer in work environments, but again, this is not a product of private home school. I have met many children who cannot even look me in the eye because of anxiety and lack of social interaction but a fair mix of them are home schooled and public schooled.

Again, thank you for your reply.
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