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Homeschooling is better than conventional education

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Started: 12/20/2018 Category: Education
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Nowadays, The practice of teaching kids at home is becoming more widespread. Seems like modern parents are a bit too overprotective of their kids and want to save them from all the burdens of traditional school. But does it do them any good?

I am a firm believer that every child (without mental or physical disabilities) should have a "conventional education experience". Firstly, Children in traditional schools have a wider circle of friends, Or at least a bigger opportunity to be friends with people they actually like, And not just stick with kids from the same homeschooling community, If there even is one to begin with. Secondly, Homeschooled children miss out on many extracurricular activities (sports, Chorus, Different school clubs, Even prom and homecoming).

Homeschooling isn't any easier on the parents either. They have to sacrifice a lot to be able to teach their kids at home.

Overall, I believe that conventional education is the perfect opportunity for kids to socialize and get knowledge from professional teachers and for parents to be able to provide for the family.


Hello, I believe that homeschool is an extreme better choice as suicide rates in American happen a lot at regular convention schools and how the psychical and verbal happens at an extreme rate. And homeschool takes kids out of this hateful and cruel environment and allows them to live their best life.
Debate Round No. 1


Bullying is a definite issue in American schools, But homeschooling is not the only possible answer to this problem. Parents can talk to the administration or the parents of the bully to make them aware of what's happening, Teach their kids to stand up for themselves - which is a very important skill - or transfer them to another school, If nothing else works. All children have the right to feel safe in school. Taking the opportunity of getting a conventional education away from kids is a bit extreme, In my opinion (if they don't ask for it themselves, Of course).

Also, You can't guarantee that kids who were homeschooled are "bullying-proof". Homeschooled children are often treated differently by society, So they may find it hard to fit in and start feeling self-conscious.

In addition, In order to teach children at home, One of parents will probably have to leave their job, Which is a hard hit on the family budget. Plus, Count the costs for all of the school supplies like books, Teaching materials, Stationery, Computer programs, Etc. Parents have to organize lessons, Tests, Even field trips. They will have to be able to answer all the questions their kids come up with, And if they can't, They'll probably have to hire a tutor, Which can also be very expensive. So, It's a lot of hard work and clearly not everybody can deal with it.

Some parents also think that homeschooling is a great idea because they will be able to spend more time with their children, But constantly being around parents may be overwhelming and stressful for kids, They may need to spend some time apart. Same goes for parents.


To help show the flaws of my opponent's speech lets do this on a line by line. Let's start with all of there bullying claims accord to StopBullying. Gov that because of the absence of strict rules in the school system the administration has little to no power to help victims of bullying. Then they say that they need to stand up for themselves, But as a victim of bullying my self I know that sometimes standing up to a bully can make things worse, And even sometimes you can't stand up for yourself. Then they that you can transfer them to another school, But means moving, Which causes a financial burden, Loss of friends, Which causes anxiety, And maybe more bullying, Witch just starts this whole vicious cycle all over again. The only reason my opponent gives for my answers is that homeschooling is extreme and that regular school is conventional, But conventional doesn't always mean better, According to the Huffington post that homeschooling allows for personalized teaching and overall is typically better on the child overall education than "conventional education" as my opponent puts it. Then that even judged by society to not be judgementally my opponent blames the student for being homeschooled. Then on to my opponents points about the cost of homeschooling. One, According to Bureau of labor statistics 4. 7 million families have at least one unemployed member that means that for a large chunk of America a family member would not have to leave work. Then on to their claim of financial stress, They contradict themselves by saying that a way to solve bullying, The main problem with public schooling, Is to transfer school, But also a ton of money and school supplies are cheaper than a house or apartment, Typically, As well as the fact that online schools will offer scholarships a lot of the time and so that help lessen the only true "problem" my opponent has given me. Then on to my opponents claim for spending time, It isn't true the child can go out with friends when he is done with his schooling as well as during the weekend the child would not spend all of his time with the parents homeschooling, Or not. The only reason my opponent gives for my answers is that homeschooling is extreme and that regular school is conventional, But conventional doesn't always mean better, According to the Huffington post that homeschooling allows for personalized teaching and overall is typically better on the child overall education than "conventional education" as my opponent puts it
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by AAA2018 3 years ago
Although it might seem like homeschooling has a lot of benefits, And conventional systems fail to meet certain needs and expectation from educational to the social and emotional point of view, Every child needs to experience group work and adversity to some extent.
There are a lot of excellent schools systems in the world that promote the harmonious development of the whole child. Looking back we all have some experiences that might make us feel like we needed something better and that might be true, But the benefit of being a learner in a community is way greater than learning in isolation, Knowing that the entire world around us is based on people, Communities and countries interacting with each other more then ever before.
Posted by jimmiesmommie 3 years ago
Homeschooling ensures that genuine learning is taking place. Homeschooling is, In effect, One-to-one ratio of teaching. Homeschooling tailors learning to specific children's educational needs " Parents are able to assess their kids' strength, Weaknesses, Leaning styles and interests.
Homeschooled students score about 72 points higher than the national average on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). The average American College Test (ACT) score is 21. The average score for homeschoolers is 22. 8 out of a possible 36 points. Homeschoolers are at the 77th percentile on the Iowa Test of Basic Skills.
Posted by poui 3 years ago
Its a myth that homeschoolers do not get socialized, Or get the same opportunities. It is state law in minnesota that homeschoolers have the same access to extra curricular activities, And homeschooling groups often put on a lot of activities, Groups, Dances, Even have their own graduation ceremonies. The homeschool group near us has about 100 kids. Homeschooling doesn't create boundaries, Public schools do. I have done both. Homeschooling provides a custom education for your child, Public school is a one-size fits all. Public school doesn't make sense, Making kids learn the same material for several years for no credit. Homeschooling gives kids the freedom to excel in an area and get high school credit regardless of what age they are. One family of 7 kids all graduated by the time they were 12-16, And even getting into college at age 12. None were geniuses. Public school is inefficient, And also being used to push political agendas. Parents need choices to keep corruption from polluting their schools. I've pulled my kids from the public english courses because the teachers were not being transparent and using inappropriate material.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con did not bring up most of the important reasons homeschooling is problematic. Based on what points were brought up, Pro wins this debate. If Con were to clarify or expand on one or two sentences he brought up he would have won. Networking is more important than just about anything in life and homeschooled kids often fail in this regard in comparison. There's also the indoctrination of the parents to consider. The shyness, et cetera. This comes from a private teacher. So while Con probably has the correct position, the debate was centered around points Con did not argue convincingly for. Getting kids used to bullying and how life is ugly in small doses is good for them. Plenty of other points. My problem is they were never addressed.

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